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    Reminder: Frozen EOL

    😂 PHP 7.4 is now live! so does this mean you have all been wasting your time updating your sites to 7.3!! NO of course not.... EOF is of no intrest to most people they will build a site using a version of software configure it and customise it as they like. They then use it. To update or not is to decide if the update offers any aditional benfits that they need. If the answer is yes then good update. If the answer is no then just get on with running your buisness. There is no single answer for all each has to decide waht is right for them.
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    Everything fine, thank you Zahid, the add on is already installed in my live shop.
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    shop by price

    Update uploaded with the fix for above: Shop by Price CE Phoenix v.5.1 Changes: - updated for CE Phoenix 1.0.4.x + - removed deprecated product listing configurations
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    First off, a warning on the schema checker is not an issue unless you have data which is useful for SEO and not output. You can test a specific url online here https://search.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool Your example shows 3 warnings - lack of review information and no end date for the price. This is entirely to be expected if you have no reviews and don't have a special price with an end date set. Everything looks good to me.
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    If you like an addon or the contribution of a person to the community it would be nice to give him a like or write some lines thanking him for his work, don't you think so?
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    This can only be done as henry is saying using something like a SLUG as each url MUST remain unique, just using names will not work as site admin can use same name on more than one product by mistake, easy to do when you have 1000's of products. So code will take www.randomstorename.com/categoryname/productname -c-1234 and only show www.randomstorename.com/categoryname/productname
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    Display prices including or excluding VAT

    2.3.4.(1)Bootstrap CE versions are here available: Display Tax Info Phoenix is here: Display Tax Info Phoenix