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    JcM Custom Store Info Box CEBS4/3 Updated to V1.3 to clean code and make multilingual.
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    JcM Product info Delivery Note CE BS4/3 JcM Product info Delivery Note CE Has been updated to V1.2 to make it multilingual and to add BS4 code.
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    JcM World Time V1.0 for CE BS4/3 A simple addon to let you place 6 world time clock onto your website.
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    JcM-header-Promo-Marquee CE Has been updated to V1.2 to make multilingual and add customization in admin.
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    JcM Product info Share or Contact V1.3 Has been updated to fix file location and taken the opportunity to make it multilingual.
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    JcM Back to Top Header Tags-V1.0 A simple header_tag module to let you place a back to top button on your site.
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    JcM Product info description_tabs Select Have been updated to version 1.3 to make them multilingual.
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    Tart GDPR-cookie-widgets V1.0 I have to thank @Gyakutsuki for all his help with this add-on and especially the multilingual code. let’s you add a cookie widget to your site. This will allow your customer to refuse cookies if they wish to and let you comply with legislation.
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    JcM Simple Message Header BS4/3 This has been updated to V1.1 To make multilingual! What can I say eventualy someone asked for it
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    For those who are not into coding a simple add-on. JcM footer-More Information V1.0 CE A simple addon to let you place information links into the footer.
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    JcM Product info description_tabs Select JcM Product info description_tabs Select V1.1 Updated to V1.1 The Video and Manuals tabs will now only show on products that have the first video or manual available. Within the tabs the behavior is the same and second files are only shown if they exist.
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    JcM Custom ColorBox header_tags V1.1 Has been updated so you can turn off title in admin.
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    JcM Product info description_tabs Select Has been update by request. This is a new add-on to prevent any confusion with older version. JcM Product info description_tabs Select V1.0 Disable Tab 2 if you are using your SEO key words! Has been updated to add tab selection. You can now turn of all tabs except the first one. All changes are in admin. In admin set tabs display, you only need to change the disable box as it will hide tab and content. Everything else is as before. Made as new add-on to avoid any confusion with other version. Code has all so been simplified to remove js script tabs they are now bootstrap and BS3 and BS4 have own files so use the correct ones for your site.
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    JcM Social Modal Button Box V1.0 A simple add-on to let you place a Social contact modal button onto your site. This is preferred by some as it’s more discreet than other options.
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    Harald, please, please, PLEASE, can you re-desing the addons area were we can find the following? Estate the Compatibility with the osC versions? Rating of the users Languages availables and how can contribute to this. Allow 'lite' addons of commercial ones A warning with very old addons... A good starting point: https://es.wordpress.org/plugins/ If you can't do it, please ALLOW to do it by the rest of this OPEN SOURCE comunity. Thanks!
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    JcM Product info Page Share or Contact V1.0. A simple add-on to let your customers share a product info page or contact you from a product info page.
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    JcM Google Calendar CE BS4/BS3 A simple add-on to let you place a Google Calendar onto your site. This is nothing new Google calender has been around for a while and can be very useful if used well. It makes it easy to add events to your shop and let your customers see what is coming up. Google does all the hard work for you which is nice.
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    JcM Custom Information Modal CE BS4/BS3 A simple add-on to let you place a Custom Modal Button onto your site.
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    JcM footer-header Be Social V1.0 It’s hard marketing your businesses online in a crowded market these days. This is why you should take every opportunity to increase your viability on line. Social media is one simple way to do this. Stock osC has a social media function built in but it’s a bit plain!
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    Hey, awesome recaptcha module, easy install! TX
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    Wishing everyone a happy new year 😊
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    Please ask your questions in the general forum. You'll get better answers there anyway. Regards Jim
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    Never mind. I found it and I bought it. If you can, please post this commercial upgrade on your profile. I have avoided getting any one-page checkout, but coming from you, DONE! I already purchased ... THANK YOU! AGAIN!
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    Hi Brian, I've been using your PayPal WPP for years now, THANK YOU!, and I have read some posts that you have developed a one-page checkout. Please point me to that contrib. I can't find it. Many thanks, Tom Heibel, Sticky Pod