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  2. No the code needs to go in the file you want to use. So if its the new products addon then its, includes/modules/content/index/templates/new_products_carousel.php I dont see the point of doing this unless you are going to recode the addon to make use of the new callback functions! Visualy you will see no benifits! If your not sure how to do this your best bet is to post in the commercial section and pay a developer to update the addon for you. You can then post the updated one back on the forum for the community to use yes?
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  4. Can such a system handle the load that's going to be placed on it? When it's down (it will be a prime target for DoS attacks) what will merchants do for backup? I'd be more comfortable with a more distributed lookup system. In most states, tax jurisdictions do not align with ZIP Codes. That is, a ZIP (postal) code may easily span 2 or 3 tax jurisdictions (e.g., across county or city lines), so merchants are specifically warned not to use ZIPs to look up tax rates. However, everyone knows their state and ZIP, but most don't know their county and even fewer know their tax jurisdiction number, so any system will have to be by ZIP (or just statewide). It will have to be up to each state to apportion tax revenue from a ZIP Code to the several tax jurisdictions it overlaps.
  5. For new products would you put the code in ht_owl_carousel.php ? Where please?
  6. And I thought it was the beer. Dan
  7. I'm not a programmer but would like to help progress osc. Just thinking with all the talent here would it be worth considering doing a community version of 2.4. there is so many ideas that could be implemented.
  8. Perhaps better delete this topic.... my adhd started running with me.
  9. "The another" version would just be more like a play-ground. Nothing of it would be discussed here. That was kind of the idea.
  10. hi, @jandg425 Thanks for the addon. had installed Excel Populate for Oscommerce(https://apps.oscommerce.com/9O5mP) on 234.1 Edge version. Can generate the excel files and can opened in the excel file, however, when tried to POPULATE. i have long list of error messages, mainly are about 2 lines in same file. Notice: Uninitialized string offset: 2199023255040 in admin/includes/excel/olerad.inc on line 27 function GetInt4d($data, $pos) { return ord($data[$pos]) | (ord($data[$pos+1]) << 8) | // line 27 (ord($data[$pos+2]) << 16) | (ord($data[$pos+3]) << 24); } Notice: Undefined index: in admin/includes/excel/olerad.inc on line 138 $sbdBlock = $this->bigBlockChain[$sbdBlock]; Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 32 bytes) in admin/includes/excel/ /oleread.inc on line 27 Can anyone please help? Thanks! Lyn
  11. I have no interest in a secondary CE version. All (and I do mean 100%) of the feedback I got from both developers and shopowners was; "please stop developing, and fix a release" As soon as I did that...people then decided that this was no good; now I see at least a number of new forks as well as people who have done nothing or incredibly little over the last 5 years, step up and report bugs or do some code or just even start chatting in this forum. Which is really cool, I just wish they had done this 4 years ago :-\ All that said there is one CE version, and that is at the present time called "Frozen".
  12. I have split the chitchat out of this BSv4 thread. Thanks
  13. All the others need to look at WA state. They have an excellent API to hook into to get the exact rates per zipcode, some years back I made a order_total module hooking into it. Very simple and effective system. If WA can do it...
  14. Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Download the database file that wHiTeHaT provided above. I haven't had a chance to test it but I looked at the changes and they appear to be correct.
  15. Yes it can but I have no plans to update. You can just edit includes/modules/content/index/templates/specials_products_carousel.php. Then its a case of playing with css and timings to get it looking and moving the way you need. You will need to download and install v2.3.2 in the ext/ folder add to top of file, <link rel="stylesheet" href="owlcarousel/owl.carousel.min.css"> <link rel="stylesheet" href="owlcarousel/owl.theme.default.min.css"> <script src="jquery.min.js"></script> <script src="owlcarousel/owl.carousel.min.js"></script> at bottom of file add, <script> var owl = $('.owl-carousel'); owl.owlCarousel({ items:4, loop:true, margin:10, autoplay:true, autoplayTimeout:1000, autoplayHoverPause:true }); $('.play').on('click',function(){ owl.trigger('play.owl.autoplay',[1000]) }) $('.stop').on('click',function(){ owl.trigger('stop.owl.autoplay') })
  16. Is anyone using the Wishlist Contrib with CE?

    Dear Andrea, try this addon: Wishlist BS http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9313 @Tsimisays It is not compatible with Edge or Frozen version.You'll have to hard code the FILENAME_ definitions replace all the HTTP_POST_VARS and HTTP_GET_VARS and all DIR_WS. I am sure you'll have to change some of the code to match it to the latest structure. I'm not a programmer and that's why I never knew how to do it Best regards Valqui
  17. I have it working on CE after a few changes I have modified it also with extra feature so that a customer can convert wishlist into a printable quotation
  18. Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Thanks Jack I was able to delete the files stated, however the new sql has an error : #1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '. HTTPS_CATALOG_SERVER . '/googlesitemap/index.php" target="new" style="color:bl' at line 2 Regards
  19. Where did you download from? All i see is this https://apps.oscommerce.com/Get&jABxb&NvMhT which can't be for Gold because the code still has tables in, last updated 2015. If it's this thread: I don't see a download link anywhere, and the last post in that thread says what you need to do to get it compatible. You can do those easily by yourself, and then post here for more help if required.
  20. Is anyone using the Wishlist Contrib with CE?

    If I paid someone to do everything I can't do myself in osCommerce, I'd be broke! I've already paid one person in this forum recently to do something for me that was released later as a contribution: Keyword Highlighter Personally, I'm doing well just to create new pages and put them in my Information Box. I don't have the faintest idea how to get an old contrib working with this monster. But, I continue to hope that someone else will! - Andrea
  21. I cannot believe this is not been figured. Honestly said, it is not something i would spend my time on figuring out. But the ones who seem to know and figure it........ would be nice to see how they do it... As that is what is been lookep up for. Talking about things is easy.
  22. i did not understand a word you said ;) i did a "beyond compare" on the phpass update and it seems the update is not that revolutionary. it should basicly work as the 0.3 or 0.4 version i think. the most significant change is my change of true to false in the passwordhash function call, as it will use the php crypt function and blowfish hash function $hasher = new PasswordHash(10, false); 10x iterations and $portable_hashes = false that will allow blowfish (from php crypt) and that is what i also asked. if that is a stronger/better encryption. i think so. function HashPassword($password) { $random = ''; if (CRYPT_BLOWFISH === 1 && !$this->portable_hashes) { $random = $this->get_random_bytes(16); $hash = crypt($password, $this->gensalt_blowfish($random)); if (strlen($hash) === 60) return $hash; } if (strlen($random) < 6) $random = $this->get_random_bytes(6); $hash = $this->crypt_private($password, $this->gensalt_private($random)); if (strlen($hash) === 34) return $hash; # Returning '*' on error is safe here, but would _not_ be safe # in a crypt(3)-like function used _both_ for generating new # hashes and for validating passwords against existing hashes. return '*'; }
  23. Here we go................. I personally never asked it, better said with lack of English prolongation i even not was able to ask. More honest..... not even in dutch. Yet a real interview with answers or motivations no one had. So for that get in line. There is only one who can answer.
  24. I really love this idea and would love to see it thrive with not just you and Burt, but also with many more developers on board. One problem Henry - there is no Harald. Without him nothing like that can ever get anywhere. That makes me overwhelmingly sad, but it's the reality so we can't do anything about that. I've never underestimated the man. I've made a decent living thanks to osC, and I'm grateful to Harald for giving me the tools to make full use of that opportunity. I've always been prepared to give whatever resources he needs - my time, money, skills, knowledge - to help, but every offer has been rebuffed just as offers from everyone left here (and there aren't many) have been rebuffed. I agree Harald is very good, but his skill with osC is meaningless without the other things that need to go with it: collaboration, cooperation, communication and trust. I ask myself, what is Harald's purpose in keeping osC? Why leave it in a sickly, comatose state? Why cling to it like a ragged stuffed toy that has seen better days, refusing to share it with anyone else? What is his motive to keep developing it, albeit at a glacial pace? It's puzzling and disappointing to me. I do know that if he shared his vision many people would "get it" and be excited to become a part of his development team and bring his plan to fruition.
  25. What if my password would be Π (huh?) and salt it? I would have the most secure pw evah........... Usage of progresses not always compatible of provided resources. Yet not investigated any benchmarks on that upgrade i believe it would be suitable On the other hand, nothing of what i said above i am able to claim it's correctness in it .
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