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    HoneyPot Captcha

    A new version has been uploaded with these changes: Added a page in admin to find and delete suspected fake accounts. Original code supplied by @Chadduck . Added a page in admin to allow deleting an array from the tracking table and to view the log. Added an option to verify the submitted IP. Added an option to verify the postal code. Added an option to verify the state and country pair is valid. Added an option to check the time to submit a form. Added filesize to dislay of the cron job results. Changed the option for the Math Captcha to use an image or text. Changed the captcha.php file to include a missing parameter. Found by @puggybelle Changed the mysql command to work for non-standard database names. Found by @Chadduck. Changed the cron output to show the size of the file. Changed the IP List setting to include check TOR IP's. Changed the names used in the hidden fields in case hacker scripts scan for the common name of honeypot. Corrected a typo in the error messages. Found by @puggybelle. Corrected the session name in captcha.php. Found by @ecartz. Fixed problem with the cpatcha code so it now works correctly. Removed a line of test code that was overlooked. Removed the notification option. All emails are now sent using the log tracker option.
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    Not in the app's store just download from here. JcM index new products V1.0 Phoenix A simple add-on to let you display an index new products on your site This allows you to set the number of days from which the new products are selected. If no new products added in that period nothing is displayed. So you could set it to show new products added in last week, month or year. You can change the title to whatever you prefer “New products this week” It also make use of a small bit of code to allow you to have the image change on mouse hover (this is done using a small snip-it of code posted by @kgtee in the forum. To use the image change you need to add both the main image and one large image. As you will see the display has been changed to show a nice compact view with the product name disabled and the image set in the top of the card. The product name can be turned on again if required in admin. Again totally stand-alone with no core code change. Simply copy all files into relevant sections and go to admin and install. That's it Enjoy. Can be see working on this site JcM index new products Phoenix V1.0.zip
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    Phoenix Announcements

    Phoenix Demo Site: https://template.me.uk/phoenix/index.php v1.0.4.0 fixes a few bugs in the shop side as well as introducing database enabled hooks and the very first step towards a better template implementation, in addition the manufacturers class is now used in more places. On the admin side we have a better bootstrapped layout (header/footer) and a few more pages have been converted to bootstrap tabular layout. We have some more modules, particularly note the "testimonials" page in the shop side is now modular. If you are on v1.0.3.0, it's an easy update. If you are on an older Phoenix, you'll need to get to v1.0.3.0 first before attempting the below steps. A big thank you to everyone who made the release of v1.0.4.0 possible, especially to the Supporters as well as to @raiwa @ecartz and "F Figue". This release introduces a number of improvements; the foundations of an integrated Template System this has been asked for many times over the years, now it's becoming reality... more bootstrapping in admin with more to come in future releases... admin Boxes made 100% modular How to Update if on; Uninstall defunct modules;- Social Bookmarks BOX (main module + all installed child modules)- Card Acceptance BOX Delete defunct files (eg using FTP)- admin/includes/classes/rss.php- includes/modules/boxes/bm_product_social_bookmarks.php- includes/languages/english/modules/boxes/bm_product_social_bookmarks.php- includes/languages/english/modules/social_bookmarks/<all files in here>- admin/includes/modules/cfg_modules/cfgm_social_bookmarks.php- includes/modules/boxes/bm_card_acceptance.php- includes/languages/english/modules/boxes/bm_card_acceptance.php Download this Zip, unzip and upload + 1040.zip Run this SQL in (eg) phpmyadmin)+ https://pastebin.com/c7p4WtL2 How to Update if on earlier version; Find version you are on [admin > tools > version checker] Go back through this topic and perform updates to get to Then follow "how to update if on & after which" instructions - OR - You can download and install a brand new, obviously making sure not to overwrite your live shop; clicking the green "clone or download" button at https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix or grab it direct from osCommerce at https://www.oscommerce.com/Products choose "download zip" unzip, upload, install - OR - You can diff your files; Find which version Phoenix you are on admin > tools > version checker go to this URL, changing a.b.c.d to your Phoenix version; https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/compare/a.b.c.d... Make code changes one by one it'll take you a while, but if it floats yer boat... - THEN - After Installation (whether NEW or UPDATE) is complete; Visit admin > tools > security checks and perform any needed actions Enjoy using - Join the Phoenix Club - https://forums.oscommerce.com/clubs/1-phoenix/ you'll get to see some of the "behind the scenes" work and help to steer future releases.
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    As the festive holiday season approaches you may wish to give your site a face lift. This new add-on gives you 14 new bootstrap 4 themes to select from.
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    Thank you very much Matt @ecartz for your support !!! I already updated the PHP version to 7.1 and everything works correctly. You're a genius!!! One suggestion to @burt, if the user does not have the appropriate PHP version that work with Phoenix , the installation program should not let you proceed with the installation .... It is frustrating to reach the last stage of installation, go to ADMIN and find an error message Its only a recommendation, as a user I prefer to know that I can not move forward with the installation until I get the PHP version than reach the end on the instal and find an error. New users may not go to the forum to seek help, they will only stop using Phoenix. Best regards Valqui
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    Error installing Phoenix

    Phoenix requires PHP 7+ If you want to fix the error, change $module_width = $ad->content_width ?? 6; to $module_width = isset($ad->content_width) ? $ad->content_width : 6; and that particular line will work again. But expect more problems if you try to run Phoenix on PHP 5.
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    HoneyPot Captcha

    @Jack_mcs I don't know what you did, but THANK YOU! All works perfectly now, with captcha enabled, in both create account and contact us pages. You're one of the best contributors of all time in this forum - thank you for all of your hard work and for sharing it with the community! - Andrea
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    JcM Google reCAPTCHA V2 Phoenix V1.0 A simple add-on to let add the Google reCAPTCHA V2 to any form in Phoenix that has the hooks added to it.
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    Update Order Emails

    This is not part of the stock code in osC so will probably be part of the add-on you installed. Check to be sure it's in the zip file you down loaded and has been copied over to the right path. Also many of the add-on's are no full packages! some only include the updated files so make sure you downloaded a full packeage. Also consider using the updated comunity version of the code. https://www.oscommerce.com/Products
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    Display Tax Info V3.0

    Uploaded Update for Phoenix flagged for Phoenix: Display Tax Info Phoenix Changelog Version 4.0 - updated for Phoenix 1.0.3.x - moved currencies_mod class extension into siteWide hook. This allows to use it also for modularized shopping cart and other modularized pages with content module call in data section of the page.
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    List of my Phoenix compatible Addons

    Uploaded: Points and Rewards Phoenix
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    install 2.3 modules to Phoenix?

    Most modules will need the following updates: replace the class constructor name (first function in the module) to "__construct" for PHP 7 compatibility replace the path constants like "DIR_WS_INCLUDES" to hardcoded paths like "'includes/' FOr to know which have been removed compare the "includes/configure.php" files from your old store to the Phoenix files. The definitions which are not in Phoenix any more need to be replaced replace all database table names like "TABLE_CONFIGURATION" with hardcoded real names "'configuration'" if the module produces any html output, it might need to be updated to bootstrap 4. if the module uses any jquery script, it must be injected now in the footer script area. compare to some ht modules how it is done there Best is to have al look in the supplied core modules and compare
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    Product listing

    Annual subscription has been paid and we wish the team all success with the project
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    Does adding a define('META_SEO_TITLE', 'Our GTCs'); help? May require ht_pages_seo to be installed in admin > Modules > Header Tags (if it is not already). You may also want to look at how ht_product_title.php works and adapt for your use. I'm thinking of copying that file to ht_heading_title.php, changing the class name and $code to ht_heading_title, replacing all instances of PRODUCT_TITLE with HEADING_TITLE, and replacing the contents of the execute function with something like function execute() { global $PHP_SELF, $oscTemplate; if (in_array(basename($PHP_SELF), [ 'attias_beratung.php', 'attias_impressum.php' ])) { $oscTemplate->setTitle(HEADING_TITLE); } } Adjust the list of file names as necessary for your shop. Remember that you have to install the module in admin before it will do anything. You want it to have a low sort order number, as you want it to act before other modules. And if it wasn't clear, change things like $this->title = MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_PRODUCT_TITLE_TITLE; to look like $this->title = MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_HEADING_TITLE_TITLE; throughout the file.
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    Well, it's language specific, so I'd check the part of the language files that specifies that <htmldir="ltr" lang="de"> My guess is that you're missing a space in define('HTML_PARAMS', ' dir="ltr" lang="de"'); in the german.php file. Note that there should be a space before the dir entry. Your browser doesn't know what an htmldir tag is, so it assumes that it's part of the body. So your browser implicitly creates the html, head, and body tags. Then it removes the ones that template_top.php created.
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    Product listing

    It's just the sense to specify width and height, so all images independent of their proportion will occupy the same space. KissIt image thumbnailer adds therefore background to create equal thumbs and avoids like this stretching. It works best using square proportion, so mixing landscape and portrait images will still result in equal sized product cards and a nice aligned product listing. I believe @ecartz wanted to explain more or less the same.
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    HoneyPot Captcha

    I really like this addon. thank you very much for supporting OSC @Jack_mcs !! You deserve recognition not only for this cool addon but also for the excellent support you give!
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    Firstly, I joined this forum on February 17, 2005. Although I don't usually post, I can honestly say that I have always found George-Multimixer at MTS, to be POLITE. He has always been attentive to my emails and sure loves to OVER-DELIVER! His service really is unbelievable and second to none, which is why I have since bought another package from him. Secondly, I started using Multimixer and his modern Mini Template System in June 2012 on two of my websites. Over the 7 years, I have always found MTS to be totally compatible with OSC and 100% reliable. And it certainly updated the old fashioned look of the OSCommerce blue and grey format which I had used before. Plus with the modern look of MTS it integrated perfectly with OSC. Which meant that orders went up straight away, a big plus for me! Thirdly, since 2005, I have only been charged once for updating a few things on MTS which I had personally ordered and requested. Which George gave me the price beforehand and as usual, the Mini Template System job was done with SPEED, EFFICIENCY and total HONESTY. For example, someone recently got into one of my OSC stores and somehow changed my password. I desperately tried to get in all day but without any joy! (This has happened to me before with Netscape, but thank God Netscape have now disappeared? As their service was NON-EXISTANT and no replies to emails, at that time I lost my business email of 5 years! So you can imagine how it was...) However, after no joy getting back into my store, I finally gave up at 3.30 am. But just before going to bed I had an idea and remembered good old George = Multimixer. So I quickly shot Multimixer an email and went to bed. Unable to sleep, I awoke at 9 am and decided to try to get in again. Still, in my pyjamas, I opened my Gmail... What a relief... Multimixer HAD ALREADY RESOLVED THE ISSUE!!! And gave me my new password. When I thanked him and asked for the bill, he just wrote back and said "You owe me nothing! Have a nice weekend." So don't try to tell me that you don't get good service from George and MTS! Les
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    https://apps.oscommerce.com/HUONy&amp;unsold-carts-report-2-0 Lets you run a report for a selected number of days to show all unsold carts. You can then deleat if required.
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    😂 I have to agree with @BrockleyJohn .. Actually I think an ordernumber should be created on chekcout_payment.php and order should be stored in DB immediately at checkout_process.php .. The need for it would probably depend on different Payment Service Providers / Gateways but in my experience the ones I have seen could be handled better with an existing/created ordernumber. Actually this was one of the first changes we did some 15 years ago when we started to use oSC.
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    install 2.3 modules to Phoenix?

    Here the old version of the includes/configure.php. Compare to yours and you'll see the constants which have been removed: configure.php Meanwhile, the first thing you could do when you have a shipping module updated, upload it to the Marketplace to share it with others.
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    Column Width Issue

    Here's line 221 in the current version: echo '</div>'; A little more looking with blame found this commit which changed the line you described to echo '<div class="col">'; So you should just be able to update to the latest version of that page, as released in
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    Smoky Barnable

    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    I have been using this on two production sites with no problems. Thanks to @asro2004 for a great module! One of my sites has a modified checkout process page so I had to make those changes in the stripe_sca class after_process function. Also the delete buttons in the customer account area are a bit jumbled if more than one card is saved. A <br> fixed that for me. Cheers! ☸️
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    HoneyPot Captcha

    I not want to be a game breaker here. But for the address part, google seemed to took care of it as well. Google: Autocomplete Address Form I just want to point out that most of the problems are covered in so much ways and by so much people and company who offer solutions. I perhaps stirred the pot a little here. But i think in the end it the discussion was worth it. I definitely noticed that what i mentioned gave some second thoughts. Nothing of what i Sayed was to hurt anyone in one way or the other, or try to let them look bad. I think with what i told, opened doors to other views. There is a real difference in running a shop or a forum or a blog. I understand , the quicker the process, no burdens in registration etc, could make the purchase of an item quicker. But it is good to talk about it, and even more........... to listen what the other say or try to understand I excuse to anyone who felt or thought i was or that i am a disturbing factor.
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    The alternative way to fix the button issue is to change the "input-group" class in bm_search.php and content_header_search.php to "input-group-prepend" at Lines 37 and 46, respectively. Refer documentation on bootstrap forms: https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/components/input-group/