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  2. Gary Tayman

    Shipping Shipping Help Help

    HELP HELP! I don't have a PhD in computer programming, and hopefully I would think you don't need one to do the simplest of tasks. But months have turned into years, and I'm STILL having trouble getting OS=COMMERCE to work properly for me. I checked -- I first signed in back in 2011 -- NINE YEARS. HOW DO I FIX THIS???? Here's the issue: Everything about OS-COMMERCE has been wonderful and easy to use. Except shipping. It has been HORRIBLE! How in the Sam Hill does anyone run an online store without shipping? Yet here I am, out in the cold. Am I the only person in the entire world who is having this problem? Do I need to pay somebody to install something for me? I really need help. I have a grand total of two choices, flat rate and table rate. I've been using the table rate, and it sorta kinda works for some shipments, but when it charges $6 to ship auto parts to Switzerland there's a real problem, and I'm tired of e-mailing customers, asking for more money because OS-Commerce can't get it right. Solution: install another shipping module. HOW? I've bumbled around the internet and found the addon page, located a USPS Module and downloaded it. It's in an RAR ZIP file. Now what? Since OS-Commerce is installed on my Hostmonster website, I called them. Couldn't get through, but eventually got chat help. After quite awhile, he told me the module has been uploaded to the proper OS-Commerce folder. I don't see it anywhere within the Admin site. They told me to contact OS-Commerce; you will install it for me. Uh, here I am. Please please please please please please tell me what I need to do, besides chuck this whole thing and go to Magento or something else. Any help here please? Seriously, it has been NINE years, An e-commerce sire without shipping is like a car without wheels. HOW DO I DO THIS? Thanks.
  3. @charcad The add-on you installed has not been updated for Phoenix. You can: * Contact the developer that wrote the add-on, and ask when they will update it, or * Hire a developer to update the add-on for you, or * Update the add-on yourself. Then, you can contribute it back to the community. HTH Malcolm
  4. I have followed the install for the featured products addon database table is their all files have been updated and I still have no screen which lets me add a featured product. only screen that shows how many featured products I have which is zero because I have no user interface to add one. What am I missing. Also it tells me to add the following code to filenames.php and that file does not exist define('FILENAME_FEATURED', 'featured.php'); define('FILENAME_FEATURED_BOX', 'featured.php'); define('FILENAME_FEATURED_PRODUCTS', 'featured_products.php'); It aslo says to add code to includes application_top after tep_expire_specials and that line of code does not exist in the file I am using the latest responsive version of Phoenix CE What am I missing and where is filenames.php
  5. Gary Tayman

    Shipping problems

    Actually a USPS module would work, as the rates are close to UPS domestically, and it's what my supplier uses to drop ship internationally. So now I'll have to search and find the addons area, and see how complicated it is to install -- hopefully easy. Thanks.
  6. Gary Tayman

    Discount shippers

    Thanks for getting back with me. For whatever reason I'm not getting notifications of responses -- have to keep checking in. Yes, I've checked the notify switch at the bottom. Oh well. Actually, Shipstation is wonderful, now that I'm getting used to it, but there's no channel to OS-COMMERCE. BUT -- in my case, just about everything n the online store is drop shipped, meaning someone else does the packing, so it's better that I keep it separate anyway. Thanks again!
  7. Yesterday
  8. Great thing, used over 15 years the old one 😉 Is it possible to place the information formatted , more "eye-friendly",may be centered or without/different frames ? Here is what i had so far And the discount may be in RED ?
  9. ArtcoInc

    social icons

    @alwihouse Which version of osC are you using? M
  10. ArtcoInc


    @micheleangle While you didn't state if you downloaded the 'official' osC v2.3.4.1, or the Community Edition, both are at End of Life. The 'official' version is not responsive (changes the display of smaller screens), and will crash as hosts upgrade the version of PHP running on their servers. Also, no further development is being done on it. The Community Edition is in continued development. The current version is called Phoenix. I would suggest you join the Phoenix club here in the forum, and you can approach any of the certified developers to assist you in designing and building your shop. Malcolm
  11. Anybody else getting double rates for the same service from the UPS XML (advanced) module? see screen shot below. It started only today. nothing was changed. It was all working Friday.
  12. micheleangle


    I downloaded oscommerce v2.3.4.1 a few years ago and haven’t had time to work on the website. I can’t readily figure out how to change color in box headings. It appears that I have to download Phoenix??? I don’t have time to try and figure things out at this time, so will hire someone. What do you recommend that I include for addons & what versions? I definitely want addons that address: SEO, shipping estimates, customer login after they look at their cart and know shipping and taxes, quantity discounts – Any other recommendations? Thanks!
  13. Glad you're having fun with Phoenix!
  14. 14steve14

    No form to add featured products

    You may be better off posting for help for a specific addon in that addons support thread. Then the addon developer may see it and reply quickly.
  15. When I click on featured products the only scree I see is the one telling me how many featured products there are. Of course there are none because I do not have the option to add featured products anywhere. How do I get that screen to show I am running the latest Phoenix version and followed the featured products install to the letter. All is fine except no option to add a featured product.
  16. You can adjust the sort order of the discount from admin > modules > order totals.
  17. i am getting this (wrong position of discount), but i did not manipulate any depending file (Phoenix
  18. Giner

    Header Tags SEO

    Thank you for the contribution. Thank you for clear ansers
  19. The problem was to say: It's not correct that the module didn't work and all you got was the error. @rupruprup, I apreciate very much all your testing and reports, but please try to be precise. Screenshots are also very helpful.
  20. Thanks I thought in the same direction. Will update ASAP. @Omar_oneThanks this helped
  21. @Omar_one @rupruprup The error is due to a missing global declaration of $PHP_SELF. Just add this to line 36 in the file ..\modules\content\index\cm_i_featured_products.php
  22. glamocanilaktasi

    Can't configure PayPal due to TSL v1.2 error

    Selected default. But I try with both version, and I got same error message.
  23. ty, I was sure that it's not my store ...
  24. alwihouse

    social icons

    how do I can activate and using social icons?
  25. Last week
  26. mendoh

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Hello everybody. Does anyone have any idea on how to install the latest Ultimate_Seo_Urls_5_PRO_BS_209_beta_2.zip on Phoenix or I have tried but the installation instructions appear to be fairly clumsy, to say the least: code in the "compare_files" is completely different than the most recent one and uploading only those files inside the "drop_on_top" folder does not actually do....
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