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    Phoenix Rising...

    Phoenix Rising...
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    Cost and Gross Margin in Admin Thank you for this add-on. It is very useful. I combine this add-on and the little mod submitted by YePix, and now I get the following info displayed. Now, whenever I enter a value in any of the 3 boxes, the margin will update automatically. A big thank to you. I am willing to share the code with you if you require, though I believe you are able to do the same yourself. Cheers!
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    I wondered if there are any and it made me smile :D https://remoteok.io/remote-oscommerce-jobs
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    Developers, it's now possible to link your support topics to your submissions at the Apps Marketplace!
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    JcM No Stock Header Tags-V1.1 Updated to allow color to be set in admin and to display no stock message and remove buy text.
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    JcM CKEditor V1.0 A simple add-on to let you place a WYSIWYG HTML editor onto your site’s admin.
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    JcM Our Bestsellers Carousel Box V1.4 Updated to add vertical scrolling option. This can be set in admin by first selecting slide for the change option and then carousel-inner vertical from the slide vertical selection.
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    JcM Bestsellers Box spinner V1.0 Phoenix A simple add-on to let you place a bestsellers carousel with “hot!” card on the site.
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    JcM WhatsApp Floating Button V1.3 A simple add-on that places a WhatsApp floating button onto your site. Your customer can then contact you using WhatsApp.
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    JcM footer-Cart Popup V1.0 A simple add-on that allows you to display what's in the cart as the customer adds it. It is a full screen overlay with cart window. Customer can either view and continue without leaving his page or he can edit cart or check out.
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    JcM Message Headers V1.0 Two simple add-on’s that allows you to display a message in the header of your site.
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    JcM Index page Promo Tabs v1.0 A simple add-on to let you place promotional offer tabs onto your site index page.
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    JcM Color Tweak V1.0 This add-on has been update. A new Header tag replaces JcM color brand. Uninstall and remove old and install new Header tag.
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    JcM Current Bestsellers Box V1.0 CE A simple add-on to let you display a Current Bestsellers Box on your site This allows you to set the number of days from which the best sellers are selected. If no sales made in that period nothing is displayed.
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    JcM Index Page Tumblr Blog CE BS4/3 A simple add-on to let you place your tumbler blog onto your site index page.
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    JcM Custom Store Info Box CEBS4/3 Updated to V1.3 to clean code and make multilingual.
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    JcM World Time V1.0 for CE BS4/3 A simple addon to let you place 6 world time clock onto your website.
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    JcM-header-Promo-Marquee CE Has been updated to V1.2 to make multilingual and add customization in admin.
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    JcM Product info description_tabs Select Have been updated to version 1.3 to make them multilingual.
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    Tart GDPR-cookie-widgets V1.0 I have to thank @Gyakutsuki for all his help with this add-on and especially the multilingual code. let’s you add a cookie widget to your site. This will allow your customer to refuse cookies if they wish to and let you comply with legislation.
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    JcM Custom ColorBox header_tags V1.1 Has been updated so you can turn off title in admin.
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    JcM Custom ColorBox header_tags V1.0 JcM Custom ColorBox header_tags V1.0 addon CE BS4 & BS3 This will allow you to customise your colorbox gallery.
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    JcM Product info Stock V1.0 Simple add-on to show stock on product info page V1.0
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    JcM Custom Information Modal CE BS4/BS3 A simple add-on to let you place a Custom Modal Button onto your site.
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    Hi Brian, I've been using your PayPal WPP for years now, THANK YOU!, and I have read some posts that you have developed a one-page checkout. Please point me to that contrib. I can't find it. Many thanks, Tom Heibel, Sticky Pod