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    • Harald Ponce de Leon

      Submission Guidelines   05/20/2017

      OSCOMMERCE.TV showcases community made presentation and tutorial videos on osCommerce Online Merchant and related services. A dedicated website to showcase the videos is planned for the near future - submissions can be posted now in this forum channel to be included when the new site is launched.   Submissions must: be uploaded at YouTube be created by yourself or have permission to submit the content contain qualitative video and audio speech in English (silent or music only not allowed) showcase a core feature or Add-On available at our Add-Ons site*, or feature in development where the source code is available at GitHub * Our partners have the permission to showcase their commercial products and services.   New submissions are held for approval before being made publicly available. Please include the YouTube video url in your submission that will be automatically replaced with a video player.


Video tutorials, screencasts, and presentations for osCommerce Online Merchant