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    Information Pages SEO addon

    This addon allows the easy creation and handling of pages from within admin as well as a way to manage text on any page in the shop. It is based on the Information Pages Unlimited addon that has been around for years. While much of the code is different in this version, I wanted to keep the compatibility with the original version, thus the similar name. NOTE: There are three sets of files in this package, for different versions of oscommerce. The BS version is the only one that has all of the new features. The other two versions are improvements over the original code but nowhere near that which is in the BS version. So any instructions or descriptions may apply to the other versions but are mainly meant for the BS version. This version fixes many coding mistakes in the other version and adds many new features making it easier to use and more powerful. Some of the features are: - Has a Box ID setting that allows you to control where the link to the page shows up. So, for example, if there are four footer modules installed, each could have links specific to them. - A link can have sub-links (currently only available in the included module). So there could be a main link for widgets and sub-links for various kinds of widgets. There are two advantages to this: first, it takes up less room when there are many links and, second, the search engines will still be able to get to the pages.- There is a quick view button to allow displaying the page in a browser to check the changes. - There are quick fill options that allows categories and products to be added to a page with just a short statement. For example, if your site sells automobile parts and you are creating a new page about tires, you just need to type in PNAME(tires)PNAME and links for all of the products in your shop with tires in the name will be added to the page. See the Notes section on the editor page for additional methods. - Allows setting the browser title and meta tags while editing the page in admin (only if Header Tags SEO is installed).
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    You might also want to have a look at the Kiss Image Thumbnailer add on. Perhaps it'll do what you want. Dan
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    Automatically resize Images once uploaded

    If this is a one-time effort for a photo, why not just use free image processing software such as GIMP? It's probably best to crop and resize on your PC (before uploading), where you have immediate feedback, rather than hoping that any server-side resizer did the desired thing. You certainly don't want your server to be constantly resizing images as it feeds them out, nor feeding huge image files to the browser to be scaled down there. You may want to have several sizes on hand, such as a full size display, a thumbnail, and possibly something in-between. Use a "crop" function in the image processor to trim the photo to the desired aspect ratio, rather than simply stretching or squeezing in one dimension to get the desired shape.
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    You can use the feedmachine: https://apps.oscommerce.com/q=feedmachine together with google product search feedmachine configuration: https://apps.oscommerce.com/cWSWn&google-product-search-feed-feedmachine It's old but flexible and configurable. You may need to update some settings to fit the actual feed rules.
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    You gonna need to pick an old Google/Froggle feeder and starts from there...you will have to hack it to suit your needs...its a real pain in the A$$. That's for the product listing ad...
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    A page refresh is ok, but make me feel dirty. It is better done in the background using ajax.
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    admin/categories.php you can also use convert if your host has it installed. it's easy peazy.