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    @Harald Ponce de Leon Hi, I am having some issues when using PayPal Standard with the latest PayPal APP. I am running osC BS Edge and have recently upgraded PayPal APP from v4.039 to v5.018. Because my server is on PHP v7.0.14 so I had to modify the following 19 files to make the "deprecated constructor" warning message go away in PayPal APP: includes\apps\paypal\cfg_params\ssl_version.php includes\apps\paypal\cfg_params\transactions_order_status_id.php includes\apps\paypal\hooks\admin\orders\tab.php includes\apps\paypal\modules\DP\DP.php includes\apps\paypal\modules\EC\cfg_params\checkout_flow.php includes\apps\paypal\modules\EC\cfg_params\incontext_button_color.php includes\apps\paypal\modules\EC\cfg_params\incontext_button_shape.php includes\apps\paypal\modules\EC\cfg_params\incontext_button_size.php includes\apps\paypal\modules\EC\cfg_params\transaction_method.php includes\apps\paypal\modules\EC\EC.php includes\apps\paypal\modules\HS\HS.php includes\apps\paypal\modules\LOGIN\LOGIN.php includes\apps\paypal\modules\PS\cfg_params\prepare_order_status_id.php includes\apps\paypal\modules\PS\PS.php includes\modules\content\login\cm_paypal_login.php includes\modules\payment\paypal_express.php includes\modules\payment\paypal_pro_dp.php includes\modules\payment\paypal_pro_hs.php includes\modules\payment\paypal_standard.php All test purchases went through. Payments were received OK. However, I always received TWO confirmation e-mails with two different, continuous order IDs for each order. Only the smaller order ID number would be registered in admin/order. The customer's comments would only show in the e-mail with larger order ID number, but disappeared in admin/order. This phenomenon occurred either when only IPN or PDT was enabled, or both IPN and PDT were enabled. It looks to me the following two files are both sending out order confirmation e-mails: ext\modules\payment\paypal\standard_ipn.php includes\modules\payment\paypal_standard.php It would be great if anyone can give me a direction on how to fix this issue of mine. Thanks in advance for your time and help. Cheers, Eddy