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    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    Phoenix update uploaded: Ship In Cart CE reloaded Changes Vers. 5.0: - Update for Phoenix 1.0.x.x - html code moved to template
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    JcM Links Header V1.0 Phoenix

    JcM Links Header V1.0 Phoenix A simple add-on’s that allows you to display a number of links in the header of your site. It’s a simple no core change add-on so just copy files over go to admin and install and setup. Links can be set in language file. Links can be turned on or off in admin. Background color can be overridden in admin if required. You can select which pages it is displayed on in admin. That’s it enjoy. Has been tested on Phoenix V1.0.1.0 only. Can be seen working on this custom test site NOTE: This is NOT the official test site
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    Has been updated to V1.1 Updated to add 2 more links to make it easy for those not comfortable editing code. Also added icons for links, can be used or left empty.
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    $optional_rel_prods_content .= ' <div class="card" itemprop="isRelatedTo" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Product">'; $optional_rel_prods_content .= ' <meta itemprop="url" content="' . tep_href_link('product_info.php', 'products_id=' . $optional_rel_prods_values['pop_products_id_slave']) . '" />'; switch (MODULE_CONTENT_PRODUCT_INFO_RELATED_PRODUCTS_HEIGHT_MODE) { case 'Equal Height': $optional_rel_prods_content .= ' <div class="card-body text-center">'; break; case 'Fixed Height': $optional_rel_prods_content .= ' <div class="card" style = "height:' . MODULE_CONTENT_PRODUCT_INFO_RELATED_PRODUCTS_HEIGHT_VALUE . 'em;">'; break; case 'None': $optional_rel_prods_content .= ' <div class="card">'; break; } Can't be right. You already have: $optional_rel_prods_content .= ' <div class="card" itemprop="isRelatedTo" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Product">'; then you have a case where; case 'None': $optional_rel_prods_content .= ' <div class="card">'; break; which means somewhere in your output you could end up with <div class="card" itemprop="isRelatedTo" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Product"><div class="card">
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    Looks good, but I can't now check details. I'm upgrading my add-ons one by one. This one is one of the next on the list. Please be patient.
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    Naming Convention

    I didn't inspect that one in detail - just installed it to have a quick look and only saw the visual appearance. There were at least a couple more attemps here in the forums by other members who added some of the features long time ago but nothing finished I think. I'll install again and see shat0s really done on it.
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    probably best to start a new thread as this is the phoenix main thread.