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  2. omg13v

    Fake accounts

    You are right, this can be very annoying and a lot of unneccessary work to track ips.
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  4. omg13v

    Alternatives to PayPal

    Thanks for sharing the info, I hate giving all my details.
  5. Thank you for sharing, really helpful.
  6. omg13v

    Share your strategy for christmas

    It's always a good idea to give something for free on Christmas, Easter.. It's the gifts season so is the best thing you could do.
  7. omg13v

    Feel delighted !

    Wellcome. Same here, I am new. As I can see it's a really animated forum.
  8. I have installed this module back in January and everything works fine. Last week I noticed a strange BUG that I couldn't yet find a solution to, and I would appreciate if someone can give me a hint. Basically, if the product name contains the word "by" (i.e. Good Product by Our company) then the script returns an error. In other words, the URL that is being generated will be something similar to this: https://www.-...-.com/good-product-by-our-company-p-23.html which returns an error: Not Found The requested URL /all-products.php was not found on this server. Then if I remove the phrase "-by-" or change it in any way (i.e. replacing it with "-by_-") then the error goes away. So somehow the presence of the "-by-" phrase sends a request for the URL /all-products.php, which is not found on the server. Thanks in advance.
  9. uefaz

    Feel delighted !

    Hey everyone I'm Jone. ราคาบอลไหล I just want to say that I feel delighted to join in this community. I read many post before I decided to register and join in, and they were helpful to me แทงบอลสด Thanks in advance
  10. mcmannehan

    Where is The Orders

    This problem is the customer. He don't finish the purchased correct. Than the order is still in the basket and don't appear in the order list. I get this problem of the customers with a lot payment systems like PayPal, CCBill, Moneybroker and so on. I can fix this. Pm me if you still needs help.
  11. I highly recommand: If you like to test it, use a totally stand alone system and you should be very familiar with C++ PHP and Windows or Mac. It's a big danger!!! I test it. It gets all your data and opens a backdoor. Not only for the website your computer too. This Exploiter is (words censored by my self) 🙂
  12. mcmannehan

    Upload Class File

    I wondering, why the check for illegal character dosen't exist!!! In the frozen and in the boostrap 4 version. So i recommand change complett the function parse to this: Start about at line 35 catalog/admin/includes/classes/upload.php function parse() { global $messageStack; $file = array(); if (isset($_FILES[$this->file])) { $file = array('name' => $_FILES[$this->file]['name'], 'type' => $_FILES[$this->file]['type'], 'size' => $_FILES[$this->file]['size'], 'tmp_name' => $_FILES[$this->file]['tmp_name']); } elseif (isset($_FILES[$this->file])) { $file = array('name' => $_FILES[$this->file]['name'], 'type' => $_FILES[$this->file]['type'], 'size' => $_FILES[$this->file]['size'], 'tmp_name' => $_FILES[$this->file]['tmp_name']); } if ( tep_not_null($file['tmp_name']) && ($file['tmp_name'] != 'none') && is_uploaded_file($file['tmp_name']) ) { if (sizeof($this->extensions) > 0) { if (!in_array(strtolower(substr($file['name'], strrpos($file['name'], '.')+1)), $this->extensions)) { if ($this->message_location == 'direct') { $messageStack->add(ERROR_FILETYPE_NOT_ALLOWED, 'error'); } else { $messageStack->add_session(ERROR_FILETYPE_NOT_ALLOWED, 'error'); } return false; } } //BOC by mcmannehan if (preg_match('/^([-\.\w]+)$/', $file['name']) !== true) { $message = sprintf(ERROR_FILE_ILLEGAL_CHAR, $file['name']); if ($this->message_location == 'direct') { $messageStack->add($message, 'error'); } else { $messageStack->add_session($message, 'error'); } return false; } //EOC $this->set_file($file); $this->set_filename($file['name']); $this->set_tmp_filename($file['tmp_name']); return $this->check_destination(); } else { if ($this->message_location == 'direct') { $messageStack->add(WARNING_NO_FILE_UPLOADED, 'warning'); } else { $messageStack->add_session(WARNING_NO_FILE_UPLOADED, 'warning'); } return false; } } And add to the catalog/admin/includes/languages/english.php: const ERROR_FILE_ILLEGAL_CHAR = 'Invalid character in the file name! <strong>%s</strong>. Spaces and special characters are not allowed in Internet filenames. Allowed are: a-z A-Z 0-9 - _'; "const" have some restriction but it's much more better and faster than define.
  13. MyBookShop

    All Products SEO

    Gidday, I need to list all my products on one page (hidden or not) for a web crawler that can't follow folders. This was most likely a good solution but is not updated for CEfrozenBS4. I suggest an alternative to this module which is complicated to install, is to just duplicate the existing [Whats New Box] module. But how to make it list all products with out page breaks [1] [2] [3] ... etc and also default to Grid view? Mark.
  14. ok, it's better to do not play with that, you can have some problem. I think this thread must be deleted.
  15. Yesterday
  16. MrPhil

    Where is The Orders

    If the site is working (showing products, allowing account creation and signon, etc.) the database is correctly connected. The usual cause of trouble like you're seeing is that the user does not proceed correctly after going offsite to make a payment (is that what CCBill does?), but exits at that point (after payment) without returning to the store. Have you tried carefully going through a purchase, returning to the store after completing the payment? It's also possible that you did not configure CCBill correctly to return to the store. I'm not familiar with CCBill, so I can't offer any more information on it. Maybe they have a log of what happened and where it tried to go (URL). Before going any further, what osCommerce release have you installed? I suspect you installed the "official" version off this site, but unfortunately it is totally obsolete. The one you should be running is "Frozen" + patches (see links below), or "Edge" if you're adventurous. These are sometimes generically referred to as or CE. Did some consultant select this for you, who also provided the custom template? Who knows what you're running on. Templates can range anything from some CSS settings in user.css to a complete replacement for much of the store. A template built for the official version is usually not going to work with Frozen or Edge, so that's money down the drain.
  17. Hello, We have installed the OSCommerce system with a custom OSCommerce template. We also installed the CCBill module but our issue is when an order is made, the payment is processed successfully but the orders do not show up in the admin or the user account nor does it clear the shopping cart. Is there anyone out there who knows how to connect the databases correctly? Please advise.
  18. 04x / ICG-AutoExploiterBoT
  19. No idea. No source on github, impossible to see the code. The best is to test in local.
  20. Hello. This script appeared on GitHab in the free access: https://github.com/04x/ICG-AutoExploiterBoT Do you think this is a big danger for a running store?
  21. 14steve14

    Stripe Payment Module

    @mhsuffolk Its a huge problem and one that I cannot see being sorted. As its a payment industry thing others are bound to have to be updated. I have tried to find a developer to update the stripe module and no one is interested. Tried on people per hour and only got unknowledgeable people wanting daft money or developers from oscommerce who are partners and wont allow to give the updated module to the community.
  22. Hello As far as I can see it’s the EDGE version with BS 3. Downloaded februari 2017. This is how the shopping cart input field looks right now.
  23. You want to make sure you're at "Frozen" + patches (see links below). That's the one you should be running at (use "Edge" only if you enjoy being on the bleeding edge of development). Anything else is totally obsolete, and even the official release 2.3.4 or kludged to use Bootstrap is questionable (if that's what PL is selling -- I don't know). If there are added features or templating in this version you purchased, they would have to be replicated in some manner (add-ons and custom code). Even if their release is Frozen- or Edge-based, you are likely still locked in to their support and upgrades in the future, as anything here may not be compatible or applicable. Just keep that in mind.
  24. Uh, in case this is leading anyone astray, it's a lot more than just linking in some .css and .js files. All the display code (.php) needs to be updated to make use of Bootstrap's functionality. The official osC code won't take advantage of anything in Bootstrap. It may not be official osC, but it's the only game in town. osC is dead, and there will almost certainly never be another official release. The current official release is quite obsolete -- in addition to being non-responsive (fatal in today's market) it only works properly up to PHP 5.4 or so. Official has PHP 7 "deprecated" warnings turned off, but apparently had no other work done to be PHP 7 compliant. You use the Community Edition or you take your ball and go home. Harald has dropped hints that he's alive and well, but failing to interact with the community in over a year and a half is unacceptable. Even if he is working on a super osC 2.4 or 3.1 to surprise and delight us with, that is unacceptable behavior. Waiting so long between official releases kills the product -- it has to start all over again each time to (re)gain mindshare and acceptance in the ecommerce market. As far as I'm concerned, he's killed osC. Only Gary's unofficial CE releases are keeping it somewhat alive. It's become his personal project.
  25. From the forum guidelines... If you want to get started with something we can assist with, see the link in my signature file for the latest version of osC to install. Dan
  26. Chadduck

    UPS Choice 1.8.3

    OldPete In regards to the XML install - is there a cost for the access key? I started to move over to it UPS XML 1.7 but when I went to create the access key I got the impression that there was a charge. I stopped because of it. BJ
  27. Hello @MITCH70, Which exact CE version are you using, FROZEN, or EDGE and if EDGE which aprox. download date?. BS 3 or BS 4? Can you please also add a screenshot how it shows in your store. Best regards Rainer
  28. hay I use oscommerce bootstrap, which PL Systems has set up and sold me. Only this guy has no idea what he's doing and I can fix the bugs now. the first problem is that the Paypal checkout does not include VAT. Shipping module DHL... Shop total amount: 63,37€ and in the Checkout is already 62,47€. The 19% value added tax is missing... how can I correct this error? many many thx
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