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    Does adding a define('META_SEO_TITLE', 'Our GTCs'); help? May require ht_pages_seo to be installed in admin > Modules > Header Tags (if it is not already). You may also want to look at how ht_product_title.php works and adapt for your use. I'm thinking of copying that file to ht_heading_title.php, changing the class name and $code to ht_heading_title, replacing all instances of PRODUCT_TITLE with HEADING_TITLE, and replacing the contents of the execute function with something like function execute() { global $PHP_SELF, $oscTemplate; if (in_array(basename($PHP_SELF), [ 'attias_beratung.php', 'attias_impressum.php' ])) { $oscTemplate->setTitle(HEADING_TITLE); } } Adjust the list of file names as necessary for your shop. Remember that you have to install the module in admin before it will do anything. You want it to have a low sort order number, as you want it to act before other modules. And if it wasn't clear, change things like $this->title = MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_PRODUCT_TITLE_TITLE; to look like $this->title = MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_HEADING_TITLE_TITLE; throughout the file.
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    Well, it's language specific, so I'd check the part of the language files that specifies that <htmldir="ltr" lang="de"> My guess is that you're missing a space in define('HTML_PARAMS', ' dir="ltr" lang="de"'); in the german.php file. Note that there should be a space before the dir entry. Your browser doesn't know what an htmldir tag is, so it assumes that it's part of the body. So your browser implicitly creates the html, head, and body tags. Then it removes the ones that template_top.php created.
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    JcM Product QR code V1.0 Phoenix This is a simple add-on it will allow you to Place a QR code image on each product page. It requires NO core changes so just copy over the files provided. Once it’s installed simply go to admin and install and turn on. You can change the styling in admin it uses stock BS Class’s. You can also select the placing of the text within the container it’s added to. That’s it enjoy. It has only been tested on Phoenix only. Can be seen working on this custom test site
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    Discount Code BS

    Yes. Be sure to use my addon instead of the worldpay module delivered with Phoenix because that still has an unfixed bug in it and you'll get blank order emails. The addon also brings people who cancel back into the checkout process, and records more info on the order history. addon: https://apps.oscommerce.com/brAIY&amp;worldpay-hosted-payments-extended
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    Unique orders status id.

    tep_db_query("INSERT INTO orders_status (orders_status_id, language_id, orders_status_name ) SELECT MAX(orders_status_id) + 1, '1', 'Waiting for payment' FROM orders_status"); I believe that works. Test of course. First by running just the select in phpMyAdmin or similar and then try to write with it if the results are what you expect.
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    Are you using the htpasswd? You might need to move the .htaccess and .htpasswd_oscommerce files out of the admin directory (move them rather than deleting them in case you need to move them back).
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    Android Developer

    Sorry I'll step back... and will let the experts carry on.
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    Dan Cole

    Generated link Concept

    Brilliant idea and coupled with your original suggestion of changing the access point of pages like create_account I think it would go along way to solving the bot issue. 👍 Dan
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    Generated link Concept

    Clever idea! Thanks H 😉
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    HoneyPot Captcha

    I not want to be a game breaker here. But for the address part, google seemed to took care of it as well. Google: Autocomplete Address Form I just want to point out that most of the problems are covered in so much ways and by so much people and company who offer solutions. I perhaps stirred the pot a little here. But i think in the end it the discussion was worth it. I definitely noticed that what i mentioned gave some second thoughts. Nothing of what i Sayed was to hurt anyone in one way or the other, or try to let them look bad. I think with what i told, opened doors to other views. There is a real difference in running a shop or a forum or a blog. I understand , the quicker the process, no burdens in registration etc, could make the purchase of an item quicker. But it is good to talk about it, and even more........... to listen what the other say or try to understand I excuse to anyone who felt or thought i was or that i am a disturbing factor.
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    Uploaded update for Phoenix: Points and Rewards Phoenix
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    JcM NavBar Google Translate V1.0 Phoenix A simple add-on that allows you to place the Google translate widget into the navbar on your site. Your customers can now translate your website with a simple click on one of the languages in the drop down list. It’s a simple no core change add-on so just copy files over go to admin and install and set up. That’s it enjoy. Has been tested on Phoenix only.
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    HoneyPot Captcha

    Then you have not applied it correctly. 1) It will stop 99% of all fake accounts made by bot's ( nothing can stop human factory fake accounts) 2) Have installed on about 20 sites that were getting fake account problem has stoped on all sites. So yes it does work. 3) Your customers complain about you keeping them safe ( stupid cutomers no?) Also you can change recpatcha so customer is not required to do anything ( invisable cpatcha) simply pick the one you are happy to work with.
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    HoneyPot Captcha

    My screenshot was from the admin side. We automatically send random generated passwords to the client via welcome email and try to collect minimal info at the time of checkout. I thought about the email confirmation email, however over 75% of our clients want to just check out. Any delay in the checkout process can result in a lost sale. So that would not work. I agree with you on this. Should any visitor even be creating an account without an actual purchase to start with? An option in admin could toggle that as an option for those that would. In our case we are not interested in people signing up for a subscription or discounts as some commerce sites do. Perhaps, on the confirmation page the client is offered the opportunity to create an account at the end of the checkout confirmation (admin can set default). So, create_account would not be offered as a standalone, automatic account creation would only occur after a bonafide purchase. And of course the admin would need to be able to create an account from admin side. I will noodle this more.
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    [CONTRIBUTION] Sloppy Words Cleaner

    @raiwa Changed in swc_hooks.php if (isset($postcode)) $postcode = $this->RemoveShouting($postcode); to if (isset($postcode)) $postcode = strtoupper($postcode); and works correctly now.
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    HoneyPot Captcha

    In my experience, Blacklisting is not the complete answer either. I forgot to mention that some of the IPs used are being spoofed as Bing, Google, PayPal etc. You really do not want the bot to automatically get important IPs blocked out. One time we even had our own server's IP blocked. I since whitelisted those IPs in CSF, however that gives the spoofers a wide open ticket when they use a whitelisted IP. I did do one thing that helped a good bit. In CSF I blocked CC's. In our case we blocked RU, CN, Ukraine. Again this will not help block them if they are spoofing. And this puts a lot of stress on many servers. The list of CIDR's is quite lengthy. I run dedicated servers so the overhead is not as noticeable as it could be on a shared, cloud or other. cables24h, you may want to look at the bad_behavior add-on which automatically blocks IPs via htaccess. It works well, but again if they spoof an important IP for your store, it can be detrimental. I use it, although modded for our needs to prevent certain header requests, user agents and to help block the IPs that are initiating script injections. 'better ask why someone choose your website to "spam"'. - If you are lucky enough to have a successful site, with high ranking, you will eventually get sniffed out by the spambots and scriptkitties. They will find you; especially when you advertise on FB, Google and Bing which brings even more notice to our sites. Another reason: Competitors or BlackHat will sometimes do things like this to cause havoc. These signups create spam to a legit email address. Enough spam reports will get you on the RBL; once there, it takes a lot of effort and time to get removed. Until then an ISP like AOL will block your domain from sending anyone with an aol account any emails. So, Unintended consequences is a real concern for us: if you make it too tight you will either block or alienate your legitimate clients. I try hard to prevent this. I post his info in an effort to corroborate, not insult. I believe there needs to be many approaches to this issue and there is always going to be a workaround by the other side. A constantly evolving problem. @Jack_mcsI will post the details of the next signup. I delete them on the fly so I do not have one at the moment. Any hour though, unfortunately. Thanks again for your work on this project. And all of the others too!
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    If your store is EDGE, you should use series 2, PWA 3.0 series is for FROZEN: But I saw in your older posts that you have already updated to PWA 3 series. The reviews link has been fixed in PWA 3.0.4: I'm sorry I can not give more specific advice for this combination of EDGE and PWA 3.0. Please try to apply the above included fix or update to the latest series 3 verion: 3.0.5.
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    JcM footer Open Street Map V1.2 Phoenix A simple add-on that allows you to place a Open Street Map into the footer. It’s a simple no core change add-on so just copy files over go to admin and install and set up. Do you have a bricks and mortar store? Tell your customers about it on your website add a map with details about your store to your website. How? It's simple and free, takes a few minutes to do. Simply go to https://www.openstreetmap.org The easiest way is to use the 'sharing' sidebar on the right on the main osm.org site, there choose embeddable HTML. To make it responsive change width to 100% Now add the script in the language file replacing the one already in it. That’s it enjoy. Has been tested on Phoenix only. Can be seen working on this test site
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    Today I finished with the migration of my old Website to the Phoenix plattform. This is the result, see: https://www.attias.ch/ I am happy now, it was a lot of work. Thank you all for the help
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    I do not know the answer. But if I were trying to do this, I would look at sitemap Apps. Why? Because they generate listings of URLs and should use the same generation mechanism as osCommerce uses for regular links. Perhaps not all of them would be compatible with this App, but at least one should.
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    List of my Phoenix compatible Addons

    Uploaded updated Store Mode: Store Mode Phoenix 1.3.1. Changes 1.3.1: - fixed typo in header module english language file. Thanks to @mhsuffolk - fixed undefined error message. Thanks to @mhsuffolk Changes 1.3.0: - header module updated for Phoenix BS 4 - Updated header module message to show correct offline time if 2h auto setting is used - Updated admin header module message for 2h auto setting
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    I believe that it's if (!file_exists(DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'includes/modules/payment/'. $payment . '.php')) and require_once(DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'includes/modules/payment/'. $payment . '.php'); Here's the commit. It says that the following were removed define('DIR_WS_IMAGES', 'images/'); define('DIR_WS_ICONS', DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'icons/'); define('DIR_WS_INCLUDES', 'includes/'); define('DIR_WS_FUNCTIONS', DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'functions/'); define('DIR_WS_CLASSES', DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'classes/'); define('DIR_WS_MODULES', DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'modules/'); define('DIR_WS_LANGUAGES', DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'languages/'); define('DIR_WS_DOWNLOAD_PUBLIC', 'pub/'); So anything with DIR_WS_MODULES should be replaced with 'includes/modules/' and then you can concatenate neighboring strings. DIR_FS_CATALOG and $payment should stay the same. If you continue to have trouble, try replacing $payment with $GLOBALS['payment'] and output both (either to log or screen; preferably log if a live site).
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    List of my Phoenix compatible Addons

    Reuploaded all Phoenix compatible Addons flagged for Phoenix
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    KissIT Image Thumnailer

    I took a screen shoot and cut it to seed a pic. I did not enlarge it. History and cache was deleted and reset for thumbs was run. Still with no results. Since Kissit is the only mod installed I guess my only other option is to remove Phoenix and move on. With all the other problems i'm seeing from others, maybe the program is to unstable. Thanks
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    @14steve14 I have been updating shop from own cart script ---> oscommerce 2.1---> 2.2 ( which is heavily modified with altered modules, core and database modifications) ---> 2.3 ---> 2.3 GOLD ---> 2.3 EDGE ---> 2.3 FROZEN .. and I am planning to go for latest Phoenix version ( already on server for testing and updating) when the sales season end hopeful on April/May ... between the updating I lost some modules because they are done by someone who have never be on the forum any more and are not needed at moment .. it was the easiest thing I have done .. check this as @Mikepo said You need time on the begin and spend some money.. but after that it will be so easy on the future. after more people making, updating add-ons to sitewide hook system. Phoenix is the future.. @burt has done really good work and still doing and updating it (so easy to update from A to Z)... when everyone know that oscommerce become slowly dead.