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    Yes it is. Better Together deals with pairs of items. Get ONE from ONE of these categories (2 OR 7 OR 9). If you need "get multiple from any of these categories" look at Big Chooser.
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    Reminder: Frozen EOL

    Thanks Lee for your advice. If I was starting a new site from scratch I would surely study other options. I have been working on the Frozen site for a long time and I really don't want to throw all that work in the trash. Frozen is already tested and all the addons I need are in the market. Phoenix is constantly updating and the truth is that I do not have the time and strength to be updating the site in addition to setting it up from scratch. Are the Frozen forums going to be deleted from this site? what impact will EOL have on practice, since software is not the same as an electrodetic or a car that no longer has spare parts after EOL. Cheers Valqui