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    SEO Friendly Urls - a new approach

    Huge thanks to gadlol,, it appears I had not installed some elements correctly. Whilst the site I am working on still has issues, these would appear to be outside the scope of this addon which appears to be working exactly as it should, I can see many "happy" hours with a debugger resolving the remainder of the issues, however this contribution is not of the making. Thanks again to gadlol for an excellent contribution and his superb support!
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    I'm using the first one on 2.3.4Gold, with no problems
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    Chris: There are advantages to each. When ran in rewrite mode, they are essentially the same. Frank: I'm not familiar with the second one but in looking at the installation, it is no different than the original, or not much different. So saying it is Responsive doesn't make sense to me. Maybe I am missing something.
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    The first one, if you insist on using the standard osCommerce version. Why would you want to use the standard version versus the bootstrap responsive version though?