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  2. Lochlann

    Making Phoenix Invoice look a bit better

    Excellent find these were. Thanks so much. I'm new to Phoenix (haven't created any osCommerce sites since 2.3.0). The only thing that I think could make the invoice better is a call to display a different "NOTICE" & "TERMS" at the bottom "if" the customer entered a "Company Name" in their account otherwise it would just show the default "NOTICE" & "TERMS".
  3. Xeretha

    adding to specials and whats new boxes

    Thanks for the help, friends.
  4. raiwa

    KissIT Image Thumnailer

    1. paste again the whole tep_image function into your html_output.php 2. if you get again the same error, upload your file here (without any modification, comment etc.) 3. try with my modified file: html_output.php I had a look on the source code of your store index page and got the following wrong html: title="Shiny Red Apples" alt="Shiny Red Apples" class=img-f´╗┐luid" card-img-top" /> on my test store I get this: title="Shiny Red Apples" alt="Shiny Red Apples" class="img-fluid card-img-top" /> Do you see the wrong placed double quotes in the image class? You must have applied a wrong modification.
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  6. 14steve14

    Weekly sales reporting in admin help needed

    I will take a look at this when time allows later this week. Thanks for the input.
  7. MyBookShop

    KissIT Image Thumnailer

    Thank you for your response Raiwa. The cut and paste is fine, I have two Frozen sites perfect. And now a new site. Installation showed all green ticks for compatibility. As I said the original code installed with this module leaves me with a blank website. As stated this is a vanilla install with just this mod. The above prior changes gave me back my website with images but the images were stretched horizontally. -------------------------------------- I have now changed code to this, and it gives me my site with the images not stretched but also not centered on the main page only (index.php) the (product_info) pages appear to be centered. ... require_once 'includes/modules/kiss_image_thumbnailer/classes/Image_Helper.php'; $attributes = array( 'alt' => $alt, 'width' => $width, 'height' => $height ); $image = null; if (tep_not_null($width) && tep_not_null($height)) { $image .= ' width="' . tep_output_string($width) . '" height="' . tep_output_string($height) . '"'; } $bs_parameters = ' class=img-fluid"'; // if (tep_not_null($responsive) && ($responsive === true)) { // $bs_parameters .= 'img-fluid'; //not working // $bs_parameters .= 'img-responsive'; //works // } -------------------------------------- I'm no coder. Rawia I'm just trying to get this plugin to work on my config. I'm not saying this is a solution, just that it brings the site back for me. It appears to me that some parameters are not being added together or passed through to other functions or are the incorrect type, but the log shows no such error. As stated I'm trying to tell you what I'm doing to get my site up in case anybody else has this trouble and diagnose if there is a problem that only manifests on some configs. I really would appreciate any help, can provide you (Raiwa) with site access if you like, Thankyou. Mark http://www.143books.com.au/index.php
  8. ecartz

    very strange session variable behavior

    Just some troubleshooting thoughts to give you some places to check. Are you using the same includes/application_top.php for all pages? Phoenix uses a different name for the session ID than older versions of osCommerce did. Is the session ID in the URL or do you have a cookie? Have you checked the cookie to see what values it has? In general, have you viewed cookies on each page load to see what's happening with them? Have you tried disabling cookies (in your browser, with Force Cookies set to false in admin) to see if you have the same behavior? Have you checked for weird things like Apache mod_rewrite rules? Have you tried making the site all https? Have you checked for goofball things like characters before the opening <?php tag in the file? The infamous byte order mark is an invisible example that you could see with a hex editor. Check files included before the session starts. Does this happen in every browser? Or just one? If you are using Firefox, have you tried Web Developer tools like Web Console and Network while navigating the site? Have you checked your error logs? Have you checked your configure.php values to make sure that they match each other for HTTP and HTTPS?
  9. Supertex

    PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant

    Yes, generally I believe the order number is created after the transaction is completed. However with PayPal it requires an order number to be generated prior to the transaction completion... As near as I can tell, and perhaps Ponce de Leon can weigh in here, but what you're seeing is entirely the result of dealing with PayPal. For instance, when using authorize.net, there is no order number transmitted to authorize.net. no actual order exists until the transaction is complete. At that time the customer basket becomes an order. When you see the order number skipping, it is because the customer is changing the contents of his cart after reaching either the payment module and choosing PayPal or the final confirmation page. In my case I have altered the code on the orders page not to show orders with the status assigned to PayPal pending orders. So my orders page only shows completed transactions, and there is always a gap in the numeric sequence.
  10. So we are in the midst of adjusting to Phoenix, building out my site onto the engine. It's a very big educational site that began a long development process years ago with an oscommerce 2.2 core. A few years ago we built out a Bootstrap 3 presentation layer. Now we are putting in the new engine and and adjusting to Bootstrap 4. It's fun! We have run into an issue that has us confused, though. It doesn't make any sense at all. We log in at index.php and when we return to home the navbar tells us we still need to 'login'. It doesn't look like login was successful. $_session['customer_id'] is not available to the page. However, if we travel to products_info.php, navbar tells us we are actually logged in and $_session['customer_id'] is now available. Then if we go to account.php it redirects us to 'login.php' but when we get there $_session['customer_id'] is now available again! If you can figure this out you will have my eternal gratitude. Best.
  11. Dan Cole

    Column Width Issue

    Thanks guys....I decided to just update the page to the version, as Matt suggested, since it also added some selectors that I could style. Dan
  12. Yesterday
  13. ecartz

    Column Width Issue

    Here's line 221 in the current version: echo '</div>'; A little more looking with blame found this commit which changed the line you described to echo '<div class="col">'; So you should just be able to update to the latest version of that page, as released in
  14. Dan Cole

    Column Width Issue

    Happy to....should be line 221. Dan PS: Also thanks for pointing out my spelling mistake. It's always a challenge getting what's in my head to reach the screen.
  15. ecartz

    Column Width Issue

    I don't see that code in the core checkout_confirmation.php page. Could you perhaps point to where you see it? Unrelated to your question, but "log in to" is misspelled in your text.
  16. JcMagpie

    Column Width Issue

    All depends on how you are achiving the out put but this should help, "block" https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/utilities/display/
  17. okay me toooo - same prob subcategries not shown in phoenix --- merge with 2.3.4 bs - at first view no different (exclude updates)
  18. Dan Cole

    Column Width Issue

    Got another coding issue I'm stuck on. I'm working on updating a payment module and want to display a message in the Payment Information area on the checkout confirmation page as shown below. I'm referring to the area shown in the alert danger color. The width is hard coded (sort of) as.... echo '<div class="col-sm-6">'; within the checkout_confirmation.php page. I want to change that to col-sm-12 so it will show full width but that seems to require a core change that I'm trying to avoid. Anyone have a suggestion to accomplish what I want with touching the core? Here is the look I'm trying to achieve. Am I stuck making a core code change? Dan
  19. vmn

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    I could not get the running from command-line to work without the following changes. My catalog resides in a sub-folder where I also wanted to put the sitemap. I'm redirecting all traffic pointing to document root to a sub-folder called portal. The direcotry structure is: / /portal /shop Maybe this is why it did not work. in index.php after include_once('includes/application_top.php'); insert $run_env = php_sapi_name(); echo 'Environment:' . $run_env . "\n"; if ($run_env === 'cli' || $run_env === 'cgi-fcgi') { //DO NOT CHECK IP } else { if (! empty(GOOGLE_XML_SITEMAP_SECURE_IP)) { $safe_ips = explode(',', GOOGLE_XML_SITEMAP_SECURE_IP); if (! in_array($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'], $safe_ips)) { header("location:http:"); } } } after echo 'For your convenience here is the <strong>CRON command</strong> for your site:' . "\n\n"; replace echo "\t" . '<strong>php ' . dirname($_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME']) . '/index.php</strong>' . "\n\n"; with echo "\t" . '<strong>php ' . __FILE__ . '</strong>' . "\n\n"; in sitemap.class.php before $this->base_url = $domain_name; add $run_env = php_sapi_name(); if ($run_env === 'cli' || $run_env === 'cgi-fcgi') { if (GOOGLE_XML_SITEMAP_SHOW_DIAGNOSTIC == 'true') echo 'this->savepath:' . $this->savepath . "\n"; $temp = getcwd(); $temp .= (substr($temp, -1) !== '/') ? '/' : ''; //append a slash if needed if (GOOGLE_XML_SITEMAP_SHOW_DIAGNOSTIC == 'true') echo 'temp:' . $temp . "\n"; if (GOOGLE_XML_SITEMAP_SHOW_DIAGNOSTIC == 'true') echo 'DIR_FS_CATALOG:' . DIR_FS_CATALOG . "\n"; $this->savepath = substr($temp, 0, strpos($temp, DIR_FS_CATALOG)) . $this->savepath; if (GOOGLE_XML_SITEMAP_SHOW_DIAGNOSTIC == 'true') echo 'this->savepath:' . $this->savepath . "\n"; } I noticed that categories are retrieved multiple times (in all shop languages): find $sql = "SELECT c.categories_id as cID, c.date_added, c.last_modified as last_mod replace $sql = "SELECT distinct c.categories_id as cID, c.date_added, c.last_modified as last_mod after $path = (($pos = strpos(DIR_FS_CATALOG, "googlesitemap")) !== FALSE) ? substr(DIR_FS_CATALOG, 0, -strlen('googlesitemap') - $slash) : DIR_FS_CATALOG; insert $run_env = php_sapi_name(); if ($run_env === 'cli' || $run_env === 'cgi-fcgi') { if (GOOGLE_XML_SITEMAP_SHOW_DIAGNOSTIC == 'true') echo 'path:' . $path . "\n"; $temp = getcwd(); $temp .= (substr($temp, -1) !== '/') ? '/' : ''; //append a slash if needed if (GOOGLE_XML_SITEMAP_SHOW_DIAGNOSTIC == 'true') echo 'temp:' . $temp . "\n"; if (GOOGLE_XML_SITEMAP_SHOW_DIAGNOSTIC == 'true') echo 'DIR_FS_CATALOG:' . DIR_FS_CATALOG . "\n"; $path = substr($temp, 0, strpos($temp, DIR_FS_CATALOG)) . $path; if (GOOGLE_XML_SITEMAP_SHOW_DIAGNOSTIC == 'true') echo 'path:' . $path . "\n"; } There is some unnecessary stuff, e.g.: class MySQL_DataBase (because DB handling is done in the core). I removed all usage of the class MySQL_DataBase.
  20. Thanks ecartz, your advice was very helpful!
  21. @ecartz Thank you very much, the first part is exactly what i needed. The second part i will go on later. Studying the "ht_pages_seo" which i already activated, I found out that the next step having the <meta name= "description" content included is also defined there. So for conditions.php in english i defined: define('META_SEO_TITLE', 'Our GTCs'); define('META_SEO_DESCRIPTION', 'General Terms of Conditions (GTCs) of Philatelie Attias, CH-5620 Bremgarten AG'); as for further languages i did this too. And this works fine for title and meta in html code!!! Great! So I hope now, with these points in this topic to reduce my 4500 error pages by google to 0! -:)
  22. Yes. Be sure to use my addon instead of the worldpay module delivered with Phoenix because that still has an unfixed bug in it and you'll get blank order emails. The addon also brings people who cancel back into the checkout process, and records more info on the order history. addon: https://apps.oscommerce.com/brAIY&amp;worldpay-hosted-payments-extended
  23. BrockleyJohn

    PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant

    Many of the payment modules, including paypal, create an order in the preparing state before leaving checkout. If the customer returns to the choose payment page, the preparing order is deleted and thus an order number is skipped. You are right. No one sees that as a flaw.
  24. Hello Rainer @raiwa Yes the latest Phoenix and latest Point and rewards. Strangely there is nothing changed in my checkout_payment.php after installing the addon. Installing did go well with no error messages. Will PM you a print-screen.
  25. Hello Michael @MITCH70, I suppose you are running Phoenix and the latest Points and rewards version for Phoenix. Please post or upload your checkout_payment.php.
  26. raiwa

    KissIT Image Thumnailer

    Hello Mark @MyBookShop, Your solution is incorrect. The provided code in the instructions is correct and should be used in Phoenix and all other Bootstrap 4 based Stores. Please try again: if (tep_not_null($responsive) && ($responsive === true)) { $bs_parameters .= 'img-fluid'; } You probably had introduced a copy/paste/typo error. Before providing wrong "solutions" please post for help if something doesn't work as expected. If you experience the same problem again, please post your code (tep_image function) to see which is the error. THis is urelated to KissIt image thumbnail. Please check this first with your hosting. Then post in the general support area. Kind regards Rainer
  27. alexiscruz007

    Category Problem for update.

    this work, the language and currency have only <? in the header.php
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