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    You have to create a symlink for each sales channel in this way: cd /www/wwwroot/demo-v4.mysite.com ln -s ./ watch ln -s ./ furniture ln -s ./ printshop ln -s ./ b2b-supermarket
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    Yes I apologize but we had some urgent client matters to deal with. Always the way when you try and get free time during work hours!
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    create-sec-file failed completely

    IT WORKED! Thank you so much! I was able to import most data from the old system. Now my plan is to "rebuild" the shop with the transfered data. The Categroies are "nameless" for example, but I think, with some work I'd finde a way now. If any other Problems are shown, I'd open another post in the Forum. Kind regards, Thommy
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    Hi Tomas, The OSC Bridge is usually running on the same server where the old osCommerce is installed. We assume that the osCommerce 2.x is not compatible with new php versions (>=8.0). Anyway, I have a solution for your case: 1. Open index.php in root_dir/your_oscb_dir. Add line with error_reporting function like this: error_reporting(E_ERROR | E_PARSE); require(__DIR__ . '/web/index.php'); 2. Save the file. OSC Bridge should work now.
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    You are welcome. These links are created automatically during installation, but in your case some error occurred during creation.
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    Correct, now I have added an item the menu comes up, I will play some more. Yes would like to seek assistance of a template simular to our existing one. Categories down the left hand side. Home page with newly added items etc etc.
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    WEBINAR - osCommerce Design

    I also think there should be a video such meetings are not good because not everyone has time for a given date. Instructional videos should be recorded and made available to everyone and not just those who sign up for webinars. Greetings
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    please record it. low code for citizen developers seems to be the buzzword today.
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    Cart/Checkout not working

    even i am trying to remove text and save but its not working
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    Are you kidding ???? Have you removed all the apps that the community has produced over the years ????? But who gave you this right ????? You bought the osCommerce brand and NOT THE WORK THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE have done over the years to support a FREE platform. Give us back all the apps and old versions. At least put an old version that you can consult
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    If you use a currency other than Pound/Dollar/Euro then you will need to go to Admin -> Settings -> Localization -> Curruncies. This interface is simple and self explanatory. Its also very similar to V2 osCommerce. You should not have a problem adding/deleting currencies here, or setting them as Active and/or as default. Next you need to go to Admin -> Sales channels Click on the channel that you're using / configuring the currencies for. Click Edit. Scroll down to Languages & Currencies. Click Change. Make the necessary changes and click Apply. Lastly click Save at the bottom of the Sales channel page.