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    Shipping Shipping Help Help

    Correct. You have illustrated why osCommerce is on its knees; Businesses who appear as if by magic only when they need help/advice. I have just looked back through your posts and there is not a single one where you take the time to help anyone or give advice etc, but you are quite happy to have your business subsidised by other businesses here. If you don't give, you don't get. One hand washes the other etc. Classy. Go right ahead. Don't be surprised if that backfires on you.
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    website gone funny!

    Two quick guesses: 1. The disk partition containing /var/tmp is full. Fix by deleting some older files. 2. The directory /var/tmp had its file permissions change. Either change the permissions back or change to a new directory. In either case, /var/tmp is outside the osCommerce directory structure, so you would probably need help from your host. This seems more of a system administration thing than an osCommerce thing. If you administer this server yourself, on the Linux command line, try running df -k ls -ld /var/tmp The results of one of those two commands might be informative. Your error_log and access_ssl_log.processed are huge. Consider downloading and truncating them. If you have log rotation set up, perhaps run it manually.
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    Shipping Shipping Help Help

    @Gary Tayman Can you please tell us *which* USPS module you downloaded? A quick search of the apps site showed over a dozen USPS modules, some going back as far as 16-17 years old. First, while I believe you that "it tells me I have the latest", can you please tell us exactly what version number that is? Second, IF you are using the Phoenix version of osC, I encourage you to join the Phoenix club here in the forum. There is a list of certified developers you can contact. If you are NOT using the Phoenix version of osC, as difficult as this is going to sound, I encourage you to start over with Phoenix. The last 'official' release of osC was in 2017, it is not responsive (necessary these days for people with mobile devices), and will crash when your host upgrades the version of PHP. Which is why I asked which USPS module did you download. In earlier versions of osC, the only way to add features was to 'hack the core code.' The development of Phoenix has focused on making it possible to have modules that drop into place, and you do NOT hack the core code. This way, as Phoenix continues to develop, you can upgrade your store in-place, without having to remember what bits of code you hacked. Who specifically did you send emails to? This is open-source software. There is no mother company offering (selling) technical support. Any of the developers here (or elsewhere, for that matter) are all independent. I acknowledge that there is not proper documentation for osC (documentations is being developed for Phoenix. Ask nicely, and I'll tell you where it is). I acknowledge that the apps marketplace is a horrible mess. Most of the old apps have not been updated to run with the current Phoenix software (the more popular apps *are* being maintained and updated for Phoenix). I acknowledge that it's not easy for a non-technical person to install, configure, and maintain a complicated piece of software. That's what we have 'experts' for. But, their time, experience, and expertise typically isn't free. Lastly, all of the people answering questions here are volunteering their time. I've just spent far too much time trying to answer your rant than it probably deserved ... <shaking head> You want a shopping cart. Fine. There are plenty out there. How much do you want to spend? As I've taught my kids from an early age, if you want something, there are 3 options: * Pay someone to do it, or * Do it yourself (and this includes getting the tools and learning how to do it), or * Do without (or, I guess you could cry to the world claiming that life isn't fair ...)
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    you could also use: $search_str = trim(mb_strtolower($search_str,'UTF-8'));
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    I have some clients using older osC versions that I upgrade to Phoenix. I'm fine with that, except that there are a number of silly errors in the code that I need to fix at each Phoenix release, and I'd really like to see GB incorporate the following changes into (or soon after). They are in two attached files. One is 'fc' (file compare) format, which Linux tools may be be able to read, but each change should be manually examined anyway. Phoenix_patches 1075patch
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    Moving to another platform

    Its not just the oscommerce. Its all the peripheral stuff. My website went off-line today, because error logs got to big they consumed all the memory and that was that. I didn't know whey it had happened and the host deleted the logs, so all is well - until next time. it just seems endless checking, and messing, and I'm doing nothing but work. The shop and hosting are all one, so if my website stopped working, I'd hope that firing off an email to someone would suffice - which I could do from anywhere without needing to sit at the computer for hours.
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    Moving to another platform

    Oscommerce has served me well for a long time, and I'm very grateful, but I don't feel able to do any programming or maintenance anymore. I just want to concentrate on my business and a ready made shop, with a monthly fee, and SSl, payment processors already set up, is ideal for me now.
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    @micheleangle While you didn't state if you downloaded the 'official' osC v2.3.4.1, or the Community Edition, both are at End of Life. The 'official' version is not responsive (changes the display of smaller screens), and will crash as hosts upgrade the version of PHP running on their servers. Also, no further development is being done on it. The Community Edition is in continued development. The current version is called Phoenix. I would suggest you join the Phoenix club here in the forum, and you can approach any of the certified developers to assist you in designing and building your shop. Malcolm
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    You can adjust the sort order of the discount from admin > modules > order totals.
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    Featured Products BS

    The problem was to say: It's not correct that the module didn't work and all you got was the error. @rupruprup, I apreciate very much all your testing and reports, but please try to be precise. Screenshots are also very helpful.
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    Featured Products BS

    @Omar_one @rupruprup The error is due to a missing global declaration of $PHP_SELF. Just add this to line 36 in the file ..\modules\content\index\cm_i_featured_products.php
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    Uploaded update with the above fixes Version 5.1.2. Phoenix Requires Phoenix Changes: - fixed error in cm_pi_recently_viewed.php. Thanks to @rupruprup for the report
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    Featured Products BS

    new featured products do not save when you use "search" to add them ...
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    Language file german for cm_i_recently_viewed.php needs corrections ------------------------------------ in cm_pi_recently_viewed.php MODULE_CONTENT_SC_RECENTLY_VIEWED_CONTENT_LIMIT must be MODULE_CONTENT_PI_RECENTLY_VIEWED_CONTENT_LIMIT ------------------------------------- I hope I did not forget anything ...
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    yep, just edited includes/functions/href_link.php with the changed function and all is good
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    Uploaded PWA 4.3.1 Purchase without account 4.3.1 Compatibility: OSCOM CE Phoenix PHP 7.0-7.3 Changes Version. 4.3.1 - updated content modules hook check
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    Russian Language for Phoenix

    > The package includes all files in Russian that are fully consistent with the English version of Phoenix You have many files that are not in the english core. You might like to get that problem resolved so that russian users will benefit ?
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    create new image folders

    I think using the server will solve your problem.
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    create new image folders

    Have you tried doing it one step at a time, or failing that create the new folder called what you want your new folder to be in the images folder on your server first, and then try creating the sub folder in the ready made folder.
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    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    Totally off topic but I am glad to see that its not only my customers.
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    Insert / Update / Delete Categories Images

    No, the DB update would stay the same. The only change you'd need to make is " . TABLE_CATEGORIES . " to categories. Otherwise , the code that you posted should be correct. Except that it's missing the confirmation step. You have the button and you have the code that processes the confirmation. But I don't see the actual step for confirming the deletion.
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    View Counter

    No, I haven't. There isn't a specific version for Phoenix, so a few core changes would be needed. And those changes would have to be made manually. The instructions for the Frozen version should be close enough to do that. There is a version for Phoenix in the works but I don't have a date for that.
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    Well, I'm looking (not seriously) at Phoenix. My store works the way I want it to, looks the way it needs to and I doubt that I'll be installing any more add-ons since my current store has a minimal amount of them. Now, if I migrate to Phoenix and some of the add-ons don't work, like, for instance, Canada Post REST with dimensions shipping module, then what do I do? Since the module was abandoned by the original author, GreaseMonkey and I have, pretty much, been keeping it going. If any of the other add-ons don't or can't work in Phoenix, then I have a net loss and have, really, gained nothing. I started back when MS2.2 first came out and there was always a way to upgrade to a higher version of OsC, whether it was a database upgrade script (hell, I'd settle for some detailed instructions) or someone who uses a given module and made the leap (and was programmer enough to modify and release it into the wild). Phoenix has none of that. "You can do it too" isn't helpful at all. The add-ons I have, I need, or I wouldn't have them, so why would I want to move to an environment where I wouldn't have them and why would I want to re-install them all (if possible) if I already have an environment where they ARE installed and they DO work? I've never been the type to require the "latest and greatest" merely because it's the "latest and greatest". If I have to give up things to use "the future", then, again, it's a net loss. As long as I can migrate to a version of PHP that keeps me ahead of ones that have been discontinued, then I'm fine. This isn't a hobby or part-time thing for me, I run my full-time business on the version I have (2.3.4 BS Gold) and I see no compelling argument put forward to move to Phoenix. It's just too much trouble for too little gain.
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    I started using osC over 18 years ago, paid a deloper to set up the sites and he did a wonderful job and I was very happy with results. He based the sites on 2.2a which at the time was the current version. Over the 15-16 years they ran all he ever did was a couple of security patches. He never once insisted i change to a newer version and as I had no problems with the sites I never did. I only took the desision to move to edge a few years ago based on some poor advice from an old host. They insisted PHP5.6 would no longer be available. Moved to new host with edge and new host says you can use 5.6 as long as you like, it's up to you. All sites now on Edge with BS3 and they will be staying on this as they are running fine are stabel and have been modified to give me all the functonality I had in my 2.2a sites. Will i change again? not sure maybe if and when V3.O comes out but no rush.