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  4. To hide categories which have no product to sell, you can add a if logic prior to display the categories.
  5. To get the indent, you can add blank spaces or any character you like to the variable $spacer_string. This variable is declared in the beginning of the file category_tree.php. Example : This will add a caret sign in front of every subcat title.
  6. Kevin.Dallas

    admin orders onclick change

    Hello Peter, i have this raw in orders called tracking_id by dbclicking on input i would like to put tracking# like the way phpmyadmin is, by double clicking opening the input field and changing anything you like in admin section that is i am using OSC edge
  7. stefan1959

    My Account page blank

    Maybe a PHP version upgrade on server? Steve
  8. directive

    My Account page blank

    Hello, A client of ours is running osCommerce 2.2-MS2 and they've run into an issue where users My Account pages come up as blank. Checking the code for the page, the table they're supposed to be displayed in simply doesn't have anything in it. Does anyone know of a possible cause for the problem? I realize that more information might be required to troubleshoot the problem further, and I'd be grateful if you could let me know what is needed. Thanks!
  9. @BrockleyJohn Yes of course, do you have any idea?
  10. @ArtcoInc Yes, but I dont know how to… Can you explan me how?
  11. @Philo2005 This can be handled with CSS. M
  12. @kgtee I solved it, i had Problems editing the file $result .= $link_title . ' (' . tep_count_products_in_category($category_id, false) . ') </a>'; works fine.
  13. Would it not be better only to show categories that have products available to buy?
  14. @kgtee Thank you very much kgtee for your answer and your help The first part works fine showing subcategories in the boxes (includes/modules/boxes/bm_catagories.php). Good Tip! What would be nice if the subcategories are indent 2 spaces or so. The second part unfortunally does not work even i corrected a Syntax error (missing ')! it seems Phoenix started looping. $result .= $link_title . ' (' . tep_count_products_in_category($category_id, false) . ') '</a>'; //added to include product counts Any ideas?
  15. ArtcoInc

    Marketplace Category/Version Cleanup

    I remember, back in the day, when an 'expert' was someone that had been on the system 15 minutes longer than you! <lol>
  16. Fredi


    The addon works very well, but to expand the capabilities I installed it locally and additionally added 2 external modules: A flexible file manager and an advanced code editor. I think that you need to check and apply the security options that are in the file manager and expand the capabilities of working with this add-on, for example, to download product images to make it convenient and visual. This also allows you to adapt the user.pxp file to the editor. If you want to check the operation of my version with the local TINY, try and give your recommendations for the full adaptation of this option. NinyMCE editor in Phoenix. I think this addon should be one of the main ones for the new version of the Admin. Application: 1. Product Description 2. Description of categories 3. Information pages and information blocks on other pages. (I think we need an advanced module of information content with the ability to add additional information pages to the store’s website). 4. Articles 5. Categories of articles. It will be a powerful content editor. Information content is an important part of the content of commercial sites, and if this is a real Phoenix option, this is an additional opportunity for its rapid promotion. Installation: Upload files/ Edit please 2 files:admin/ext/tinymce/filemanager/config/config.phpincludes/hooks/admin/siteWide/tinymce.phpChange - YOUR_SITE - to your site domain name Download ZIP file Thank You puddlec !!!
  17. I think/presume @Demitry tries to implement the modules into a bought template and uses the template page as a start skeleton and then wants to call the modules one-by-one in the template. I made this mistake myself in the past .. Did not understand you have to take eg checkout_success.php as the start skeleton and then move the different bits of the (bought) template into modules template file ...
  18. I don't quite understand why you would need to call them individually? Can you explain more that?
  19. @Demitry I've never played around with that but I wonder if Gary's new Product Information system might point you in the right direction? Dan
  20. LeeFoster

    Modules Control

    Removing this bit of code from osc_template.php fixes the issue but wanted to check it wasn't doing anything vital before making it a permanent fix. // check if side columns are empty if (in_array(basename($PHP_SELF), $modules_exclude_array[$class])) { $this->_hide_column = count(array_intersect(array_keys($modules_exclude_array), str_replace('.php', '', explode(';', MODULE_BOXES_INSTALLED)))) == count(explode(';', MODULE_BOXES_INSTALLED)); }
  21. peterpil19

    Marketplace Category/Version Cleanup

    LOL and Wow, I got called an expert!
  22. LeeFoster

    Modules Control

    To add more confusion to this if you have 2 pages that between them hide all boxes but a 3rd page that hides non they show on the 3rd page.
  23. I realised what my issue was. I completely forgot that you have to add a manufacturer and product model and it's not in your instructions anymore.
  24. Thank you for this add-on. It is very useful. I combine this add-on and the little mod submitted by YePix, and now I get the following info displayed.

    Now, whenever I enter a value in any of the 3 boxes, the margin will update automatically. A big thank to you.

    I am willing to share the code with you if you require, though I believe you are able to do the same yourself. Cheers!


    1. peterpil19


      Thank you,

      Much appreciated



  25. 14steve14

    Marketplace Category/Version Cleanup

    I think you may get passed back to gary's last reply. Whilst its gary that is doing the hard work, it the store owners and developers who have supported him over the years with his 28 days of code modules and the Phoenix supporters. Without either of them oscommerce would not be here today. If it had been left to those that want something for nothing and are not happy with that so they want more, then there would be no oscommerce.
  26. LeeFoster

    Marketplace Category/Version Cleanup

    Sorry I meant in it's current iteration, there would be no Phoenix without you.
  27. burt

    Marketplace Category/Version Cleanup

    I'll pass that back to the 35 to 40 shopowners who, over the years, have given their all to support the project.
  28. LeeFoster

    Marketplace Category/Version Cleanup

    You do realise the sole reason osCommerce is still alive is because of @burt?
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