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  2. Attempting to explain this in simple terms. Do this and you can safely ignore the warning message in your original post. In your cPanel look for Directory Privacy in the Files section. It may be called "Password protect directories" Click on it and a list of the directories on the server will appear. Click on your admin directory (which incidentally should have been renamed) and then tick the "Password protect this directory" box, create a user name which can be the same as your OSC login name and a different strong password to your OSC admin one The Enter a name etc box is the text that is displayed to anybody attempting to log in. Humorously I have "What are you doing here? Your Cpanel may look different to mine but the principal is the same for all variations.
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  4. Paul given your replies to those who were trying to help you I'm not surprised that you are not getting any further help. Remember that those who were replying to your posts are volunteers giving freely of their time and knowledge, just trying to help out. They should be treated with gratitude and respect. At this point you might want to try to make a fresh start. It's probably not to late. Dan
  5. Nobody is able to decipher this one ? I can not be the only one with this problem ?
  6. @C1ta You might want to provide a little more information....see this post on how to get the help you need. Dan
  7. Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    That's a known bug. It's not that critical, since it rarely happens and customers can still chose their preferred shipping. In fact, I've had customers complain that the preselected shipping allowed them to check out without forcing them to select the shipping that they wanted. That's why I haven't taken the time to figure it out yet. So to answer your question, I'm certain that there is a way to fix this, but i don't know what it is. Regards Jim
  8. Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    @kymation Hey Jim, I noticed something that I'd like to fix. When checking out, the MVS system works as it should and selects the radio button for the cheapest shipping method for each vendor. However, after proceeding and then going back to that checkout_shipping.php page, no shipping methods are selected for any of the vendors. Any way to resolve this? Thanks.
  9. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..................... I was just in the cPanel for the website. There are NO /home/******/public_html/dvd/admen/.htaccess /home/*****/public_html/dvd/admen/.htpasswd_oscommerce That I could see. I was only able to find /home/******/public_html/dvd/admen/.htaccess via FTP. /home/*****/public_html/dvd/admen/.htpasswd_oscommerce Does not show up via FTP. Hope that makes sense.
  10. Ok, just tried the different combinations but STILL getting the message Additional Protection With htaccess/htpasswd This osCommerce Online Merchant Administration Tool installation is not additionally secured through htaccess/htpasswd means. The following files need to be writable by the web server to enable the htaccess/htpasswd security layer: /home/******/public_html/dvd/admen/.htaccess /home/*****/public_html/dvd/admen/.htpasswd_oscommerce Reload this page to confirm if the correct file permissions have been set. On another note I am unable to find /home/*****/public_html/dvd/admen/.htpasswd_oscommerce I changed the valus for /home/******/public_html/dvd/admen/.htaccess with the ones posted above but I keep getting the same message.
  11. Avoid 777 permissions if at all possible. They are "world writable", and enable anyone sharing your server to overwrite your files (i.e., it's very insecure). Always grant the least permissions to do the job. This is usually 755 for directories and 644 for files, although this can vary by server setup. Usually it depends on what kind of user that PHP is running as, and whether PHP needs to write, edit, or create files. If it is running as "you", 755/644 will usually do. If it is running in your "group", files and directories that need to be written to may need to be 775/664. If it is running as "other/world" (ordinary user), you might need 777/666 for specific directories or files. Experiment (starting with the lowest permission numbers), or talk with your host support. Beware of stupid people who tell you first thing off the bat to "chmod everything to 777". They don't know what they're talking about. At best, they're just repeating something that they learned at their daddy's knee, and don't understand what they're saying.
  12. videosilva Sorry you weren't happy with my answer. But as you see by Malcolm's post, your question was not clear. I've spent time with other posts like this answering what I thought was the question only to have the op reply that that was not what he wanted. I don't think it is unreasonable to ask you to state the question more clearly. But attacking me, anyone, personally for trying to help you will earn you a bad reputation here. I'll try to remember not to reply to any questions you may have in the future so as not to upset you but if you respond that way to others, you may not find the help you need.
  13. HoneyPot Captcha

    I haven't tested it but that looks like a good idea. But a second hook would be needed to add the code to check for emails and url's, if those options were wanted. That is more in-line with not changing the core code and is probably a better solution for the community edition. Actually, it might be a good addition to the stock shop. A generalized package that would protect any form in the shop by just calling a hook with the forms name, or something like that.
  14. I am getting that notification in the control panel/configuration/Administrators
  15. MrPhill it gets very tiresome always the same thing. A question answered with another question. Common sense has to kick in. Thank you MrPhil and Artcolnc for the reply Never thought of using cPanel. I have always set permissions via FTP. What should the permissions be set to ? 777 etc. ?
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  17. HoneyPot Captcha

    I've been thinking about this and testing some things out... This code worked best for my needs (which were; stop spammers, use as little code as possible) <input type="text" name="inputHP" pattern="[0]{0}" aria-describedby="atHP" hidden> <span id="atHP" hidden>This is a Test for weeding out Spammers. You must leave this input box totally blank.</span> What have I missed by just using that code ? Note that I did hardcode it, if I was to spend time on it, it'd be a Hook most likely.
  18. Let's not get snippy. As Jack said, you're much better off using your hosting control panel's "password protect a directory" function, rather than trying to set it up using osC files. The only downside is that the osC security center may not recognize that you've done this, and report that your admin is unprotected. If you have to type in an ID and password to get into your admin, it is working. I wish that TPTB would simply remove the osC files and instructions for directory protection, and instead advise people to use their hosting control panel's function. If such a thing is not offered on your system, almost certainly what osC supplies will not work!
  19. Hi Burt

    Greetings from Austria

    1. burt


      Hello to you.  Lovely place Austria, been a few times.

  20. @videosilva IF your question is, "How do I set the file permissions for these files to be writable by the Web Server?", then you should be able to set the permission through the cPanel on your host. Otherwise, some FTP clients (such as FileZilla) allow you to change file permissions. If you do not have access to the host (either through cPanel or a FTP client), then you will have to ask someone (your client or their host) for access, or for them to change the permissions for you. If that is NOT your question, please ask it again ...
  21. Hi, today I tried to configure paypal pro hosted solution with my paypal business pro account, but at the time of payment I am moved to a page containing "This transaction can not be processed. do you know how to solve?
  22. Was that not a question ? Ok, to make it basic How do I make /.htaccess /.htpasswd_oscommerce to be writable by the web server to enable the htaccess/htpasswd security layer. Every website that I ever gone to were someone has THOUSANDS of posts it is ALWAYS the same problem. It is IMPOSSIBLE to accumulate that many posts anywhere no matter how committed you are with ANY EDUCATED INFORMATION ! Now that I look that again. Someone with 28,000 posts would have seen message stated above posted hundreds of times and AUTOMATICALLY had an answer. Example: 1. I have found the answer to the message displayed in the control Panel. 2. Now that I know the answer I can now relay to others. OR Waste of time comments and I could have 28,000 posts ( WILL NEVER HAPPEN IN MY LIFETIME ANYWHERE ). How is a person able to accumulate 28,000 posts ??????????
  23. Where did I change the link of this icon?

    @ArtcoInc changing to $breadcrumb->add(HEADER_TITLE_TOP, tep_href_link('your_url_link_here')); worked very well! thank you very much!!
  24. after a bit of stuffing around its all installed and working well. but i am not sure if it is this version or something i did ages ago on the older version that i cant recall causing the issue in the orders view there are 2x status for the transaction (only charged once) not sure why it does this. before the paypal update it would only show once. Date Added Customer Notified Status Comments 23/03/2018 12:19:46 False PayPal [Transactions] Transaction ID: XXX Payer Status: VERIFIED Address Status: Payment Status: Completed Payment Type: instant Pending Reason: 23/03/2018 12:19:47 False PayPal [Transactions] Transaction ID: XXX Payer Status: verified Address Status: confirmed Payment Status: Completed Payment Type: instant Pending Reason: Source: IPN thanks
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