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    JcM Header Carousel Banner V1.0 Phoenix This is a header add-on that lets you place a carousel banner at the top of your site. This makes use of the stock banner manager that comes with osC. It will show 4 banners.
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    JcM index products page title V1.0 A simple add-on to let you display an image with the page title on indexed product pages. This will display the category image and the manufactures image.
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    JcM New Custom Specials Box V1.3 This is a new add-on it has been re coded to improve the function so it can display all set specials. The number of specials to display can be set in admin.
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    JcM Our Bestsellers Carousel Box V1.4 Updated to add vertical scrolling option. This can be set in admin by first selecting slide for the change option and then carousel-inner vertical from the slide vertical selection.