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    Phoenix certified addon

    Hi all!! The idea of this post is to make it easier for new users who want to migrate to Phoenix, a list of addons available for free in the market, so that users can evaluate whether it is convenient for them to make a migration to Phoenix or continue in Frozen (which is stable and already has all the addons that an average user needs). I will list all the certified (by me) addons that are available. You can all publish the addons that you tried and are available in the market. Its prohibited : - Request support (for this you must go to the creator of the addon or the corresponding support page) - Mention addons that are not in the market The format for posting would be: Addon Name Link in the market Phoenix version that is certified to work Brief description of what that addon does Remember that the spirit of OSC is to share. love and peace Valqui
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    A new version has been uploaded with these changes: Added gtin as an identifier. Added code for Phoenix compatibility. Installation just requires the files to be uploaded for Phoenix. Changed count code to pass php 7.3. Found by member @yahalimu. Changed default http to https in the googlefeeder file. Removed the code to check if mysql is being used. Mysqli is now required.
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    JcM Password Forgotten V1.0 Phoenix This is a simple add-on the Password Forgotten onto the login page.
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    JcM Header /Footer Message Animated V1.0 This is a simple add-on to let you display 1-4 messages in your header or footer ( install the one you prefer) these can be turned on or off in admin. It also gives one sales message which is set by start and finish date so will only show when required. It requires NO core changes so just copy over the files provided. Once it’s installed simply go to admin and install and turn on. You can turn the messages on/off in admin. The messages are set in the language file. You can change the text and icons and styling as required. You can also select which pages it is to be shown on. The animation is set by the header tags add-on which must be installed once only. It’s a bit complicated to explain but if you play with it you will figure it out. Just take a look at the animated version in the stock install. You can also use the animated class’s on any other add-on if you wish by simply adding the required class. That’s it enjoy. It has only been tested on Phoenix only. Can be seen working on this custom test site
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    JcM Header Horizontal Menu V1.4 Phoenix This is a simple add-on for a Header Horizontal Menu using Superfish.js Enjoy!...
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    Phoenix certified addon

    Manufacturers Navbar Module https://apps.oscommerce.com/Siew5&manufacturers-navbar-module Description: A simple manufacturers dropdown menu for the navigation bar. No core code change, just upload all new files. Thank you for this magnificent certificate addon @kgtee
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    Phoenix certified addon

    Dropdown Search Box Navbar Module https://apps.oscommerce.com/NOICa&dropdown-search-box-navbar-module Certificate to works in Phoenix Description: A simple dropdown search box for the navigation bar. No core code change, just upload all new files. Thank you for this magnificent certificate addon @kgtee
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    Has been updated and uploaded as add-on for Phoinex JcM Navbar SuperFish Cat's V1.2 Phoenix
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    A new version has been uploaded with these changes: Changed code to fix a 7.3 compatibility problem. Changed code to fix the character conversion option. Split into a Phoenix and non-Phoenix versions. The former accomplished by files supplied by @raiwa.
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    Google reCAPTCHA v3

    Add-on updated Add support Hook System ⚠️ This add-on use Hook System, for versions below < 2.3.5 install Hook System https://apps.oscommerce.com/p9Yyp&hook-system Create directory includes/hooks/shop/pwa_account Copy file includes/hooks/shop/create_account/Recaptcha3.php in includes/hooks/shop/pwa_account In file includes/hooks/shop/pwa_account/Recaptcha3.php replace $this->form_name = basename(dirname(__FILE__)); $this->form_name = 'create_account';
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    Phoenix Dashboard

    Thank you very much @JcMagpie and @ecartz for your explanations. I'm going to play a little with github to see if I learn something new. Anyway, I consider that for a simple user to use github is not a friendly way to update OSC and I suggest that for next official versions a easily and Friendly guide to how to change from to (for example) be published as Dan suggests. regards Valqui
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    Phoenix - Russian Language Pack

    Спасибо Fredi @Fredi за поддержку oscommerce !!!
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    Upgrade Path TO Phoenix

    Dan is correct and glad you found the solution. To others - if this will help - take a look at that error message that Krisz1 got: I'm sure this is like explaining 2+2 to some of you, but when I saw similar messages, I keyed on the "Unknown column" part. That tells you there's a field (column) missing in the database table the follow-on SQL statement is trying to access. Then I looked in the SQL "Select" statement for the "from" word. The name that comes after the "from" word in the SQL statement is the database table. You will also see the "products_gtin" field name in the collection of field names that the "Select" statement is trying to gather. So in this case, "products p" looks like the source table for the SQL statement. I don't know enough about SQL to know if the comma after that is specifying another table. I also don't know what the "p" means at the end of "products," or at the beginning of the field (column) and table names, but that doesn't matter. I'm going to check the "products" table, first. With those partial bits of information, go to the phpAdmin (or whatever client you're using) and find the "products" table in the database. Look at the structure for the "products" table in 2.3.4 and then look at the structure for the "products" table in Phoenix. In phpAdmin, there's an actual tab for "Structure." That should show you the extra fields (columns) existing in 2.3.4 that you need to add to Phoenix. You should see the "products_gtin" field in the 2.3.4 "products" table (in this example). Develop a similar SQL "Alter" statement as above, adjusting/editing for the variable type (TEXT, VARCHAR(##), etc.). Run that in the SQL window in phpAdmin on the database (don't touch the 2.3.4 one), then re-load the Phoenix store page that caused the error. It should go away. Or, at least the error changes to something else that you can also research similarly. Eventually, you should arrive at no errors when you re-load the store's page in question. Interestingly, I don't have a "products_gtin" field in my "products" table - either 2.3.4 or Phoenix. That's probably because I never installed the same add-ons that you guys did. So, maybe everyone arguing against a do-all script is correct. I had a horrible experience in the past trying to use an all-at-once SQL script for porting an OsC database (coming from MS2.2 to 2.3.4). Granted, it's not a single button-push, but maybe it really is better to encourage the logic and method of manually copying the database. Remember to back up, back up, back up - both before and after. 😉 This is very rudimentary, but hope it helps ...
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    Article Manager v1.0

    Unfortunately your not the first to do this and I doubt you will be the last. PreastaShop claimes about 250,000 shops curently and is popular ( I use it on a site). It too is very moduler but ships with most of the key modules ready to install if not installed. However they have had issues, I belive if you check it's wiki page they state, "In October 2019, PrestaShop closed the Miami headquarters and ceased its operations in the Americas.[10] The current and latest version of Prestashop is[11]"
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    Featured Products BS

    Uploaded Update: Featured Products CE v2.1.0 Featured Products CE v2.1.0. (CE Phoenix) Compatibility: Phoenix 1.0.4.x Lower versions, please use Featured Products CE v2.0.0. You may use the store side files of this version Featured Products CE v2.1.0. for Phoenix 1.0.2.x-1.0.3.x stores. Changes version 2.1.0.: Updated for OSCOM CE Phoenix 1.0.4.x Updated index content module template files to match Phoenix 1.0.2.x-1.0.4.x product modules Removed word length settings Bootstrapped Admin/featured.php and Admin/select_featured.php Removed Catalan and French admin language files Translated Spanish and German admin/select_featured.php language files Added Spanish and German store language files Updated instructions
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    Upddated to Version 5.0.2 Phoenix, tested with Phoenix Recently Viewed Products Phoenix Changes: - removed deprecated "Product Image" configuration setting - updated database query in recently_viewed.php
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    Simply go to your admin and change the number of items to be display on each screen size.
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    Gary asked Henry to do some coding but after waiting for a long time and taking a lot of abuse from henry in one of his drunken moments, nothing got done, and that was henry's fault and no one else's. Henry talked the talked, said that he could do lots but did nothing. There is a lot more to that story but I wont go into it here. No doubt he will come back here now under yet another username and start the abuse again. As for the boostrapped admin that shetch did, I think it was poorly coded so went no further. if it was good you would think that he or someone else would have continued with the development, but nothing has happened there. There could be an opportunity for someone to restart it again.
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    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Hello @raiwa thanks for your very fast reply. I will forward my question. I asked at this "place" cause I was most likely to suspect a clue here due to the thematic proximity. Maybe some will show up with an idea. Anyway thanks again for maintaining this addon!
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    review , no email

    You can insert a sendmail command line in the file products_review_write.php as follows: With this mod, you will be notified of any successful review submission by email.
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    DB function proposal tep_db_fetch_all()

    still need to add check extension mysqlnd function tep_db_fetch_all($db_query) { // check if "mysqlnd" driver is used if (extension_loaded('mysqlnd') && function_exists('mysqli_fetch_all')) { return mysqli_fetch_all($db_query, MYSQLI_ASSOC); } else { $data = []; while ($row = tep_db_fetch_array($db_query)) { $data[] = $row; } return $data; } }
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    KissIT Image Thumbnailer Support

    This is the new support thread for: KissIT Image Thumbnailer Phoenix and KissIT Image Thumbnailer CE
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    Article Manager v1.0

    You're better off taking @Jack_mcs advice and paying someone on here to do your install. A lot of the addons that are coming out are plug and play and those that aren't are being adapted so they can be. Spend your money on the supporters pack, and pay someone here to set it all up for you. Updates are no fuss because of the slim core, there are loads of free addons being converted daily to Phoenix standards and that's before you even mention the supporters codes. These are coming from both the main dev team and the other supporters.
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    Ancient Coin Traders - Phoenix

    Hi @peterpil19, very nice page !!! I personally love carousels since they are very useful on mobile devices. Very nice your page: elegant, simple and easy to use. Great job!! Best regards Valqui