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    2 Minute Testers Required

    Can you spare 2 minutes of your time? I'd like to test a social login module for 2.3.4BS All you need is one of these accounts - Google, Facebook, or Linkedin. Just go here and use the social login module. Log in and register, tell me which provider(s) you used, what happened, and if you have any feedback. PHP errors will be displayed, please tell me if you spot any at the top of the page. What should happen: You click Login with xxxxx You are redirected to your provider You may be asked to authorise the login app, agree and continue. You will be redirected back to osC to fill in your delivery details. (Note: all accounts on this test site will be wiped) Please try logging in, logging out, logging in with another provider (if emails are the same on your social provider accounts, you will be logged in again automagically). Or create an account normally (with the email you use with the social provider), then logout, then try logging back in with your social provider. Many thanks in advance. If all goes well this will be released as an addon in the next few days. This addon will be easy to install - upload all files (won't overwrite core files), then make two tiny changes to 2 core files, done! It is also Edge, Facebook API v2.9, and PHP7 compatible