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    version 3.1.1 is available for download from https://apps.oscommerce.com/Apps&XpKWd&quick-update-bs Sponsored by @supercheaphobb it includes options for working with prices including tax and adding a datepicker to the specials expiry date. It also fixes the manufacturer query error that @radhavallabh hit the other day but not the latest bug above. Update is simple - just copy the files. New options are added automatically when you access the page and set to default.
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    Article Manager v1.0

    A new version has been uploaded with these changes: Compatible with php 7.2. Compatible with BS4. (see note below) Header Tags SEO no longer required. (see note below) Added code to automatically add the title and tags for an article to Page Control in Header Tags SEO (if HTS is installed). Added the date posted on the blog comments page. Added a link to the customers account on the blog comments page, if it exists. Added multi-select option to the Cross Sell page in admin. Added a module to display articles on the home page. Added a module to display articles on the product page. Added the article ID to the article listing page in admin. Added reply to blog in admin. Added IP tracking for blog articles. Added option to require approval for blog posts. Changed the articles infobox to use ssl, if set, to fix a non-secure warning. Changed the articles infobox to only display the articles section if articles exist for those sections. Changed the format of the article listing pages on the shop side. Changed the default setting for an article to non-blog. Changed all of the article listing to use the sort order setting. Fixed code to handle the filter database definition correctly. Reported by member @vmn. Fixed code for the listing description text to prevent problems when html is used. Reported by member @vmn. Fixed Cross Sell code to the blog page. Fixed Cross Sell code to display the images. Fixed article listing page to only show blog or non-blog articles. Fixed code in the articles box to correctly show upcoming articles. Fixed the layout problem in authors section of admin. Fixed coding mistakes on the topics page that caused incorrect links. Fixed coding mistakes on the articles page that caused incorrect links. Fixed coding mistakes in the articles infobox for upcoming article that caused incorrect links. Made many changes on the blog comment page in admin fixes and improvements. Replaced date code with jquery's datepicker. Reported by member @vmn. Replaced all uses of NONSSL with $request_type. Replaced the topics code in the articles infobox with standard oscommerce code. Removed preview from articles creation page. Removed preview code in admin blog comments. Removed unnecessary database code from the articles box. Removed extra files in the new directory for the CE version. Removed redundant functions used by the articles infobox. Removed all filename and table definitions so it now works in CE shops. Rewrote the new articles page to remove html codes. Rewrote the upcoming module to remove html codes. Notes: 1 - The changes in this update are only for the CE versions. The code for the CE version will probably work in 2.3.4 shops, though I haven't tested it, but not any version before that. There were far too many changes in this version to get them to work with the older versions. It can be done but will take a bit of time. 2 - I included the code for BS4 versions. This was not thoroughly tested but I don't think there are any problems in that version. 3 - The requirement to have Header Tags SEO installed has been removed. This was not thoroughly tested but I don't think there are any problems caused by it. You have to turn the option for Header Tags SEO off in the settings. Please note that if you don't have Header Tags SEO installed, you will not be able to set the title and meta tags from admin. You will need to figure out how to do that manually. Also, the Ultimate SEO url rewriter won't change the url's as expected. My sincere thanks to @FrediHis help in troubleshooting this saved weeks on the release date. It was invaluable since he pointed out things I probably would not have seen.
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    Modules Control

    Hello @Omar_one, I had a deeper look now and found that the navbar modules are not processed at all in osc_template.php class. They are processed and included in the navbar parent module. Therefore it does not make sense to include them in Modules Control. I'll remove them and update. Anyway it's not common to switch off the navbar modules for selected pages and if needed it can be done in the modules themself. Thanks for your help and patience. Best regards Rainer
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    Discount Code BS

    @raiwa Discount_Codes_5.0.0_BS sounds good to me. Also separating the BS4 and BS3 stuff by keeping it in separate catalog folders sounds like a good plan. I will test your files tomorrow, 1:30 AM here now, and get you some feedback asap. Thanks
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    Confusion over osC Versions.

    CE stands for Community Edition and refers (now) to the complete series of Burt's bootstrapped edition. From early 2.3.3. 2014 repo until actual EDGE BS4, including the fixed GOLD and FROZEN versions. The name "CE" appeared maybe a couple of years ago just to distinguish Burt's repos made with the help of other "Community" members from the "official" versions.
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    I'm glad this post has been created. I've been using and developing with osC for 16 years ish and normally I wouldn't look any further than the oscommerce.com/products to see if there are any updates. After becoming more active in the forums recently I've discovered the existance of gburton repo and had names of 3 different versions thrown at me with no real clear answer of what is production ready, the difference between them etc and then debates amongst users of which version to use. You can see the post where I'm trying to work it out here I've been a PHP developer commercially for 18+ years, experience of osC for 16 and for someone like me to be confused over this what chance does any normal consumer/Joe Public installer have? Artcolnc's reply has helped but still unsure if CE is the Frozen download everyone talks about, it reads historically like it is but I've had to read between the lines to establish that. I think interchanging references contribute to the confusion also, if CE is Frozen and vice versa, then one of those terms should be picked and stuck to. I've seen both used separately in the forums. Then I just clicked one of the links in MrPhil's signature and found that Gold isn't Frozen (or at least the topic I'm about to link to implies it isn't) but Artcolnc's breakdown implies it is (Gold was released, hot patch applied, frozen was released). From the link below I understand they may be the same codebase and so run parallel to eachother but are different and separate forks of Clearly states Gold and Frozen are two separate varieties (and not stated but are - UPDATE: or not both as the post above says it's 2.3.4. Can anyone else see/understand why I'm still confused? Everyone here is very familiar with the fantastic progress/work Gary's been doing (Gary none of my comments are in anyway intended to take away/detract from the credit you deserve) so this all may seem simple enough to the active members here, you've been following it this whole time and you know the history of development. Any other member of the public interested in installing osC will see this and run a mile straight into the arms Magento, Presta/Open Cart or WooCommerce. There's no possibility of changing what's displayed on oscommerce.com/products so most will install stock osC then possibly come here once they realise many of the popular payment modules don't work anymore (the amount will grow as time passes and HPDL is absent). Again just my opinion...but I would say frozen and gold need to be in their own separate new repo's within Gary's github (it's free to do, you can have multiple repos). Both clearly documented that they are Production ready but End of Life/no further development, possibly only bug/security fixes. Then BS4/Edge can be clearly marked as experimental/development/experienced only. If news users venture into the forums there needs to be a united/unanimous response from existing members as to what fork to install/update to if they want to. Then maybe the most active members in here could agree to have a common signature (at least part of it) similar to the above logic, below as an example: I'm not trying to be inflammatory or argumentative, I hope that's not how it's coming across. I'm just trying to give you all some feedback of my experience so far of my introduction to these forks and the confusion around them. If anything I've listed above is incorrect about which version is which etc then that just further illustrates the problem.
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    Confusion over osC Versions.

    Thanks for the feedback and support of the project.
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    Well with a cup of coffee and some time spent pulling my hair out trying to get the page select to work with the existing function and failing miserably came up with a simple alternative. in the add-on template file add the following at start of <?php if ( basename($PHP_SELF) == 'index.php' && $cPath==null) { ?> then at end of file add <?php } ?> What you are doing is basicly saying if it's not an index page ignore this code. So on pages like product_info or checkout or contact us that header will not show. It will show on any page that is part of index page. My not be the most elagent way of doing this but it works.
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    Confusion over osC Versions.

    (as a bit of background) As has been said before, the Community Edition does not have an accurate version numbering system. When Burt started this project back in 2014, osC was at version So, the Community Edition, all through its early development, was also v2.3.3.4. Every release of the Community Edition during these early times was called v2.3.3.4. When osC upgraded to v2.3.4, Burt brought the Community Edition code base up to the v2.3.4 code base, and the Community Edition became (and stayed at) v2.3.4 while further development was happening. In January 2015, Burt released the 'Gold' fixed release. Development still continued, with every release still being called v2.3.4. When osC had the v2.3.4.1 Hot Patch applied, Burt also applied the Hot Patch, and the Community Edition was bumped up to v2.3.4.1. Once again, development continued, with every new release still being called v2.3.4.1. Burt released the 'Frozen' fixed release in August 2018. No additional development is being done on 'Frozen'. Some bugs have been identified in 'Frozen', and there is a thread here on the forum identifying them (and some fixes too). At lease one member here is maintaining a patch file of these fixes needed for 'Frozen'. Development still continues (usually called 'Edge', although that is not a fixed release), and the version number is *still* v2.3.4.1. Some significant changes have been made since 'Frozen' (such as the 'upgrade' from BootStrap v3 to v4), causing some compatibility issues with prior versions, and many (most?) add-ons out there. So, there is no one 'Edge' version. Releases prior to 'Frozen' could technically be called 'Edge', and every release since 'Frozen' is also technically 'Edge'. A release of 'Edge' from a month ago may not (and probably is not) the same as 'Edge' today. Also, there is no 'Frozen' BS4. All changes to upgrade to BootStrap v4 came *after* the release of 'Frozen'. I won't go into why this has happened, nor into what could/should be done to address this. And I encourage others to not feed into a woulda/coulda/shoulda rant that will add nothing to the discussion. Malcolm
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    Confusion over osC Versions.

    I can't agree with Gary's reasoning on this. Since it's obvious that Harald will never legitimize Frozen as the official osC 2.5 (and later, some form of Edge as 2.5.1), it's time to stop bending Frozen to try to fit with the news and updates stuff. Just comment out all the code that interacts with updates and "latest version" items, and put up a "check GitHub here for latest version(s)." Or something like that. What developers keep losing track of is that most of the users of osC are business people, not computer nerds. It is unreasonable to expect them to dig through source files to find vague and confusing version stamps, and to have to remember the exact date on a zip file! They're just trying to run their business, and the more roadblocks we put in their way to making it relatively easy to manage their online store, the more of them will desert to easier-to-use platforms. What most want is a selling appliance, not a whole new career. The whole mess of ancient official versions (why in 2019 do we still have to tell newbies that they installed the wrong version?) and "Frozen with BSv4" fiascos couldn't be better designed by a competitor to sink osC.
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    @Kurre So it does not affect every where you are best to create your own like here line 40 in /includes/modules/boxes/bm_categories.php "mycatagory" $OSCOM_CategoryTree->setParentGroupString('<ul class="nav nav-pills nav-stacked" id="mycatagory">', '</ul>', true); The change #columnLeft to #mycatagory in user.css
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    Has been updated to make it work with BS4 and other small changes. Featured products with Ribbon v2.3.4.1CE Also the header verson is now on the apps section. Use only one on the same site to avoid conflicts. Featured products header carousel BS4/3
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    That should not be required if your using the new header code as that can be changed in admin
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    Modules Control

    New Version 1.0.3 uploaded.  Modules Control Changes Version 1.0.3: - added script to admin/modules_control.php to scroll back to top after update to show success message.
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    check your code to see what is beeing called for boostrap in template_top, just inspect using browser tools. <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://stackpath.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/4.1.0/css/bootstrap.min.css" Boostrap 4 is the update to Bootstrap 3 , runs a bit faster is less resource hungry and introduces a few new classes among other things.
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    Not sure if many will need this but here it is for those (one or two) that may 😊. Has been updated to allow 1) Ribbon text to be set in language file 2) Set number displayed on small, medium and large screens in admin. 3) Ribbon color and gradient can be set in admin 4) Added class to limit length of text display to one line to keep compact. ( css can be removed in template file ) Only for CE Frozen BS3 or Frozen BS4 If you already have one running then you don't need to install the header_tags again. Enjoy! Oh and for those who wish to see it running it's on the BS4 test site but running in static mode. https://chilleddisplays.co.uk/ Featured products with Ribbon Header v2.3.4.1CE V1.0.zip
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    Editing Footer Links...

    In quite recent (Edge, BS4) I changed the links system to make it easier - so you can now amend one file to add in a new link; https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/blob/master/includes/languages/english/modules/content/footer/cm_footer_information_links.php#L22-L27 this auto-updates the list that shows in the footer area by simply adding another item to the CONST array In older versions (Frozen, Gold etc) you need to amend two files https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/blob/2341-Frozen/includes/languages/english/modules/content/footer/cm_footer_information_links.php#L22 add lng define in this file https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/blob/2341-Frozen/includes/modules/content/footer/templates/tpl_cm_footer_information_links.php#L8 add list item here
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    Modules Control

    @Omar_one, Thanks for the report, I’ll fix it in the next update. I’ll give it another try to reproduce your error, but I’m pretty sure I did the same and didn’t see it.,
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    Database Optimizer

    Yes, it should be changed.
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    Look your Db and the varchar product name. You can change the number until 255.
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    Question for Ambassadors

    EDGE BS4 is still under development and continuous changing occur. You may publish an add-on for it and a few days, weeks, months later you have to update it to keep it compatible. Meanwhile FROZEN is frozen and your add-on will stay working with it. That's why I still didn't begin to update my FROZEN BS3 add-ons for latest EDGE and BS4. I prefer to wait for the next stable release. 😉 Most users/developers here recommend EDGE BS4 only for developers or shop owners with coding skills to be able to update FROZEN BS3 add-ons themself.
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    Question for Ambassadors

    Nothing to do with paid work, It's about beeing involved and wanting to give back to the community for me. The last time I checked on of the main pay per hour sites had over 40,000 osC projects of which 28,000 had been completed. Like all paid work you get what you pay for. I have used developers on this site and have been very happy with the work they have done, and it's been very good value. You can lock your add-on's if I remember corectly they are locked by default. It's only a few beer's jump in and join.
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    If you have any external links of value you will need to keep the old domain (as a parked domain) indefinitely. Otherwise you just need to wait for Google to crawl out the old site completely, this could take a few months to few years - this is because Google attaches a low priority to old junk URLs such as 404s and will only crawl these once a year or less. ^^ With that said, you might want to consider using a redirect at all. If you don't have much of a SEO position to protect, then this is a good opportunity to get rid of these old junk URLs like 404s, because with the redirect in place these will also be transferred.
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    In bm_category.php use: $category_titel = $OSCOM_CategoryTree->getData($current_category_id, 'name'); You just have to add a check if $current_category_id is not empty or zero and use MODULE_BOXES_CATEGORIES_BOX_TITLE for that case.
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    PHP and MySQL upgrade for 2.3.4

    1. Jumping code from PHP 5.4 to PHP 7.2 compatibility is a huge task. Even the bleeding edge Frozen and Edge work has barely started on it. They're both currently up to PHP 7.1, if you can roll back to that. If you want to do it yourself, I suggest you read https://www.php.net/manual/en/migration70.deprecated.php and for 71 and 72 as well. You might even have to take a look at 56, 55, and 54 migrations. 2. Not really. The official is merely 2.3.4 with the PHP 7 deprecated warnings turned off. Don't use it. 3. No. The "upgrade" hits only a couple or so files, and is easy enough to do in-place. Just compare 2.3.4 and files and you'll see. At best, turning off PHP 7 deprecated warnings will buy you a little time for a more permanent fix -- there's no telling what's not working right behind the curtain. One thing I hope you'll learn from all this is to keep your store on the current code base! This means carefully logging every single change you make to the files, what add-ons you installed, and very importantly, why you made a group of changes. There's no point in trying to replicate a bunch of code changes, only to realize half way through that Bootstrap responsive is already built in to the product! Whenever the pain of maintaining your current store's code base becomes too much, it's then easy to migrate to the latest and greatest, replicating all your new features without too much strain.