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    I get that oscommerce was created over 20 years ago, but more than 5 years ago it was left to die. It was turned into a community project and with the guidance on mainly one coder and a few store owners it was improved. If you want to use the 20 year old version of oscommerce feel free to do so. There are lots of addons that you can find for that version that will do what you want. The hardest part will be finding the older ones that you need, but they will be there. You cant blame Phoenix for your errors and mistakes. As you say you messed up your site twice, that was your doing. You should learn from those mistakes and take regular backups saved to your computer before you make any changes. I learned that many years ago. You would only have had to start from the last backup then to put things right. Easy and common sense. As along time supporter of oscommerce I hate it when people come and bad mouth something that they are doing nothing to change, and many here will feel the same. If you dont like what you are using go find something that will work. You made a decision to use Phoenix. No one forced you to do it. You tried the others and chose Phoenix for what ever reason. Get with the flow and if there is something wrong that you feel should be updated or changed make the suggestion in a civil manner and explain what needs changing, how to change in and supply the changed code. Be proactive. You will earn respect for it, but all I think you want is something for nothing.
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    The title says it all Can someone please for Gods sake put this functionality into OS Commerce??? It's the one thing I desperately need and every other eCommerce platform has these functions. Customer Group The ability to make a group and assign a customer to that group. Sounds easy enough, but a few changes would have to be made. Customer Side: - Add a button a customer can tick if they wish to choose to apply for a group during account creation. This sends a flag to the Group module - A disclaimer under the button points out that applications for regular customers are not necessary - When customers associated with a Group buys something, the customer gets the Group discount Administrator Side: - Add a category in the Customers module called Groups. - Add 2 options for this group: Manage Groups, Pending Applications Manage Groups - Create New Group. Options for these groups are: Name of Group, Discounts (%, $ amount), Shipping Exempt - Delete/Edit Group. Click on a current Group to edit its features - Add a table to each Group Information Page to show which customers are members of that group Pending Applications - This module would show a list of customers who have applied to join a Group - A tick box to enable their application and a dropdown to assign them to a Group PHP Side: - The backend modifies all prices on the website to the discount values associated with a group - When a customer associated with a group buys something, their price is the groups price (work this like the Wholesale mod for CE Phoenix) If someone could make this change to OS Commerce and also release the update for CE Phoenix as well, that would be awesome! Honestly, I'm shocked this isn't a standard feature with OS Commerce! Anyway, how soon can this get done?? Please someone do this!!!
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    Zipur Toolbox offers the following features to CE Phoenix and OSCommerce: Modules Easy installer of packaged add-ons. These add-ons have to be created with the Package Creator or manually created to match the spec expected by zipur Toolbox. Once add-ons are installed using the tool, you can easily uninstall, reinstall, delete, update the add-ons with a click of a button. Online Library This Library will allow you to download any add-ons developed by Zipur with a click of a button. You will also be able to see what is installed and what updates are available. Package Creator This is the best part as a developer. It allows you to code in your IDE and when done, you can package the files you need as well as SQL adjustments for install/uninstall/upgrade as well as turning any mods on/off pre/post install. It will also allow you to change all file versions and header copyright blocks at the time of packaging. You can even download a zip file from the tool containing your new package. The package is then ready to distribute to people also using this tool and they can install with a click of a button. Version File Report This report downloads a matching version of the core of your install. It then compares against your installed version and shows you what files have been changed, added, removed. If you are using OSCommerce, you will have to manually download and place a copy of the core. Requires PHP 7.1 at minimum, but 7.3 recommended to avoid herdoc indent errors You can also refer to zipur.ca for more info. Find it here: https://apps.oscommerce.com/RdMqY&zipur-toolbox-0-2-0&c=other All feedback, problems, suggestions welcome. Zipur
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    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    Just a warning to those users of this module. I had a customer place a fraudulent order the other day. He entered an address in Finland and changed the country to the UK as I only use this module to accept payments from UK based customers. The payment went through fine believe it or not. The order was not sent as the incorrect country was used which used the incorrect shipping option. I spoke to stripe about this and apparently this could happen. They have suggested a few changes to my Stripe account settings which may prevent it from happening again. It looks like the checks returned as "Unavailable" in the payment. This can happen as some banks do not carry out these checks at the time of payment. The checks in Stripe radar will only pick this up if the checks are actually failed when the checks are made. The changes I made were to what checks are actually required. Its in the Settings - Radar - Rules area in your Stripe admin dashboard. The advice from Stripe is to check any payments where the tests are unavailable. They also said that you can block a user from paying for products using Stripe, and any card information in your block list can then used to prevent the same happening to other Stripe users as the data is shared. Like I say, just a warning to be aware..
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    A new version has been uploaded. The only changes in this release is to provide a version for Phoenix. If has not been tested with an html editor but should work since that works in other versions. You will need to enable the option for the editor being unsed in the language file.
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    Order breakdown in Paypal Standard

    There isn't an issue as such but from a customer point of view some would like to see in Paypal the details of the order.
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    Information Pages SEO addon

    That is defined in the database so you must not have ran the database script with the reset option. Do that and the error should go away. I can't help you with getting a certain editor to work. I used the TinyMCE addon to test it since it doesn't require any core changes and it works fine, For the article message showing, enter something in the Pages box. If you don't want it to show at all, enter some invalid item, like pid=999999, assuming that is not valid on your site. I'll add an off option in the next version.
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    I can't log in to the admin panel

    You could try it with define('HTTP_COOKIE_DOMAIN', 'avto-focus.com'); define('HTTPS_COOKIE_DOMAIN', 'avto-focus.com'); But otherwise you may need to wait until someone other than me has a chance to offer suggestions.
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    While this is a couple of years old (ie: we use Phoenix now, not 'Frozen'), the installation process is still the same ... HTH Malcolm
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    @dculleyThe problem is that the commas are being changed to semi-colons for some reason. Since I don't have to much time to work on this, I added code to convert them as needed. It's a sloppy fix but seems to work. Please give it a try. usps.php
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