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  2. mcmannehan

    Paypal nimmt andere Versandkosten

    So wie das aussieht, ist die komplette PayPal- und Shopversion fehlerhaft installiert.
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  4. MrPhil

    modal info popup

    I got it working after comparing every file line-by-line. Something got munged moving the JS code in and out of template_bottom and other places. In the process, I found a few minor glitches: admin/includes/languages/english/popup_manager.php line 27 indefinitely.. -> indefinitely. line 49 glag -> flag admin/popup_manager.php line 182 why is po.popups_id in the SELECT twice? Should one of them be pod.popups_id? I see pod.popups_id = po.popups_id in the WHERE clause. It seems to work as-is, but I think later versions of MySQL may get upset that pod.popups_id isn't listed in the SELECT clause. admin/popup_manager.php line 228 includes class="ckeditor" on a textarea. I don't think that CKEditor is built in to Frozen. Is it harmless to leave it in that class, and you get some benefit if you happen to install CKEditor? includes/languages/english/modules/content/footer/cm_footer_popup.php line 4 one every page -> on every page includes/modules/content/footer/cm_footer_popup.php line 22 function cm_footer_popup( -> function __construct( install.txt is misleadingly simple. After copying in the files, you need to go to Admin > Modules > Boxes > available boxes to install and order it to install the Popup Manager (or whatever it's called... it's gone now). You might note that nothing will show up in the installed Boxes list -- it goes into the Tools menu. Thanks to the (late) De Dokta, Mike, and Zahid for their work on this. My client wants two things: Not only have a Close button, but also to automatically go away after 10 seconds. Does adding this after $('#popupModal').modal('show'); in includes/modules/content/footer/templates/tpl_cm_footer_popup.php // disappear after 10 seconds setTimeout(function() { $('#popupModal').modal('hide'); }, 10000); look like it would do the job? Since popups would have varying amounts of information, maybe the time delay (10 seconds here) should be a parameter in the popup database entry. '0' second delay would mean "don't go away until explicitly dismissed" (and should be the default). Does this work cleanly on small devices? I'm wondering if a large image size would cause scrolling on a phone. I don't think customers would be pleased to have an important message disappear before they're done scrolling around the read the whole thing! Maybe it would be better just to stick to the Close button.
  5. RamonaKirby

    Admin password reset

    Have you resolved the problem? I need anything similar to follow.
  6. How does one know if they are using BS3 or BS4? And what's the difference? Thanks! - Andrea
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  8. I think there is a way to do it if you contact the software developers
  9. I think the the easy add on to this software has made it very easy for users to install it
  10. How can someone get this fine box credential to make it become valid?
  11. The expert have provided a good help to your problem.
  12. JcMagpie

    modal info popup

    No why would you be able to set footer width in tools? That is just for popup content managment. You could add the width in the footer add-on but as it's a modal not sure what the point would be. I have added some modal control to my code to let me set modal display as required. This may be required if you have other modals running. As stock any display width will be down to modal body content and modal class used.
  13. JcMagpie

    modal info popup

    No editing required of any file.
  14. Hello @MrPhil, FYI only, I finally opt to only use the Options/Attributes as it is Mandatory. If my issue can help others… As all my transactions are Person to Person, the customers who accept it will be advised that an overcharge upon Delivery will be charge. He can also give back to the Delivery man the same amount of Cans in order to balance is account…. So, thank you again for all your help and big thanks to let me know about the Frozen version.
  15. douglaswalker

    [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo

    Please ignore the post above @Jack_mcs solution is absolutely right. I made a mistake with the URL. Thanks all for your help
  16. douglaswalker

    [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo

    @Jack_mcs I tried the above(with my site details) but it goes to a page not found.. i tried turning off your header redirect still goes to stock page not found.. reset seo cache still page not found.. It is ignoring the 301... weird
  17. MrPhil

    modal info popup

    includes/template_bottom.php requires some code added just before </body>. I will take a look at your files and see if there's anything different, or if it looks like it "fits" better. Update: You have a German word (?) in admin/includes/languages/english/popup_manager.php: 'Erfolg: change to 'Success: includes/template_bottom.php code (in original, that you removed) appears to duplicate code in tpl_cm_footer_popup.php, so I commented the added code out of template_bottom includes/languages/english/modules/content/footer/cm_footer_popup.php change 'Add a info popup to 'Add an info popup The rest of your changes looked appropriate. That done, no change in behavior. I compared files in Mike's and your zip files; the next step is a line by line compare against what's on the server, to see if something got corrupted during file transfer, or whatever. There are no new entries in any of the admin left column menus (at top level -- is what I'm looking for a level or two down?). When Tools > Popup Manager appears, will I have the opportunity to set MODULE_CONTENT_FOOTER_POPUP_CONTENT_WIDTH?
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  19. alex121121

    Change to EDGE from Frozen

    I'll stay with Frozen, thanks
  20. Featured products header carousel with Ribbon v2.3.4.1CE BS3/4 V1.1 Updated to fix small css error on ribbon. If you use gradient on ribbon then use color1 and color2 . Make sure color is blank. If using one color then use color only and leave color1 and color2 blank. Featured products with Ribbon Header v2.3.4.1CE V1.1.zip
  21. JcMagpie

    modal info popup

    don't remember doing any file update? Simply copy files over and and install footer , go to admin and setup popup. Try these files of my BS4 site so you may have to mess about with the html a bit. BS modal info popup layer.zip
  22. Hotclutch

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    If you are redirecting index,php to the root, then you don't want to be submitting that URL in a sitemap. You should be submitting the root URL. If it's not easily possible with code, then hopefully it will be possible just to remove that entry form the sitemap, Google will still index the root URL. Also webmaster tools will alert with an error if you do have index.php in a sitemap, whilst there is a 301 redirect on it. Any links in your script should be changed over to the root domain URL, otherwise you're linking to a perpetual redirect.
  23. Add the redirect above the redirects for this addon and let the code sort it out. redirect 301 /product-p-800.html https://www.site.com/product_info.php?products_id=900
  24. does not make sense. Once you delete the product, there's nothing in the code that would cause that. Unless you have something else going on.
  25. Mikepo

    modal info popup

    @MrPhil I'm away from my desk at the moment, but I can assure you the package was used for the stock CE version, dated May 2018. Please check again, I can only help on my return. Mike
  26. douglaswalker

    [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo

    @Hotclutch the redirect does not work if the product is in the database and turned off or deleted from the database. I have tested all possibilities. it just appends the product_info part to the end of the url deeply annoying
  27. You may want to read around on the trials and tribulations of PayPal, and the latest updates. What version of osCommerce are you on? If it's not "Frozen" or "Edge", you're wasting your time trying to patch up an ancient official version.
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