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    Harald Ponce de Leon

    17 Years Young!

    We're 17 today! 17 years working on Open Source. 17 years working with you. Trusting us for 17 years. Thank you! We're not only celebrating just today, but this whole month! New releases coming soon. New websites coming soon. #celebratingwithyou Happy Birthday osCommerce!
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    Windows Security iexplore.exe warning

    Hi gregba, and then it would be better to get the htaccess protection working again: by inserting again what you deleted from .htaccess and then from the admin add a new htaccess protection. If a new .htpasswd_oscommerce is not created, I guess it should, edit your renamed .htpasswd_oscommerce with a text editor by emptying it and rename it to its original name. It is neither a good idea to have no .htaccess protection nor to have the standard /admin subdirectory name for administration. Best regards Christoph