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  2. danke für deine Verlinkung vom Englischsprachigem Teil
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  4. oh3gdo

    My database do not work?

    MrPhil Thank you for your help. I started from begin. I downloaded osC 2,3,41 full version. Open it, renamed my old catalog to catalog_old and downloaded everything to my web page. It went right. Then I start to load a new web page http://probyte.fi/catalog . Then I loaded starting page. ( public_html/catalog) Then came a default page, it was also ok. I put some name to my old database name and login and password. It went well. I made a new customer, my name, it went ok. Then I downloaded a Finnish language pack, it went ok. I put it by ftp to my web page, It seemed to run ok at language directory, there was an English and a Finnish directory. Then I stared Installation Tool, but now comes a problem. When I have entered my login and password, then came: http://probyte.fi/catalog/admin/login.php?action=process So something strarted to process, but what? It has prosessed allready there hours. Can you help me? Was a language pack done too quicly? Regards oh3gdo
  5. es ist kein Doppel Post, da in englisch und in deutsch in zwei verschiedenen Unterforen..(FOREN) ich wollte den Namen von diesen STÜMPER hier nicht schreiben, da er mir den Shop als Rechts konform verkauft hat und nichts funktioniert... Wenn ich dann noch höre ich hätte daran herum geschraubt und deswegen geht nix mehr , da bekomme ich das Ko....en.. Newsletter sendet an Kunden und oben sieht man in der Mail alle email Adressen der Kunden. Der erste Kunde bekommt eine Newsletter Mail und bei jedem kunden kommt je nach Kundestamm eine Newsletter Mail Mehr. der 1oo ste Kunde bekommt 100 Mails und 100 Email Adressen einsehbar.. gerade bei dem DSGVO was aktiv ist... die Dropdownmenüs gingen unter Morzilla nicht, da dort auch ein fehler drinn war. Aber 1 Woche behauptet muss gehen und geht doch... Ein sch...ß ging. ICH KANN NUR JEDEM ABRATEN SICH VON IHM WAS ERSTELLEN ZU LASSEN... HÄTTE ICH ES NICHT AUS MEINER PRIVAT KASSE BEZAHLT HÄTTE ICH IHN VOR GERICHT GEZOGEN.. - beim Newsletter fehlt der befahl, dass nach senden nach oben gegangen wird und an die nächste Adresse gesendet wird. So viel ist an dem Shop System nicht geändert, da er schon sehr veraltet ist... html4 u.s.w etwas Design und seine Signatur rein und hier und da was rein gebaut... Bis ein Profi meinen neuen Shop fertig habe, möchte ich diese Fehler halt noch gerne raus bekommen Es muss entweder am Paypal Modul oder am DHL Modul liegen.. Vielen Dank
  6. I've noticed that there other e-commerce solutions that hadn't been updated for years now, I think last in 2017. The one that seems to be updated is PrestaShop, that also have bootstrap, responsive and hooks. Almost like the informal version of oscommerce. I guess then that's the norm nowadays. Nahhh not for me.
  7. Never change a running system Change a running system only if: 1. you are sure changed system will run much better 2. running systems does not run anymore as wanted 3. you are sure not want to change it only for fun
  8. MrPhil

    Fake accounts

    If your host can't (or won't) do something to block ranges of nasty IP addresses, it falls to you to take action. It does cost server load to block IP addresses in .htaccess, so keep that in mind (whether or not it is charged to your account). If you wait until your application gets the IP address and handles it, the cost is much higher. The bill will definitely be on your account, through PHP processing and database usage to look up the offender and decide to refuse to serve them. So, the further upstream you can push the blocking effort, the less you'll usually have to pay for it. Unfortunately, the Internet, Web, and servers were not designed with such matters in mind (e.g., no reliable "country of origin" field), and any sort of access control is glued on separately (and can often be gotten around, through proxies, etc.). In the case of a forum or blog, where the propagation of content is the desired end, there isn't much you can do except to fully block offenders (up to and including denying any access at all). For a store, it might be worth waiting to block them until they get into a subsystem for content dispersal (tell-a-friend, reviews, contact us), and block them there. The idea is that relatively few visitors are going to make use of such subsystems, compared to ordinary shoppers. Just some thoughts.
  9. It all depends on whether it's a one-way information flow (from seller to potential customer), or you need a two-way conversation. When someone says "blog", that sounds like they're asking for a conversational system. To meet expectations of functionality and ease of use, that's a whole application in and of itself. I would hesitate to try to build a whole new WordPress-like thing stuck on the side of osC. If such capability is needed, I would think it better to install something existing (like WP) and somehow tie it in to the store, such as through a shared ID/password. On the other hand, if all you need is to push information in one direction (store to customer), it might be worth the effort to come up with a mini-blog of some sort ("information content module").
  10. Fredi

    Article Manager v1.0

    Hi Jack! If this helps you, I will be happy to do the testing.
  11. Jack_mcs

    Article Manager v1.0

    @FrediIt is mostly done. I just need to find the time to do some testing and update the instructions. Hopefully it won't be too much longer.
  12. Mehrfach posten ist laut Forum Guidelines nicht erlaubt: 2. Posting Punkt 2: Guidelines Du hast auf dein erstes Post schon Antwort auf diese Frage erhalten: Ausserdem solltest du die wichtige Information, dass dein Shop ein von PL System modifizierter und somit kein Standard Shop ist, nicht vorenthalten.
  13. Hay muss mal hier nachhacken... bei mir ist es so, wenn ein Kunde bestellt und zum Paypal Checkout geht, dass da immer ein geringerer Betrag steht, als auf der Rechnung. Auf der Rechnung demzufolge ein höherer Gesamtbetrag, weil die MwSt vom Versand verschwindet. Es kommt ein geringerer Betrag auf das Paypal KTO und somit gibt es ärger bei der Steuer.. Ist nicht gut, aber habe einem Strolch hier aus dem Forum zu viel vertraut (bezahlt) und jetzt muss ich zu sehen, wie ich die Fehler von Ihm ausbade... MwSt ist im Paypal Modul aktiv 19% DHL Versandtabelle ist auch richtig... Hat einer einen Tip was der Fehler sein könnte
  14. I've only installed official releases. I get what you saying. Should you get a hint as to what is happening, perhaps let us know.
  15. I believe that I did answer you already. You seems to be making a case for hooks. I've got my concerns and I'm not asking for a debate on hooks.
  16. Hello, I received an email from Amazon regarding changes required ~ Get ready for the new Payment Services Directive (PSD2) by 30 June 2019 (see below) Does anyone know if there is going to be an oscommerce update with the required changes? Thank you in advance.
  17. Fredi

    Article Manager v1.0

    Thanks Jack. I look forward to the update with impatience. I have been using this addon for many years and have long been looking forward to adapting it to the community version.
  18. Jack_mcs


    Backlinks can help with SEO but they must be relevant or they can hurt the ranking. But they are by no means the only factor and sites can rank well without them.
  19. Yesterday
  20. shery19

    Hack attempt - is there a way to prevent this?

    If you often visit unknown sites, I recommend then to use a VPN software for your security, because your private data can be stolen in any moment.
  21. shery19


    Probably spam. But I'll answer by my own that SEO without backlinks doesn't bring any result at all.
  22. shery19

    SEO Assistant

    Header tags SEO is worth for attention. Really good software.
  23. Thank you! I'll try them.
  24. shery19

    Multilanguage site and url rewrite

    Probably will be better to hire professional translators for this.
  25. Portman

    Help Updating Module

    thanks @raiwa... just slightly embarrassed
  26. @coelroy Can you tell us specifically what it is about hooks that you don't like? Do you see any security concerns in using them? Or, is it something else? Other than 'just a preference', that is. M
  27. Much better idea. Thank you for bringing this up. My short words was on 1, which i changed to 2. As far as the character conversion, I see it is Case SeNSitive. So we would need to have (By=>, BY=>, by=> ) to make sure it serves the purpose. Thanks.
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