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    v1.0.7.4 is tagged and announced; https://www.oscommerce.com/Us&News=166
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    Discount Code BS

    I just wanted to update the Discount Code AddOn and found that the above path is already fixed since version 5.2.0. You should use the latest AddOn versions
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    Mouse cursor active in the search box

    I have tried this and it works. Edit the file admin/categories.php. 1) Find the line at around line 888: Change it to: 2) Add this javascript to the bottom of the file: Done.
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    This one will run on any version of Phoenix.
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    Breadcrumb SEO for Phoenix

    Forum support for addon Breadcrumb SEO for Phoenix Development on Phoenix v1.0.7.1 Download link: https://apps.oscommerce.com/Bz5Of&breadcrumb-seo-for-phoenix
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    Discount Code BS

    This following package is based on the Discount Code for osCommerce 2.3.1 Addon. I was able to reduce the install process from 16 steps down to 9 steps. Database tables and filenames definition have been removed. I tried to keep the code changes to a minimum. SQL install/uninstall is done automatically with the ot_ module. Download:
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    Phoenix easy populate addon v1.0.6.0

    Are you using my version - the one I mentioned? There is one instruction for Phoenix. What "multiple directions" are you seeing?
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    @Patty Thanks, just what i was looking for Seems there is no out of stock button or message in stock Phoenix.
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    Discount Code BS

    Use the Phoenix selector: https://apps.oscommerce.com/xkyCQ&discount-codes-phoenix&v=cephoenix10
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    Installation issues

    Hopefully this is the place to post this problem. Please reply if not. PayPal ver 5.018 direct payments on Pheonix 1072 new install. When I go thru the check out process once I click pay I get internal error 500. and produces this error [10-Jun-2020 14:37:44 America/New_York] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method OSCOM_PayPal::getIpAddress() in /home//public_html/includes/apps/paypal/modules/DP/api/DoDirectPayment.php:26 Stack trace: #0 /home/public_html/includes/apps/paypal/OSCOM_PayPal.php(391): OSCOM_PayPal_DP_Api_DoDirectPayment(Object(OSCOM_PayPal), 'live', Array) #1 /home/public_html/includes/modules/payment/paypal_pro_dp.php(291): OSCOM_PayPal->getApiResult('DP', 'DoDirectPayment', Array) #2 /home/public_html/includes/modules/payment/paypal_pro_dp.php(213): paypal_pro_dp->before_process_paypal() #3 /home/public_html/includes/system/versioned/ paypal_pro_dp->before_process() #4 /home/public_html/checkout_process.php(80): payment->before_process() #5 {main} thrown in /home/public_html/includes/apps/paypal/modules/DP/api/DoDirectPayment.php on line 26 When I use Phoenix 1050 everything works Any ideas??? Thanks
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    undefined function tep_ltrim_once()

    I wonder why you would not have posted this in the dedicated thread?
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    Google is not indexing my website

    admin > Modules > Header tags > Robot NoIndex Note though that that is only on specific pages by default and there are reasons why you might not want to have those particular pages indexed. So rather than turning it off, just make sure that it does not have either All or the specific page that you want indexed checked.
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    Google is not indexing my website

    How do you know you are being blocked? Did you get a message or is it just that you are not seeing your site when checking google? You should login to your webmaster tools account, or create one if you don't have one. If it is a new account, it might be a while before they visit the site but it is usually within days. You may also want to look at this page.
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    Phoenix easy populate addon v1.0.6.0

    I realize that the Apps Marketplace search often sucks. But https://apps.oscommerce.com/v=cephoenix10&q=Easy Populate shows three things claiming to be Easy Populate for Phoenix.
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    Google is not indexing my website

    Have you signed up for Google Search Console? https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url?pli=1 https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/6065812
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    The one thing I noticed, is that everything you posted is based on HTTP/1.0 -- this is an old protocol. Most everything today has moved to HTTP/2.0. You need to contact your hosting company to find out if their servers are on HTTP/2.0. If they are not, you need to switch to a different hosting company. HTTP\2.0 is faster and more secure. After doing this, you need to do a site-wide search for HTTP\1 and/or for $_SERVER["SERVER_PROTOCOL"] and manually change related instance of that HTTP\1.0 or HTTP\1.1 to HTTP\2.0. When I had to do this, it was about 25 files. Things like this are always a problem when you are upgrading from a much older version to a new one. I believe it is always better to start with the latest version of the CMS and customize it from scratch. Don't keep trying to upgrade from older versions of osC, this software is not designed for that and it will cause you a lot of headaches and time wasted. As for the INF field/attribute, I have no idea what that is because it looks like custom code and after looking in advanced_search.php and advanced_search_results.php, I don't see any part of this SQL query in those files. If you are migrating from osC MS2.2 to Zombie Phoenix, search your osC MS2.2 database for this field.
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    Installation issues

    Okay, I'm uploading it now. I'll post an update. Thanks everyone.
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    Installation issues

    Try it. If you like it use it. They are a partner of osCommerce. Know that if you need support for a 3rd party offering, you are tied to them as that is not allowed on this Forum, so you have to get support by whatever mechanism they themselves provide.
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    admin header links fixed position

    Hi Lyn, FYI the admin menu becomes sticky-top in later versions of Phoenix. I can't remember at which point release. Peter
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    Installation issues

    @DivebombInc What I was saying is that in the link you posted above, you are trying to install osC v2.3.4. That version dates back to 2014! The last 'official' release was v2.3.4.1, back in 2017. Please note that these versions are NOT responsive, and will crash when your host upgraded to PHP v7.x. The current 'Community Edition' is called Phoenix, and is responsive (it adjusts the display to fit your customer's screen size. With all of the mobile devices these days, this is important! (plus, Google will penalize you if your site isn't responsive!)). It also runs under PHP v7.x. So, if you are doing a fresh install, I suggest you use Phoenix instead. Malcolm
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    Installation issues

    My guess would be that something went wrong with the FTP upload. Try it again. You could also upload just the install.php file. But usually it's not just one file that goes missing. So either do the whole thing or at least the install directory (and all contents). You might check that you aren't out of filesystem quota. Some hosts have limits.
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    Installation issues

    What is the part of the the URL after the catalog directory? E.g. if I go to https://template.me.uk/phoenix/index.php , then the catalog directory is https://template.me.uk/phoenix/ and the part of the URL after it is index.php When you click Start, to what URL does it try to go, relative to the catalog directory?
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    KissIT Image Thumbnailer Support

    You are on Phoenix right? Kissit Image has not been updated yet.
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    René H4

    Gleichberechtigung nach "AGG".

    I am not a supporter of Brexit, but I would consider this lucky for the British. We are getting mad in Europe, looking at this example. For those 100 people we have to change our software? NEVER as far as I am concerned.
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    Featured Products BS

    Featured Products CE v2.1.1. Tested and working with Phoenix One small Notice error in: admin/featured_products.php can be fixed like this: change line 122 to: echo tep_draw_input_field('expdate', (isset($fInfo->expires_date) ? substr($fInfo->expires_date, 0, 4) . '-' . substr($fInfo->expires_date, 5, 2) . '-' . substr($fInfo->expires_date, 8, 2) : ''), 'class="form-control" id="expdate"'); "isset" instead of "tep_not_null"