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    Phoenix - Russian Language Pack

    Full update and new edition of language files for Phoenix version in Russian. Полное обновление и новая редакция языковых файлов для Феникса версии на русском языке. OsCommerce-CE-Phoenix-Russian-language - https://apps.oscommerce.com/ub5yL&russian-for-phoenix&v=cephoenix10
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    Last call for the remaining 67 Forum Members who have requested access to the Phoenix Club, but have no posts and a throwaway email address... are you real people ? I'll be nuking the list in a day or two... Note that this applies only to those waiting to get into the Club. If you are in the Club already, all is well...
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    There are approx 75 Forum Members waiting in the Queue for access to the Phoenix Club - 99% have zero posts and a throwaway email address. I cannot tell if you signed up to spam the joint or if you are a real person interested in Phoenix. If you have asked for access and have waited more than 24 hours, message me with the URL of your shop...or some other way to show me you are not a fly-by spam-whore.
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    Site quick Find question

    Within the next few weeks, I'll be releasing a Supp Code which does something that would be almost ideal to be refactored into a Filtering system...
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    @kgtee @ecartz KG, Matt, Thank you both for your help and advice. I had some challenges with this addon, but finally got it working. It is now available: Customer Feedback at Checkout For anyone else reading this thread, this is NOT a support thread for this addon.
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    RMA Returns System for osC2.3.4BS

    Everything good. Business has been huge the past 12 months so I haven't had time to play with osC. Hope you are well.
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    v1.0.7.0 is tagged https://www.oscommerce.com/Us&News=162
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    Dan Cole

    Full Width Admin Dashboard Module

    Gary, I assume you mean withOUT a core code change? Dan
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    Dan Cole

    Full Width Admin Dashboard Module

    @ArtcoInc Sorry Malcolm I'm not going to be of much use to you on this. My admin is still running on RC2. I've made so many hacks to the core on the admin side of my shop over the years that I'm not sure where to start (not really) and it has a real low priority for me. Dan
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    Uploaded Versión for OSCOM CE Phoenix Español para OsC CE
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    HoneyPot Captcha

    Thanks for this module, I haven't had a single fake log in or contact since I installed it!! Regards Andy
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    RMA Returns System for osC2.3.4BS

    Hey Lee, I'm in the middle of wrangling a Magento 2 site we inherited over to osC so I won't be doing anything like that for a while. I haven't even had time to download Phoenix yet, way too busy. Sorry.
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    For Phoenix user, the following change is needed to prevent a warning. In includes/classes/seo.class.php, replace this code (at line 786) if ( (SEARCH_ENGINE_FRIENDLY_URLS == 'true') && ($search_engine_safe == true) ) { with this if ( (defined('SEARCH_ENGINE_FRIENDLY_URLS') && SEARCH_ENGINE_FRIENDLY_URLS == 'true') && ($search_engine_safe == true) ) {
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    Error with manufacturers.php

    It says that the cache was corrupted and not reloading. There may have been a PHP update on your host that changed how count handled things in that case. I have a sort of vague recall that something used to be a zero that may now be a one. But since that code doesn't set the cache block, there's no way to fix it there. You might be able to fix it in whatever the $cache thing is, but I don't believe that's standard. I think that's an App you added. Because I recall the core caching as working differently. Of course, that's old enough that perhaps my recall is wrong. You commented out the code that checks if the cache is working and falls back to a database query. So it just always does the database query. Because the cache was returning that it was working even though it didn't seem to be.
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    Q. tep_

    The Exchange Project That was the name before osCommerce in versions 1.0, 2.0, and 2.1. A shop being a place where you can exchange money for goods. I would find Open Source Commerce to be a more useful name without a conflict with a commonly used Microsoft product for managing emails and group interactions. OSCOM stands for Open Source Commerce Online Merchant. CE stands for Community Edition. BS stands for BootStrap. In general, the current CE Phoenix is a successor to the previous BS versions.
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    Donna here...

    Hello Everyone! Happy to be part of this community I am an eComm Developer and love to help SMBs & Companies with Simplifying Marketing and Development roadblocks. Playing with the Analytical Data and digging into useful insights is my most favorite thing to do. Besides work; I am passionate about contributing to the communities and helping others. Over the weekend you would find me absorbed in either a good book, movie, or a TV-series.
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    Had a look at that and the USA store and very impressive. Both preform much better than I expected with a full load of add-on's and high products count. Will be intresting to see how your CE version turns out. Will be good to have another option on the forum. Looking fowared to trying it out.
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    Feedback for raiwa

    I have not worked with @raiwa directly, however he has provided me unparalleled support for various areas of osCommerce through the years. He has always been helpful, courteous, professional, concise and patient, even though some of my requests were clearly beyond what would be considered "regular technical support". His generosity, and ability to see clearly through the various slightly-confused bug-reports from non-coder users, never cease to amaze me. A high quality human!
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    Phoenix - Russian Language Pack

    The latest update of the Russian language, version on Github is uploaded. https://github.com/Agrosheriff/CE-Phoenix-
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    Phoenix - Russian Language Pack

    The latest update of the Russian language, version on Github is uploaded. https://github.com/Agrosheriff/CE-Phoenix-
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    Phoenix - Russian Language Pack

    Full update and new edition of language files for Phoenix version in Russian. Many thanks to Yurius! He paid great attention and Time to testing language files, correcting errors and the style of presentation of text definitions. Additionally, Yurius created a definition Russification file in the store database configuration table. This add-on will almost completely Russify the pages of the administration of your store. The database update file is included in this Russian language update. https://apps.oscommerce.com/ub5yL&russian-for-phoenix&c=languages
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    Phoenix - Russian Language Pack

    If you up it to Github (as a language branch, not a full download of Phoenix + Russian) I'll link to it from the Phoenix Readme.
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    Phoenix NavBar CSS

    @Heatherbell Very nice and useful! 👍 It should be pointed out that, while the current school of thought is to avoid 'core file' changes, both Language and Template files are NOT considered 'core files', and as such, we can modify these all we want. M
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    Feedback for Solomono

    I hired Solomono to do custom coding for multilanguage and multidomain store. Job was done smoothly and in schedule. Support after job was also great. I highly recommend him without any reservations, will use him again in future! Antti from Rebel Collection
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    Feedback for Solomono

    I'm a customer from Holland. I needed a filter option in my oscommerce site DierSpeciaal.nl. Serhii build a nice sollution in het website. The filter option works very fast. After that he made some more adjustments is de store. The price for the labour is fair. The performance great and always in the short time!! A minor problem was my lack of writing in English (translated Dutch....), but Serhii simply asked for more information. I wished I had found him earlier .... Peter