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  2. JcMagpie

    Change the space between categories

    change the css to reduce the padding or margin.
  3. osCommerce CE Bootstrap How do I change the space between the categories in the categorie menu ? It is to big now..
  4. JcMagpie

    Question for Ambassadors

    The are locked as default to you only, you have to edit to add another person to allow someone else to update it.
  5. I don't mind giving you pointers on how to do this your self but I simply don't have the time to mod add-on's so , Look for the hover event and remove it. It's clearly marked in the code. <!--------------script to make modal open on hover start need to add id's to modals----------------> <script> $("#b1").hover(function () { $('#myModaljcm1').modal({ show: true, backdrop: false }) }); These are Modal's so look for the relavent modal section and commet out the full section. Again it's simply a case of commeting out the relavent sections of code. Use your browser inspection tool to see which section is beeing used and remove or comment it out. If I remember right the code is clearly marked for the start and end of each Modal. You would need to edit the js code to change that. With all these changes maybe you would be better off looking for another add-on which actual is closer to what you need? Have a poke arounf the test site and see if you see somthing. https://chilleddisplays.co.uk/index.php Or simply ask one of the developer to make you a custom add-on.
  6. peterbuzzin

    Question for Ambassadors

    Last time I added an addon I didn't think locking it was an option. I'll have to check it out again. Thank JC
  7. Sounds great, thank you @peterbuzzin once again, great to have people like you around here on the forums. Most appreciated.
  8. JcMagpie

    Question for Ambassadors

    Nothing to do with paid work, It's about beeing involved and wanting to give back to the community for me. The last time I checked on of the main pay per hour sites had over 40,000 osC projects of which 28,000 had been completed. Like all paid work you get what you pay for. I have used developers on this site and have been very happy with the work they have done, and it's been very good value. You can lock your add-on's if I remember corectly they are locked by default. It's only a few beer's jump in and join.
  9. peterbuzzin

    Question for Ambassadors

    Thanks for the advice guys. I've used different accounts on the forum over the years and contributed where I can. I did release my own updated WorldPay module/addon based on HDLP's 'official' addon as he hadn't updated it for sometime and the callback would fail everytime. I'm starting to get more involved now as I think it's a bit of a shame that the forum is a little like a ghost town now compared to the old days. Yes a plus side of being an ambassador is being able to view commercial enquiries but I'm also interested in the App/addon promotion as there are many I'd like to release that I've made commercially over years through employment. Maybe you could help me with a question I have about that, its says about promotion but is there anyway to be able to also restrict editing/contribution of an addon/app once added/uploaded? HDLP's addons are locked so only he can change them. I'd like to be able to do the same because I've seen how messy contributions to existing addons by other users can become and the problems of introduced errors or bad coding practices by those additional contributors. If not I might have to take the route of adding a placeholder file as the contribution so it's listed and host externally like on github etc.
  10. Today
  11. Good old SA! Great when it works properly but a monster sometimes when it starts scoring high on things and then trying to work out what is triggering those high scores. Glad you got it sorted. There are 3 mailchimp modules/addons already. One has 360 in its name made 10 years ago which relies on a deprecated mailchimp API so doesnt work anymore. There are two others one made 2 years ago and another which is v2 of the same addon updated about 15 days ago. I found those usable 2 modules/addons lacking and the issue I have with those is that they are essentially javascript plugins that only send the information to mailchimp and doesnt record it in you store or vice versa. So when someone registers on a store and ticks the newsletter box or a pre-registered user goes to their account and tick/unticks to subscribe those actions wont be registered with mailchimp. This leaves you then with compliance issues as the user will say for example that they unsubscribe via your store but you'll still be sending them emails because mailchimp doesnt know they have unsubscribed. The addon I'll be adding updates the store and mailchimp at the same time so that the newsletter status of customers in the store matches that in mailchimp and vice versa. I need to clean up my code and make it easier to install first but I'll add it once done.
  12. peterbuzzin

    Modifying the create account page - Frozen BS

    No problem at all. I remember when I was starting out 15 years ago with osC and can still remember some of the frustrations I had not knowing where or what to edit and the help I recieved. Good to be able to pay it forward
  13. 14steve14

    Question for Ambassadors

    When I asked for commercial support I only got replies from people that are just here for the purpose of getting work. Those people never contribute anything back to the community, and would not allow their work to be released back so others could use it. I could see no addons that any of them had produced, and any feedback I could find was not always the best. Needless to say I never went with any of them, but saying that never got the work done even after posting on sites like people per hour. If looking for work, try to build a relationship with the forum first and continue to do this. It will create a better impression.
  14. Thank you for the reply @peterbuzzin The issue has now been resolved, we found out that a module on our server automatically kicked in called spam assassin, so I turned this off and our emails are working again. Safe to say we won''t be using the osc newsletter module again and we will definitely look into your recommendation for the mailchimp module.
  15. Just another question can I get the scroller to display CUSTOM_INFORMATION_ANN1 and the pause for a little then scroll to CUSTOM_INFORMATION_ANN2 and pause and so on and so on
  16. Hi @JcMagpie This add on is going to save me some space but I need to make some change and can't work out how I have tried commenting stuff out of languages and template but can't get the results The contact us pops up with out clicking on it, how to make it change to only pop up which clicked Need to remove the "Please read our Privicy GDPR statement" and button from the contact us pop up Need to remove "Privicy & GDPR" from box In public_html/includes/languages/english/modules/boxes/bm_jcm_custom_information.php I am only using define('MODULE_BOXES_JCM_CUSTOM_INFORMATION_ANN1', and define('MODULE_BOXES_JCM_CUSTOM_INFORMATION_ANN2', which has resulted in a lot of white space being displayed before it cycles again.
  17. supercheaphobb

    Quick Product Updates for osc 2.3+

    A couple of questions - using Frozen CE BS Can the price field be changed to use and modify the Products Price (Gross): instead of Products Price (Net): <- as it is know we have to use a calc to work out the ex gst price each time I have update the date layout in includes/languages/english.php and admin/includes/languages/english.php but the special section still wants 0000-00-00 <- needs to be dd-mm-yyyy Many thanks
  18. supercheaphobb

    Modifying the create account page - Frozen BS

    @peterbuzzin A very big thank you for taking the time to answer each question and spelling out exactly what needs to be done. I am still learning coding etc and having replies like this makes it so much easier to learn and understand how it all works. .
  19. Dan Cole

    Question for Ambassadors

    Hi Pete and welcome to the forums. It is nice to see more developers actively posting here. To answer your question and for what it's worth, there were 15 requests for commercial support since the beginning of the year. Not a lot but on the other hand there is not a lot of competition either. Dan
  20. Yesterday
  21. RamonaKirby

    How do I rename condtion of use

    What conditions are you looking about here?
  22. Thank you again, @MrPhil for your answer 🙂
  23. Perform a reverse blacklist list search (type that into Google and you'll get loads to test on) using the IP address your site is hosted on. We ripped out the newsletter functionality from our osC installs years ago. It wasn't a bad idea 10+ years ago but it's way to easy to get blacklisted now. Recipients are fickle and lazy and they'll mark any email they don't like as spam. Also they're non-compliant, at least the stock osC on the homepage isn't. It doesn't offer an unsubscribe link in the email. Use mailchimp, it's free for up-to 2500 recipients I think and rules out the possibility of being blacklisted. Full mailchimp integration is a module (already have it running on several stores) I'm planning on releasing if I do decide to become an ambassador.
  24. peterbuzzin

    Question for Ambassadors

    I'm considering being an ambassador, I like some of the features it provides. One thing that did take my interest is the commercial enquiries but wondering how many it actually receives considering that osCommerce although well known is very much behind the competition these days/almost dead. Thanks
  25. Looking to move this either into the header a full 12 columns wide Or prefer to it act as the index_products and display inline with the left column. Currently the beadcrumb trail, then the left column and then below is the featured products. Have changed this value to numerous settings <div id="i_featured_products_carousel" class="col-sm-8"> Have tried using css to achieve the display but to no avail. Guessing I am not using the proper code to push it to where I want.
  26. MrPhil

    Admin password reset

    Then you're talking about the password-protection on your admin directory? It would be best to back out the .htaccess changes that invoke the password protection, and use your host's control panel function to "password protect a directory". Note that the osC Security Check page will complain that there is no password protection, but so long as you have to enter an extra ID and password before you can sign in, it's working. Possibly there is a way to directly change (or force a change in) the password in the .htpasswd file with your hosting control panel file editor, but I've never tried that. You might look in the files and see if there's anything that looks like a password you recall. I would hope that it stores the password in a hashed form (encrypted), but then you won't be able to recover it by looking in the file. You may be able to delete the hashed password and have it ask for a new one when you sign on for the first time. If you emptied your administrators table, you will also have to create a password for that login. By the way, osC 2.3.1 is absolutely ancient. It is going to fall over dead as soon as your host upgrades to PHP 7. You should be thinking about migrating to "Frozen".
  27. Or maybe it's easier to combine checkout payment and Confirm order pages ? And would it brake external payment modules like paypal then ?
  28. I use oscommerce CE Bootstrap versionen. Is it possible to combine checkout shipping and checkout payment into 1 instead of 2 pages ?
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