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  2. Trying to (by request!) stop the negative and de(un?)constructive comments on addon threads. If everyone could just agree to give constructive feedback as and where they feel it deserves and constructive replies as and where it deserves it, we'd be golden. So, any ideas - considering we don't have an ability to do it in the marketplace (addon area)...
  3. People leave their feedback wrt to addons in the support thread as it is now, so this whole thread is a non issue as far as i am concerned. If you're going to implement a feedback system, the appropriate place would be at the "point of sale" or marketplace.
  4. 14steve14

    Paypal App - Fee

    Whilst not really connected to this how many here have read about Geo blocking in the EU. These regulations state that no customer within the EU can be put in a position that discriminates against that person on price, amongst other things. Search for Geo blocking regulations that came into effect on the 3rd December 2018 as they make interesting reading if you have the will to live.
  5. Agree with the above. Without some sort of written explanation there will be nothing visible to those that would like to download the addon to see why a particular rating was given. It will also allow the developer to answer such remarks when releasing new versions. Keep it simple and all in one easy to find place. In some cases it would take far to long to look for and read through long support threads.
  6. There is a tiny bit of data available (but not displayed), but I think you're right...it's pretty meaningless without (at the very least) some tracking of names that can be viewed. "aggregateRating": { "@type": "AggregateRating", "ratingValue": 3.8, "ratingCount": 5 }
  7. It looks like you can vote as often as you want but perhaps it just adjusts your rating rather then affecting the average. Maybe adding a simple poll to the support threads might help. ie as simple as Solid add-on. OR Can be Improved (PM author). Dan
  8. It's just an aggregate. The number of votes are not even indicated to users. So it's basically meaningless. A custom plugin will be required with Admin rights to implement it.
  9. I am often told that there is no such thing as a silly question. I believe that I have found that silly question. For what ever reason I am trying to add a tracking number from Royal Mail and a couriers into the comments box when updating orders in admin. That bit is easy using Gary's 'Canned Comments' code , and it all works fine and as I hoped it would. The canned comments are added in the orders page after you have clicked to see the order. I want to show the customers zip/post code on the main orders page or front screen of the orders to make it easy which orders need the tracking number listed. The post office receipt matches the tracking code to the postcode, which cant be seen until the order is actually opened and viewed. That means I have to click on every order to find the postcode to find the tracking number, when it is only needed on certain orders. In my view that's a waste of time with 40+ orders a day. I hope this is all making some sort of sense to someone. On the main orders page things like customers, order total, order date and order status are shown. I have added customers IP and order number there so I have a basic idea on how to alter that page to show a heading and can figure out how to show the postcode I hope, but have no idea on how to incorporate the order and a section of the delivery address to get the data needed to show relative to the customers order. This is where I need help. I need to know the sql statement to get that info please and where it would be best placed in the orders page code. Any help greatly appreciated.
  10. Same. It looks like it is the average rating, but it doesn't show who or how many stars they gave.
  11. Done....I didn't see any moderation functions or any idea of what it is suppose to mean. Dan
  12. René H4

    Paypal App - Fee

    It's much more than 2% margin. First of all Paypal starts with 3.4% plus 0,34. Of the sales price including VAT. If buy you product for 60 Euro's, and sell it for 100 Euro's, ex VAT, that would be Euro 121 in the Netherlands. That would take Euro 4.11 Paypalfee. Next, that would be more than 10% of your margin.... 😞 Mathmatics right?
  13. Could someone else please rate this thread. I want to see how it works...and if there is any moderator function (eg seeing raters) attached to it.
  14. Dan Cole

    Paypal App - Fee

    Just curious...what is this suppose to mean? Dan
  15. Today
  16. @burt No at this time. the conditions are no good in my sense. HPDL has leadership for me and nobody knows what he wants to make in the future. I will continue to help people in function my little time and request. I did just notice that each thread does have a star rating 1-5. ? No, it doesn't have sense, the answer has a sense. After something can be made with experimentation with StackOverflow approach.
  17. BrockleyJohn

    Paypal App - Fee

    You can't do that in the UK - how other European countries apply the regs I couldn't say. From ... The UK regs cover personal card payments and electronic payments but not cash and cheques. So you can charge more or less to people that pay with cash, cheques or company cards, but you have to charge the same to anyone paying with personal cards, paypal, applepay and so on.
  18. I did just notice that each thread does have a star rating 1-5. Could that be used in some way?
  19. Would you take the time to show leadership in this Community ? Close down your fork and come back.
  20. Sure, I understand that. Unfortunately, it's now normal practice to call people out (even for things unrelated to the discussion) - as you noted, it's even been done on this thread which I (still) hope may be the catalyst needed for a change of attitude in a lot of people. Put simply; If everyone stuck to giving feedback in a positive manner, and not trying to attack all the time...that would be ideal.
  21. @burt It could an option. Let the code inside the thread is another option but the people has no time to recreate the code, portion is good If someone has a problem inside this add on, it can says : Ok, I have a problem like that, could you help me ? See square thread for example. Another point if someone thinks to have enough knowledge it can say at a beginner, ok for this module, I will take the community leadership and help you. If you have a problem, some others can merge.
  22. Jack_mcs

    Fake accounts

    You may not. The average size of the root's .htaccess file is under 10-20 KB, in my experience. Adding the code to block the IP's of multiple countries might increase it to 50 -80 KB. That's still a small file as file size goes but having to load it on every click on a busy site can make a difference. On slower sites, you may not see it. You can run a speed test (I prefer gtmetrix.com) with the blocking code removed and another with it added to see if changes much. I would expect a second or two at most.
  23. I get it and like what you're trying to do. I just don't think there is an easy, appropriate way to do that. One rating per user with the users name attached, so there is accountability, might help others to judge the quality of the vote, and still keep it simple. I guess I was brought up in a different time, will I know I was. I was taught that if I wanted to offer constructive criticism or reprimand someone, I should take them aside and not do so in public. Dan
  24. So the one who coded the new module/app/whatever would make a thread before uploading to addons? Maybe attach a .zip for download? And then that thread would be used for constructive feedback until the mod is as good as it can be? When the mod is as good as the coder can make it with helpful hints/advice, he would then upload to addons and make a support thread? Is that how you are thinking it could work. I think that could work very well.
  25. Quality depends what do you want to include ? Code or not, idea or not. Code : You can have a professional code make without OsCommerce knowledge Professional coder knowing the osC ecosystem. It's not the same thing, not the same approach but in the both of case, the code is well coded. Bad or good rating ? Beginner: You have people want to start to know php, people want to start and try change something inside the shop and at the end to share. Always bad rating ? Value : Again depends on the definition : For one can be nice, for another can be nothing. Bad or good rating ? You can sell / create community add on, without no value for the shop owner, no ? A forum needs dynamic people and create activity and attract some other people. Positive thinking, not bad thinking a forum must have. Do we have that ? Destroy someone because this participation is very important is no good for the forum (for any reason), it's no good for the community no good for the mentality. It's not a good sign. I prefer a rating like that : Works or not works with the lastest core : Yes / No. (In this case the script must be rewritten. All the script has obsolescence). Coding osC ecosystem ready : Yes / No Core modification : Yes / no The best approach is to create a thread, write a little comment and ask the community to verify the add on is correct or not. Some people can test, some people can look the look the cde and make comment. Collaboration, share, positive attitude is the best to create a dynamic. After a beginner can contact a "professional" by email and can ask to advise by a comment on the forum.
  26. You have me hamstrung. Nothing I can do to respond to that, as you are 100% correct - even in this thread we've seen precisely what we're trying to stop 😕 The purpose of public feedback would be to not rely solely on a (say) 1-10 star rating, where the ratings will be skewed enormously by supporters and haters, regardless of how poor/excellent an addon maybe.
  27. For what purpose? If the idea is to improve the add-on a PM should do the trick. If not a low rating will keep others away. Huh? You can just read this thread to see how quickly that can happen and with little, if any, comment from the OP. Dan
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