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    Last call for the remaining 67 Forum Members who have requested access to the Phoenix Club, but have no posts and a throwaway email address... are you real people ? I'll be nuking the list in a day or two... Note that this applies only to those waiting to get into the Club. If you are in the Club already, all is well...
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    There are approx 75 Forum Members waiting in the Queue for access to the Phoenix Club - 99% have zero posts and a throwaway email address. I cannot tell if you signed up to spam the joint or if you are a real person interested in Phoenix. If you have asked for access and have waited more than 24 hours, message me with the URL of your shop...or some other way to show me you are not a fly-by spam-whore.
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    Hello Zahid, I hope you are well. You have been a generous contributor. I believe many people miss you.