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    Express checkout 1_2 pages

    this add-on combines the shipping and payment page and can bypasses the checkout confirmation page as an option. there is no core changes. simply upload and install the header tag module two folders 4-5 works up to 1.0.5. 5.5 was tested on .2 and .5 https://apps.oscommerce.com/YzQoF&exp-checkout-1-2-page-checkout thanks to JcMagpie
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    Express checkout 1_2 pages

    https://github.com/yenoyen/oscommerce-Express-checkout-1-2-pages Typos <br /> Scripts moved to html/body Deleted white spaces (EOF) Renamed modules - files, class, variables ht_exp_account => ht_exp_checkout Removed BS system colors from Delivery/Pament Methods tables (was confusing to use them this way) Invoice.php - cleaned little bit but it's still messy. Printing doesn't work. Agree with Rainer, it should be an independent module.
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    KissIT Image Thumbnailer Support

    Uploaded Update: KissIT image thumbnailer 3.2.2 Change log 3.2.2: Fix for error message in Admin : Modules : Hooks Update: Upload and replace: includes/hooks/shop/system/ kissItImage.php
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    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    Hi, I only use underscore "_" in the product_model field not "-"
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    Uploaded Versión for OSCOM CE Phoenix Español para OsC CE
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    Contact Form Abuse

    Install View Counter. It has a country blocking option.
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    @valquiria23No, SiteMonitor won't help in a situation like you describe. I suggest you install View Counter for that. It is like Who's Online but with much more control. It won't stop the connections unless they violate the traps it has. But you can see it happening and ban the IP from admin. The pro version has an option that reports excessive hits so you can easily see it happening and be emailed when it happens. You can also see the hits in the non-pro version but you have to check for them manually. I hope this helps.
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    spam in contact us

    Depending upon your version of oscommerce, installing the Honey Pot addon should stop that.
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    Uninstall and reinstall the box will fix it.
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    I would think that that would make the page not work properly. You might be better off replacing it with AND products_date_available IS NOT NULL And higher in the page, replace tep_db_query("update products set products_date_available = '' where to_days(now()) > to_days(products_date_available)"); with tep_db_query("UPDATE products SET products_date_available = NULL WHERE NOW() > products_date_available");
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    @4wdautoparts, Hola, espero encontrar tiempo para la actualización a este fin de semana. Un saludo Rainer
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    Donna here...

    Hello Everyone! Happy to be part of this community I am an eComm Developer and love to help SMBs & Companies with Simplifying Marketing and Development roadblocks. Playing with the Analytical Data and digging into useful insights is my most favorite thing to do. Besides work; I am passionate about contributing to the communities and helping others. Over the weekend you would find me absorbed in either a good book, movie, or a TV-series.
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    Thank you, Matt (ecartz) for replying so quickly!!! 💋 You hit the problem right on the nose ... and boy does my nose hurt. 🤮 Girl, oh girl ... I do not know why there is no documentation to help poor souls like me figure these things out. That's why I am truly grateful to you and the rest of the faithful team [Mr. Zahid (JcMagpie), Martin (mhsuffolk), and Lee Foster (LeeFoster) included ... by the way do accept my apology as I should have started this sentence by saying; Boy, oh boy, oh boy ... as you three are yougman] in troubleshooting these incidentals so efficiently. To be helpful to the community experiencing likewise issue it seems that the OsCommerce Community Edition Phoenix installs by default the admin/includes/modules/content/ =>>> List of Testimonials =>>> View Testimonials as follows: Do you want to show all Testimonials or language specific Testimonials? by default, it is set to 'All' as opposed to 'Language Specific' Therefore if your online store has more then one language setup and you wish to separate Testimonials by language that's where you do so. All credit in solving this mystery goes to my friend 👉 Matt (ecartz).
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    htaccess redirect query.

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    [Addon] Store Times BS

    backwards compatibility with the settings of an old addon (but not with bs gold by the look of it)
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    Thank you, Mr. Gary Burt, for your input, and you are totally correct as the default errors are translated into the user's local language. e.g. If a user is reading my site in French, the default error messages will be in French. For your helpful information, I shall have no choice but to plant a kiss on both sides of your cheeks as such is customary in France 💋💋
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    Information Pages SEO addon

    There's no way to do that since the message is part of a page and can be displayed anywhere. For example, if you set it to display in a header module so that the message is displayed on every page, what page would open when View is clicked in admin? If you (anyone) can think of a way to this, or how it could be improved, please let me know and I will take a look.
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    New add-on available... JcM Header Side Navigation V1.0 Has been made in to a header module as it’s easier to keep it on the top of the display on small screens. Other than that the rest is the same as the box version. You can also set the sub-cats display depth in admin. Other than that the rest is the same as the box version. That’s it enjoy. Has been tested on Phoenix V1.0.5.4 only. Can be see working on this site
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    From Frozen to Phoenix

    That is why I am still in EDGE and I am updating to Frozen. Frozen has all the addons you need. It is safe and was tested by several users. The only disadvantage is that it does not support higher versions of PHP than 7.1, but it does not matter! because most of the hosting give you the possibility to use PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 ... My hosting assure me that they have no intention of discontinuing PHP 5.6, therefore in 1 year or 2 I will see what options are on the market and I will make a decision. For now I'm going to cook something ... in my country we are all waxed at home by the corona virus . I hope you are all very well. Take care everyone and wait, in a while I am sure we will have new wonderful options and news. Best regards. Valqui
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    I will be very happy to try it. It would be very nice to be able to participate. I suggest you to leave the club open so that many people can participate and promote your edition. I am anxiously waiting for news! Get on with your wonderful work. regards Valqui
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    KissIT Image Thumbnailer Support

    Does the DataBase automatically install with KissIT? In the instructions, it states, comes with db install and uninstall. I see the uninstall, but do not see anything about the install.
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    Serve images in next-gen formats

    I had the same issue so came up with this solution: https://toneus.co.uk/automagic-webp-images-for-oscommerce/ It puts a check in to see if the browser can accept webp and if it does create the image in webp format and save it, but only do this if it doesn't already exist. This way you can still have your jpg/png images in the OSC product info but serve webp where it is supported (and increase your ranging in the Page Speed index). Hope this helps.