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    Change index page

    I'm not sure what you mean by "correct blog" but I think what you are looking for is the Featured Products addon.
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    JcM index Specials BS Carousel V1.0 A simple add-on to let you display a Specials Bootstrap Carousel on the index section of your website.
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    From Frozen to Phoenix

    Oh no - so sorry for that. I hope that your business returns soon.
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    From Frozen to Phoenix

    Thank you everyone for your input, it is greatly appreciated, Special props to Burt for giving us Phoenix! I have made my decision to proceed with my Frozen conversion to and I will list my reasons below: 1. Given the previous slow rate of oscommerce updates, it is great to see active updates with phoenix that are quick and easy to apply, hence to start with the latest, even if I take a month while converting my database the updates will be minimal and quick so I wont be left behind. 2. After to doing an update from 2.2 to 2.3.4 upto Frozen, I found that the only modules I ever used were Quick stock update, modified specials (like a quick bulk update for specials), Ckeditor with Linuxuk Pages to edit pages, IP Trap, Store Mode, Honeypot Captcha and the now old Australia Post module (which I no longer use as I have setup zone rates finally.) I used to have alot of addons that were never used and not maintained by the original authors and since I am not a coder, I found it far too difficult to try and make them work. With such a small set of addons, some of which are now drop in without core code edits, along with various site tweaks, the setup process should be quite straightforward and will keep me up to date and secure. 3. Even without the addons listed above, I can still get the store up and running as the core of oscommerce is there, which is to be live and get sales. It is rather interesting to look at my previous store versions and see how bloated I made it with addons that just never got used, and I hope I now have the essentials which will keep me going. I will be converting my database as per Burts guidelines, doing comparisons between each db table entry exept for the config files then uploading to the new store, then doing configuration. Again I want to thank everyone for their input, I will hope that this will help other people to make the decision to take the leap as to what will suit them! Cheers all! On an off topic, I was about to donate to Phoenix pro, but just lost my "real" job as of today due the corona virus, so my apologies Burt, my donation will have to wait until a bit longer.
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    See it in action...
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    And for those that spotted my silly mistake , a gold star 😊. If no language is defined then you only need to have this once. CKEDITOR.replace( 'testimonials_text', { filebrowserBrowseUrl: 'ext/ckfinder/ckfinder.html', filebrowserUploadUrl: 'ext/ckfinder/core/connector/php/connector.php?command=QuickUpload&type=Files' } );
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    Information Pages SEO addon

    This addon allows the easy creation and handling of pages from within admin as well as a way to manage text on any page in the shop. It is based on the Information Pages Unlimited addon that has been around for years. While much of the code is different in this version, I wanted to keep the compatibility with the original version, thus the similar name. NOTE: There are three sets of files in this package, for different versions of oscommerce. The BS version is the only one that has all of the new features. The other two versions are improvements over the original code but nowhere near that which is in the BS version. So any instructions or descriptions may apply to the other versions but are mainly meant for the BS version. This version fixes many coding mistakes in the other version and adds many new features making it easier to use and more powerful. Some of the features are: - Has a Box ID setting that allows you to control where the link to the page shows up. So, for example, if there are four footer modules installed, each could have links specific to them. - A link can have sub-links (currently only available in the included module). So there could be a main link for widgets and sub-links for various kinds of widgets. There are two advantages to this: first, it takes up less room when there are many links and, second, the search engines will still be able to get to the pages.- There is a quick view button to allow displaying the page in a browser to check the changes. - There are quick fill options that allows categories and products to be added to a page with just a short statement. For example, if your site sells automobile parts and you are creating a new page about tires, you just need to type in PNAME(tires)PNAME and links for all of the products in your shop with tires in the name will be added to the page. See the Notes section on the editor page for additional methods. - Allows setting the browser title and meta tags while editing the page in admin (only if Header Tags SEO is installed).
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    JcM Header Side Navigation V1.0 Has been made in to a header module as it’s easier to keep it on the top of the display on small screens. Other than that the rest is the same as the box version. You can also set the sub-cats display depth in admin. Other than that the rest is the same as the box version.
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    JcM Side Navigation V1.0 Phoenix A simple add-on to let you place a simple side menu onto your site. It’s a basic off canvas menu which slides out from the sides. It can be left or right handed simply select in admin. It also work well on small screens. That’s it enjoy. Has been tested on Phoenix V1.0.5.4 only. Can be see working on this site
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    JcM index Specials BS Carousel V1.1 Has been updated to fix a few silly error and... Updated to introduce specials count as minimum of 4 specials required to display and more that 4 to animate. If less than 4 specials nothing will show.
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    Increase Shipping Weights via SQL

    update products set products_weight = 1.1 where products_weight < 1; You might like to take a backup of the products table (in phpmyadmin) prior to doing so.
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    See it in action....
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    JcM Index Banner carousel Animated V1.0 This is an Index add-on that lets you place a carousel banner on the index page of your site which can be animated if required. It will show up to 8 banners. It allow start and finish dates to be set for the banners. This can only be done for the last 7 as the first must always be active for carousel to run. Banner will only show when start date is reached and will turn off on end date. The date must be entered in correct format. Simply copy over all files install and turn on like any other add-on. The overlay text for each banner and images can be set in the language file. You can also select which pages it is to be shown on. The animation is set by the header tags add-on which must be installed once only. It’s a bit complicated to explain but if you play with it you will figure it out. Each banner can have its own animation as can the 2 text groups on each banner. You can also use the animated class’s on any other add-on if you wish by simply adding the required class. That’s it enjoy. It has only been tested on Phoenix only. Can be seen working on this custom test site
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    JcM Index Banner carousel Animated V1.0 This is an Index add-on that lets you place a carousel banner on the index page of your site which can be animated if required.
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    Category into a link

    Is it a secret or are you going to tell how you did it in case others find this thread.
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    From Frozen to Phoenix

    I would also point out that the original question was not if people should stop updating when they test an update and find it breaks an App (what most of the discussion suggests) but whether, starting now, someone should install or some older version. It is certainly possible that there are Apps that are broken in that are not broken in, but it is not definite that the (unknown) Apps that the asker needs are more broken in than in And it may be that some of things that that particular shop needs are easier to do in than In my opinion, it would be better to start with first and figure out what is and is not possible with that rather than start with the assumption that (or some other version) would be better.
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    From Frozen to Phoenix

    My suggestion; make a new thread laying out your concerns so that they can be addressed. I would prefer that you do that in the club (so that it is easier for me to reply without getting dragged into "drama" that some users like to create, but it's up to you).
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    Google recaptcha v2 stopped working

    I don't know anything about the App, but apparently this is a general problem: https://github.com/google/recaptcha/issues/359 There are workarounds/solutions posted in the GitHub issue.
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    Dan Cole

    From Frozen to Phoenix

    For me that is both fair and realistic. I have add-ons I can't live without and until they are updated the choice is update or keep those functions. My current plan is to get a live site up and running (I'm close) and then keep a development branch going that I can add updates to, both core and add-ons. Taking that to say and when it's ready to release, I'll rinse and repeat. Until the add-ons get to a point where they are not impacted by changes to the core I don't think it can be managed in any other way. If there is, I'd certainly be interested in knowing. Dan
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    KissIT Image Thumbnailer Support

    Uploaded Update for Phoenix KissIT image thumbnailer 3.2.0 Change log 3.2.0: 1. Updated for OSCOM Phoenix 1.0.5.x, added support for core default image, removed KissIt default image 2. Simplified tep_image function modification. 3. Updated product info Gallery module 4. Updated .htacces protection in thumb directories to match core 5. Updated tep_image function to support new Image required and calculate image size core settings 6. Updated Image Helper class to match core html output. 7. Moved KissIt Image directory to includes/apps/ 8. Updated optional Admin thumbs for Phoenix
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    Information Pages SEO addon

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will add a note about that.
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    Information Pages SEO addon

    A new version has been uploaded. It just contains missing files, mainly for the Frozen version, so if you are not having problems with the addon, you can skip this version.
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    You will also need to update the function to tell ck what it need to change. $ckedit = <<<eod <script> CKEDITOR.replace( 'products_description[1]', { filebrowserBrowseUrl: 'ext/ckfinder/ckfinder.html', filebrowserUploadUrl: 'ext/ckfinder/core/connector/php/connector.php?command=QuickUpload&type=Files' } ); CKEDITOR.replace( 'products_description[2]', { filebrowserBrowseUrl: 'ext/ckfinder/ckfinder.html', filebrowserUploadUrl: 'ext/ckfinder/core/connector/php/connector.php?command=QuickUpload&type=Files' } ); So for testimonials.php you would make 2 edits, first this. var $good_pages = ['categories.php', 'manufacturers.php', 'newsletters.php', 'mail.php', 'testimonials.php']; Then add this CKEDITOR.replace( 'testimonials_text', { filebrowserBrowseUrl: 'ext/ckfinder/ckfinder.html', filebrowserUploadUrl: 'ext/ckfinder/core/connector/php/connector.php?command=QuickUpload&type=Files' } ); CKEDITOR.replace( 'testimonials_text', { filebrowserBrowseUrl: 'ext/ckfinder/ckfinder.html', filebrowserUploadUrl: 'ext/ckfinder/core/connector/php/connector.php?command=QuickUpload&type=Files' } ); This is what you get, Should be the same for all pages but check as I have only done a few. Also as Phionix is changing all the time no idea if this will stll work on future updates. Also you need to check if languages are supported on all pages you add.
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    Store Logos Multi

    Store Logos Multi 1.0 Responsive and Localized Store Logos Store Logos Multi Compatibility: Responsive BS CE Frozen and all 2.3.4.(1.) BS EDGE versions and GOLD PHP 5.4-7.2 How it Works: Responsive and Localized Store Logos will add a new Logo page to your admin where you can upload 3 different logo sizes for each of your store languages. A new alternative header content module is included which will display the Logo just like the standard core logo module. Purposes: 1. Serve different logo sizes to allow the visitors browser to select the most apropiate for it’s device size and resolution. The browser will automatically download only the logo which fits best it’s need. Example: You are using a banner style store logo which is set to half of the header width (col-6) - for a standard desktop screen and a retina tablet a width of about 640px would be good - for a retina desktop device with double resolution like i-mac, 1280px would be better - for a small simple mobile phone 320px would be optimum to save download time. This add-on allows you to upload 3 different sizes of your store logo (1280px, 640px and 320px for this example) If your store logo uses the full width (col-12), upload for example the sizes 2560px, 1280px and 640px. 2. If you wish to use different versions of the Store Logo for each of your store languages, you can now easy upload a different set of logos for each language. It is not mandatory, You can use one and the same logo and only upload to the default language. It will be used then for all languages.
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    Serve images in next-gen formats

    I had the same issue so came up with this solution: https://toneus.co.uk/automagic-webp-images-for-oscommerce/ It puts a check in to see if the browser can accept webp and if it does create the image in webp format and save it, but only do this if it doesn't already exist. This way you can still have your jpg/png images in the OSC product info but serve webp where it is supported (and increase your ranging in the Page Speed index). Hope this helps.