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    CCGV Support Bootstrap version

    I just submitted an update to CCGV for Bootstrap this does the following: Sell Gift Certificates. Send store credits Give sign up bonuses Create coupon codes Customers can redeem GCs online Customers can send GC Balances to friends via email More, more, more. Upcoming to work with Paypal App work in progress. Please submit any issues; bugs; suggestions; etc Enjoy
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    Same here, i had to learn early that the sessions don't run out. i am on my own server and using the same solution @Demitry mentioned earlier.
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    Responsive osCommerce - Bootstrap

    Hi, @Demitry and @burt it is the same here on my BSEdge playground, running on german 1und1 shared hosting, PHP Version 5.6.31, sessions stored in file, the above mentioned fix works, I have to hope it is not harmful in anyway. Best regards Christoph
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    CCGV Support Bootstrap version

    Ok Discount BS now works with Paypal standard looking into this soon for this addon.
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    CCGV Support Bootstrap version

    Some changes will put up Wednesday: Changes view Gift/Voucher balance in account.php Some other fixes found some bugs in gv_send.php Adding back button to gv_faq page Hopefully also add at least Paypal standard