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  2. Phoenix users: please get this mod here: https://apps.oscommerce.com/QSfOw&better-together-promotional-page-phoenix
  3. @Demitry Just a quick, off-the-top-of-my-head thought ... could you do something like this: <div> <?php include module_1.php include module_2.php include module_3.php ?> </div> <div> <?php include module_4.php ?> </div> M
  4. Phoenix users - please get Better Together for Phoenix here: https://apps.oscommerce.com/Apps&amp;XpyA1&amp;better-together-for-phoenix
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  6. Thanks for that. The Stripe issue has been fixed, it was the new Stripe SCA module at fault, now corrected
  7. Please grab the latest from https://apps.oscommerce.com/QdusL&amp;quantity-discounts-for-osc-phoenix&amp;v=cephoenix10 That will fix the logs - the Stripe issue, not sure, you'd have to look at the Stripe code.
  8. Before anyone starts I am fully aware of the PI modules available to some supporters, but some may not be supporters and may want a different layout to their product_info.php pages. For ease the PI modules should be obtained by becoming a supporter of Phoenix by paying either monthly or annually. I spent a while trying to change the look of my product pages in Phoenix but could not get the effect that I had in Edge. This is down to a change in BS4 compared to the older BS3. In BS3 it was easy to place modules next to each other in the product info pages just by using the sort order and content widths, but that functionality was removed with BS4. What this mod does is to replace the content block of code found in product_info.php from one to four blocks. One full width across the top, two in the centre side by side and one full width across the bottom of the page. Different widths of the centre two blocks can be altered in the product_info.php page code. It does change the code in the core product_info.php page and there is a need to create some new folders in the product info modules and languages folders. Once done any new module created for the standard product info page can be used with no changes. To fill the full width of the two centre blocks you should use a content width of 12. New blocks can easily be added to create greater page variation by adding similar blocks to those now found in the product_info.php file, and creating the new folders needed. Existing new blocks can also be moved around the page by changing product_info.php. Totally stand alone with one core code change to product_info.php. Has been tested on Phoenix only but may work on other versions. Will not work on pre Phoenix code. Some of the modules in the images may not be available to non supporters. Available at https://apps.oscommerce.com/wilqp&amp;better-product-info-page-layout-phoenix
  9. ecartz

    Amazon Pay

    To answer the last question (however belatedly), it costs nothing to offer Amazon Pay on your website. If someone uses it, Amazon charges transaction fees. $.30 per transaction plus 2.9% of the transaction amount. There may be other fees as well in certain circumstances. E.g. 3.9% for cross-border transactions and $20 for a chargeback dispute. Source: https://pay.amazon.com/help/201212280
  10. milerwan

    Ezsocial for osC2.3.4BS v1.0a

    I have tested with Facebook and Google and it works. Maybe you need to update your account from Facebook's developers website : https://developers.facebook.com/
  11. nandima

    Header Tags SEO

    Thank you! Jack, really appreciates it.
  12. Jack_mcs

    Header Tags SEO

    See the bottom of the admin->Header Tags SEO->Social page.
  13. @Demitry You'll find additional information about it in the Phoenix club...sign up there if you haven't already and you'll find a thread describing what it does and an explanation of how it works. Basically Gary has split the product information pages up into modules that you can control the placement of from the admin side....in addition to the normal sort order you can select whether something is placed at the top, left, right, perhaps center and bottom of the page. You can also control the width the item occupies. It in effect gives you total control over the placement of items on the product information page. It's a must have and should give you a good idea of how to achieve what you want. You'll need to become a supporter to get the actual code but you can at least have a look to see if it is the sort of thing you're trying to achieve. Supporting Phoenix is something everyone using osC, in it's various forms, should do. If it's not in a shop owners budget it needs to be. Dan
  14. @ecartz Great answer. I am bookmarking this one as it will come in handy in future. Peter
  15. gummipingvin

    Ezsocial for osC2.3.4BS v1.0a

    Have you tested API versions with this module? I use an older version where I have this setting: // init app with app id and secret $fb = new Facebook\Facebook([ 'app_id' => 'XXXXXXXXXXXX', 'app_secret' => 'XXXXXXXXXXXX', 'default_graph_version' => 'v2.12', ]); But when I change default_graph_version to anything higher than 2.12 (3.XX) then it doesnt work - just says unknown opengraph error
  16. With mod_rewrite (Apache), you don't even have to redirect. It is quite capable of serving the content of angebot.php when angebot.html is requested. I'm not sure that's necessary. Google is quite capable of crawling .php pages with static content. For example, searching for "Put here your Conditions of Use information." returns results from multiple osCommerce sites, even though that is certainly useless content. Documentation: https://httpd.apache.org/docs/trunk/rewrite/remapping.html High ranked internet tutorial: https://aloneonahill.com/blog/url-rewriting-for-beginners Example: RewriteEngine On RewriteRule ^angebot.html$ angebot.php [L] When angebot.html is requested, that will serve the content from angebot.php . Or with redirect: RewriteEngine On RewriteRule ^angebot.html$ angebot.php [R=308] Change the redirect code as appropriate (e.g. 301, 307, etc.). The default is a 302, but that seems unlikely to be what you want here (302 means that people should continue to request the redirected URL, as the target is only temporary; presumably you'd be doing this permanently). Nginx may have similar capabilities, but I don't know how they work.
  17. You can set up permanent redirects to the new pages as well to tell Google the pages have moved if you are worried about losing page rank etc. I'm not best placed to advise on this and there others on this forum more qualified than I to answer this question. If you google this, you should come across some strategies which may help. Peter
  18. @peterpil19 Thank you works fine 🙂
  19. @Philo2005 Sure, In includes/languages/german/modules/boxes/bm_information.php Add angebot under Contact Us, or wherever you wish it to appear in the links e.g. const MODULE_BOXES_INFORMATION_BOX_DATA = array( 'privacy.php' => 'Privacy Notice', 'conditions.php' => 'Conditions of Use', 'shipping.php' => 'Shipping &amp; Returns', 'contact_us.php' => 'Contact Us', 'angebot.php' => 'Unser Angebot' Peter
  20. Okay i did this for the buy page. How can I connect the page attias_ankauf.php to the information boxes?
  21. @Heatherbell Cool! Did it work also on Google Chrome on iPad and iPhone?
  22. Google will crawl and find them the same way as last time - defacto😉
  23. Thank you all for your ideas, i am going to think about implementing my Homepage into Phoenix. Currently These are all html Pages, so Google crowle them and These are listed in the Google Search. How this function when the old pages are moved to php Pages. Are they found by Google Search as well and listed in Google Search? Any experience?
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