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    The failure can be caused by several things. It might be a server limit, the site is too busy (with data skimmers that you wouldn't normally see), a misconfigured configure file and so on. Here are some results of a google search that may help.
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    Hello @PiLLaO, $set_passw_url and $set_password_email_text are core and used by the set password mecanism for accounts created by PayPal express guest checkout. Nothing to do with PWA. I do not remember if I added this because it was missing, it is not included in the original files? I attached all 3 complete files, there is also discount codes support included. But please check, maybe there are more modifications for my store. I's so long time since I did it, I do not remember. All hook calls for PWA on checkout_process.php can be left out. They are replaced by the modifications in the html mail page files. hope it works un saludo Rainer tp_email_checkout_process.php email_checkout_process_html.php email_checkout_process_text.php
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    The online translator I use is not always perfect. I regret the bad translations. In my case, in my particular case, The constant is what prevents the minimum length of the telephone field from being checked. Once it is removed, check the minimum length of the field. Do not add anything because the file is basically a clone with some modifications to create_account.php. If one file works perfectly the other must also do it. In fact it does in my case once I have removed the constant, now works correctly. I do not know why it happens, I just know that it happens to me and it seems that my case is unique, nobody else has happened to him. It may also be that no one has checked it before, it is taken for granted the goodwill of the people, it is assumed that the customer will enter all the numbers. I discovered it by mistake, I entered a single number and to my surprise it was not verified if it was correct or not. The question is that if someone else has the same problem already knows what to do, remove the constant. My specific case may be unique or not and there are more users with the same problem without knowing that they have this problem. I give it for solving even if it does not really know why it happened. I repeat. I do not speak English and I use an online translator. If the bad translation has caused any communication problem I apologize.
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    i agree with Jack_mcs The best solution is the osC 2.3.4 Bootstrap Responsive. All other stuff is nonsens.
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    2.3.4 to Bootstrap

    Hi Isaac, what he means is that in his hosting panel or maybe via ftp, he created a directory inside his domain called 'test' and then copied the code of the new osc version there. You will also need to create a separate database for your test shop version before running the install. Once you've done that, when you go to yourdomain/test in the browser, it will take you into the install routine. NB if you get stuck like Luke with the shop always redirecting to the install, clear your broswer cache.
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    That isn't the recommended thing to do. You need to jump right to the Bootstrap version. See this thread for how to do that. The reason you need to do this is two-fold: 1 - It is the only version that is mobile-ready, which is a must nowadays. 2 - There's no easy upgrade from the version you are working towards and the Bootstrap version so after all of your work, the site will still not be mobile-ready.