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    v1.0.7.4 is tagged and announced; https://www.oscommerce.com/Us&News=166
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    Gift Vouchers Secure

    A new version has been uploaded with these changes: Changed the database installer to remove commands not available in all mysql versions. Changed code for the welcome discount code to take multiple coupons due to languages in the account. Fixed a coding mistake in the redeem code. Fixed a problem where Free Shipping coupons would be convereted to non-Free Shipping. Created a Phoenix version and tested with Pro Version: Ability to automatically send coupon code to customers that place an order to increase re-orders.
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    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Uploade new version: AJAX Attribute Manager Phoenix 3.2.0 Changes Version 3.2.0.: + updated for Phoenix (jquery update and bootstrapped admin/categories.php) Tested with Phoenix NOTE: Ajax Attributes Manager Table has not been updated yet to bootstrap table, but it is full functional. Full Package Update instructions included
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    Class 'ot_subtotal' not found in ...

    I think you need to add DIR_FS_CATALOG back into the include statements (the two above). So they would be include(DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'includes/... That causes them to look in the shop files. The way you have it now, the code is looking in the admin files.
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    Cloud VPS for OsC

    Hi, Due to a rubbish support with out current normal VPS I am considering moving to a cloud based VPS from a large supplier. MUCH cheaper, more memory and SSD space and much better value for money. Has anyone used a cloud VPS? Any comments as regards performance versus a normal server? The main slow down is currently caused by MySQL access, in a normal VPS the MySQL server is shared between other VPS on that machine, will a cloud based VPS not have this issue as it is shared differently? Anyone tried both enough to compare? lain
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    index.php & config issue

    It's a common problem for all oscommerce shops. You just need to change the permissions settings for the configure files. If you use this format on google, you can find answers to many of your questions, which may be faster than posing here: site:forums.oscommerce.com "search term here" Here is the result of the above search.
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    Discount Code BS

    It's replaced by a hook:
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    index.php & config issue

    It would be better to apply to join the Phoenix Club on this forum - you'll get advice on CE Phoenix there.
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    QTPro BS

    Update uploaded: QTpro Phoenix 7.0.0 Only one core file change left (modified file provided): includes/actions/add_product.php Changes versus QTpro 6.0.1 BS updated for CE Phoenix 1.0.7.x hooked all modifications on admin side bootstrapped all admin pages and hooks hooked all changes on store checkout fixed error in order delete restock function added pi modules updated all store side modules to abstract modules general update to match actual core coding style NOTE: Options Images support is not included in this version. It will be added again once it has been updated.
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    Database Optimizer

    That is the situation with all addons. Most of the new ones for Phoenix don't even have a Frozen version, much less pre-Frozen versions. I've always tried to include versions for all shops in my addons but that is going away. Even now, I don't have the time to test Frozen versions and may stop supporting all pre-Phoenix versions. I offer paid support for them but trying to code for all shops in the free versions just takes too much time.
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    Database Optimizer

    1) There is a version for "Before 2.3". I don't recall I updated it for this version. Probably not. With Phoenix becoming more and more popular and with it changing often, managing multiple versions is just not possible any longer, at least for me. If you need an addon to work for older versions, you can Use an older version. This is not a good idea since you will lose fixes and improvements. Convert the code to work with an older version. Pay someone to do the conversion. 2) This got through because of lack of time for testing older versions. To fix it, you can replace <td align="center"> <?php echo tep_draw_bootstrap_button(IMAGE_UPDATE, 'fas fa-save', null, 'primary', null, 'btn-success btn-block btn-lg'); ?> </td> with <td align="center"><?php echo tep_image_submit('button_update.gif', IMAGE_UPDATE);?></td> 3) I'm not able to reproduce this but in searching for it, it seems to be a bug in php 7.1 and, maybe 7.2. I'm running 7.3 so it seems they fixed that problem. Applying the change below should prevent it but since I can't see the warning, I can't be sure. Change this line $dateOrder = date("Y-m-d", time() - ($config['orphan_orders'] * 86400)); to $dateOrder = date("Y-m-d", time() - (int)($config['orphan_orders'] * 86400));
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    Discount Code BS

    works well now
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    Discount Code BS

    This is covered in the install guide. I see one minor core code change which Rainer has already notified the core code team about addressing if possible plus one more if using Stripe.
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    Discount Code BS

    Yes. Just follow the update instructions: Update 5.2.1. to 5.3.0 It's the same for previous versions.
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    @domiosc So, I Googled this and did find a couple of articles on a malware injected into a site using .ico files. Here are the articles: https://blog.quttera.com/post/suspicious-icon-files-on-your-website/ https://www.theregister.com/2015/03/25/blank/ If you do regular back-ups, I would go back to the back-up you did just prior to this problem occurring and compare all folders using a comparison tool. This may not find the issue, but it is a good place to start.
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    Installation issues

    Perhaps try using Paypal Express? Any reason you went with Paypal Direct Pro?
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    I believe it was introduced in
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    Mouse cursor active in the search box

    I have tried this and it works. Edit the file admin/categories.php. 1) Find the line at around line 888: Change it to: 2) Add this javascript to the bottom of the file: Done.
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    Mouse cursor active in the search box

    I guess it is this code that I should change ? <?php echo tep_draw_form('search', 'categories.php', '', 'get'); echo HEADING_TITLE_SEARCH . ' ' . tep_draw_input_field('search'); echo tep_hide_session_id() . '</form>'; ?> </td> </tr> <tr> <td class="smallText" align="right"> <?php echo tep_draw_form('goto', 'categories.php', '', 'get'); echo HEADING_TITLE_GOTO . ' ' . tep_draw_pull_down_menu('cPath', tep_get_category_tree(), $current_category_id, 'onchange="this.form.submit();"'); echo tep_hide_session_id() . '</form>'; ?>
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    The one thing I noticed, is that everything you posted is based on HTTP/1.0 -- this is an old protocol. Most everything today has moved to HTTP/2.0. You need to contact your hosting company to find out if their servers are on HTTP/2.0. If they are not, you need to switch to a different hosting company. HTTP\2.0 is faster and more secure. After doing this, you need to do a site-wide search for HTTP\1 and/or for $_SERVER["SERVER_PROTOCOL"] and manually change related instance of that HTTP\1.0 or HTTP\1.1 to HTTP\2.0. When I had to do this, it was about 25 files. Things like this are always a problem when you are upgrading from a much older version to a new one. I believe it is always better to start with the latest version of the CMS and customize it from scratch. Don't keep trying to upgrade from older versions of osC, this software is not designed for that and it will cause you a lot of headaches and time wasted. As for the INF field/attribute, I have no idea what that is because it looks like custom code and after looking in advanced_search.php and advanced_search_results.php, I don't see any part of this SQL query in those files. If you are migrating from osC MS2.2 to Zombie Phoenix, search your osC MS2.2 database for this field.
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    On the 25th May 2018 the updated General Data Protection Regulations comes into force. Well who knew anything about that. It would appear that the EU has or is about to change the way that people collect and store others data. This apparently supersedes the Data Protection Act in the UK. It has also been mentioned that when we leave the EU we will still need to comply with the regulations as the EU has made it worldwide somehow. Has any store owner seen a sensible easy to understand website that explains how this may affect store owners, or like me have you never heard about this until now.
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    René H4

    Gleichberechtigung nach "AGG".

    I am not a supporter of Brexit, but I would consider this lucky for the British. We are getting mad in Europe, looking at this example. For those 100 people we have to change our software? NEVER as far as I am concerned.
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    Featured Products BS

    Featured Products CE v2.1.1. Tested and working with Phoenix One small Notice error in: admin/featured_products.php can be fixed like this: change line 122 to: echo tep_draw_input_field('expdate', (isset($fInfo->expires_date) ? substr($fInfo->expires_date, 0, 4) . '-' . substr($fInfo->expires_date, 5, 2) . '-' . substr($fInfo->expires_date, 8, 2) : ''), 'class="form-control" id="expdate"'); "isset" instead of "tep_not_null"
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    Well, I'm looking (not seriously) at Phoenix. My store works the way I want it to, looks the way it needs to and I doubt that I'll be installing any more add-ons since my current store has a minimal amount of them. Now, if I migrate to Phoenix and some of the add-ons don't work, like, for instance, Canada Post REST with dimensions shipping module, then what do I do? Since the module was abandoned by the original author, GreaseMonkey and I have, pretty much, been keeping it going. If any of the other add-ons don't or can't work in Phoenix, then I have a net loss and have, really, gained nothing. I started back when MS2.2 first came out and there was always a way to upgrade to a higher version of OsC, whether it was a database upgrade script (hell, I'd settle for some detailed instructions) or someone who uses a given module and made the leap (and was programmer enough to modify and release it into the wild). Phoenix has none of that. "You can do it too" isn't helpful at all. The add-ons I have, I need, or I wouldn't have them, so why would I want to move to an environment where I wouldn't have them and why would I want to re-install them all (if possible) if I already have an environment where they ARE installed and they DO work? I've never been the type to require the "latest and greatest" merely because it's the "latest and greatest". If I have to give up things to use "the future", then, again, it's a net loss. As long as I can migrate to a version of PHP that keeps me ahead of ones that have been discontinued, then I'm fine. This isn't a hobby or part-time thing for me, I run my full-time business on the version I have (2.3.4 BS Gold) and I see no compelling argument put forward to move to Phoenix. It's just too much trouble for too little gain.
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    International SEO

    Google support advice. Scraped content Some webmasters use content taken (“scraped”) from other, more reputable sites on the assumption that increasing the volume of pages on their site is a good long-term strategy regardless of the relevance or uniqueness of that content. Purely scraped content, even from high-quality sources, may not provide any added value to your users without additional useful services or content provided by your site; it may also constitute copyright infringement in some cases. It's worthwhile to take the time to create original content that sets your site apart. This will keep your visitors coming back and will provide more useful results for users searching on Google. Some examples of scraping include: Sites that copy and republish content from other sites without adding any original content or value Sites that copy content from other sites, modify it slightly (for example, by substituting synonyms or using automated techniques), and republish it Sites that reproduce content feeds from other sites without providing some type of unique organization or benefit to the user Sites dedicated to embedding content such as video, images, or other media from other sites without substantial added value to the user