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  2. ArtcoInc

    edit privacy.php

    @mairei In your first post in this thread, you posted your privacy language file. Since the forum uses colors to distinguish different code pieces, it is easy to see that you have a problem in this file. About 2/3's of the way through the file, you will notice that the text changes from green to black. That is because you have an apostrophe in the word " author's " . This apostrophe closes, or ends, the text definition, resulting the remaining of the text potentially causing errors or problems. You need to 'escape' that apostrophe (and any others), either with a leading backslash, or by replacing it with the HTML code ' . HTH
  3. JcMagpie - that's where I'm at now. I deleted everything and uploaded & installed and still have the same problem. So I contacted the host to see if they have any ideas. They have to "escalate it to level 3 support" or something like that, and will get back to me within 24 - 48 hours. Jack_mcs - I tried your changes and I get the same results.
  4. Today
  5. Using os Commerce Online Merchant v2.3.4 BS with latest PayPal module.. All worked remarkedly well until last week. Two customers who checked out with PayPal standard (only running standard) had orders that they paid for though PayPal but on the orders page (admin) showed all their info and items but failed to show payment processed.. i.e. no history for the order. Still had an order number... everything worked fine except order history was blank.. when looking at “orders”, the status shows Preparing [Paypal standard] and when we click on the order, everything is there (i.e. what the customer ordered) but no history, no record of order being paid via paypal... two days earlier, another customer via paypal worked fine, Showing the paypal transaction in history and status was “pending” is it should be. I have changed NOTHING since installing this app prior to spring.... it worked great and does still when it works... but lately i have had a few orders not record the paypal transaction even though I received payment... and one order went through without even creating an order number and if not for paypal i would have never known the order was placed or paid for. I have not changed a single thing since this newer paypal module was installed.. i am only running paypal standard (which does a great job in listing items bought on the paypal side) but like i said, lately it is not sending the info back to osC and that, although seems to create the order, does not record the payment success in history. Images below: first is the orders page showing the status of the order, the second shows what does get recorded.. but no history... Any thoughts?
  6. So eine Liste ist im Formum nicht erlaubt. Lest die Regeln!
  7. mcmannehan

    edit privacy.php

    Alle Sprachen Dateien müssen unbedingt als Datei "utf-8 ohne boom" abgespeichert werden. Das ist kein Trick, sondern Standard!
  8. mcmannehan


    Alle Sprachen Dateien müssen unbedingt als Datei "utf-8 ohne boom" abgespeichert werden. Das ist kein Trick, sondern Standard!
  9. So with Auto-fill working striped down the account registration to the bare minimum. It works fine but I think will require quite a bit more work to integrate with check out, something outside my comfort zone and best left to someone who knows the code. It could take two routes both add-on’s. a) Be totally independent of stock account and checkout and work along side it. b) Link into the current account and checkout, this will need to resolve how and at which point they overlap? Not as easy as it first looks.
  10. Working fine on Chrome both on PC and phones, took 5-10 seconds to make new account with autofill 😊. Unable to make it work on Firefox for now, must be an issue with firefox settings it just defaults to autocomplete giving you an option in each field.
  11. Well just tested @burts autofill code on test site and on android using chrome it worked perfectly 😊 the auto fill required me to only type the first letter of my first name and it completed the rest of the form automaticly. There are some filed not beeing completed like Suburb but that could just be me! I'll have to check the code to make sure I did not miss a change. I have never goten into the checkout or account side of the code so can not comment on what else may or may not need looking into. I will try the rest of the changes you made and see how they go but so far looking good. It can be tested on the test site https://www.justfastfood.com/create_account.php
  12. Hello Community, The old Modul /catalog/includes/modules/boxes/bm_card_acceptance.php don't work with Jquery 3.+. Here my resolution: Delete the complett function bm_card_acceptance_edit_logos in the file /catalog/includes/modules/boxes/bm_card_acceptance.php and replace it with the follow: function bm_card_acceptance_edit_logos($values, $key) { $files_array = array(); if ( $dir = @dir(DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'images/card_acceptance') ) { while ( $file = $dir->read() ) { if ( !is_dir(DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'images/card_acceptance/' . $file) ) { if ( in_array(substr($file, strrpos($file, '.')+1), array('gif', 'jpg', 'png')) ) { $files_array[] = $file; } } } sort($files_array); $dir->close(); } $values_array = !empty($values) ? explode(';', $values) : array(); $output = '<h3 class="h3">' . MODULE_BOXES_CARD_ACCEPTANCE_SHOWN_CARDS . '</h3>' . '<ul class="ca_logos" style="list-style-type: none; margin: 0; padding: 5px; margin-bottom: 10px;">'; foreach ($values_array as $file) { $output .= '<li id="'.$file.'" style="padding: 2px;">' . tep_image(DIR_WS_CATALOG_IMAGES . 'card_acceptance/' . $file, $file) . '</li>'; } $output .= '</ul>'; $output .= '<h3 class="h3">' . MODULE_BOXES_CARD_ACCEPTANCE_NEW_CARDS . '</h3>' . '<ul class="new_ca_logos" style="list-style-type: none; margin: 0; padding: 5px; margin-bottom: 10px;">'; foreach ($files_array as $file) { if ( !in_array($file, $values_array) ) { $output .= '<li id="'.$file.'" style="padding: 2px;">' . tep_image(DIR_WS_CATALOG_IMAGES . 'card_acceptance/' . $file, $file) . '</li>'; } } $output .= '</ul>'; $output .= tep_draw_hidden_field('configuration[' . $key . ']', '', 'id="ca_logo_cards"'); $drag_here_li = '<li class="draghere" style="background-color: #fcf8e3; border: 1px #faedd0 solid; color: #a67d57; padding: 5px;">' . addslashes(MODULE_BOXES_CARD_ACCEPTANCE_DRAG_HERE) . '</li>'; $output .= <<<EOD <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- $(function() { var drag_here_li = '{$drag_here_li}'; $('.ca_logos').sortable({ connectWith: '.new_ca_logos', start: function (event, ui) { $('.new_ca_logos').append(drag_here_li); }, stop: function (event, ui) { $('.draghere').remove(); }, update: function(event, ui) { var changedList = this.id; var logos = $(this).sortable('toArray'); var items = logos.join(';'); $('#ca_logo_cards').val(items); } }); $('.new_ca_logos').sortable({ connectWith: '.ca_logos', start: function (event, ui) { $('.ca_logos').append(drag_here_li); }, stop: function (event, ui) { $('.draghere').remove(); } }); $('.ca_logos, .new_ca_logos').disableSelection(); }); //--> </script> EOD; return $output; } Now it works with Jquery 3.+ This should be inside the new CE.
  13. @puggybelle Andrea, The font color is in the bootstrap.css file, but you should be fine if you add the following to your user.css file. /* changes the menu font color and background */ .navbar-default .navbar-nav > li > a { color: #fff; } .navbar-default .navbar-nav > li > a:hover { color: red; background-color: #eee; } .navbar-default .navbar-nav > li > a:focus { color: #fff; background-color: #0066cc; } Please note that these are colors I use and you would need to change them to those of your own. My menu links are set to white on a blue background and will change to red with a light gray background on hover. See screenshot below. I don't recommend changing these settings in the bootstrap.css file because you will need to regenerate the minified version of that file, as well as add those same changes to the two .map files. Adding this to the user.css file should be sufficient. And always remember to hard refresh (SHIFT CTRL R) the browser to view the new changes.
  14. @puggybelle hi Andrea, I'm not sure if this will work for your store, but this is what I used. Add this to your user.css file and after you upload it to the server, be sure to do a hard refresh (SHIFT CTRL R) of your browser. You have to do that every time you make any CSS change. /* this will center the menu links */ .navbar-nav { width:100%; text-align:center; } .navbar-nav > li { float:none; display:inline-block; } The font color and button colors are in the bootstrap.css file, I think. I'll look for it and get back to you.
  15. Dan Cole

    Managing your Products

    Vadym that is very interesting and could be quite helpful. I've tried a module like that, at one point, that was under development but it used some proprietary code that wasn't flexible enough to get the data from several of my competitors sites so I abandoned that idea. If the "price spider" its an available osC module I'd love to have a look at it. Dan
  16. Can someone tell me how to center the category links that appear and how to change the font color and size of those links? I'm speaking of only those parent categories that appear in the header, not the additional subcat links. I've been messing around with user.css but I cannot seem to affect any changes there. If someone could point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it! - Andrea
  17. Yesterday
  18. Hi Jack, I did install one of the later addons and I encountered the same problem. It turned out that the includes/functions/whos_online script was the culprit. I replaced it with the original script and it worked. Thanks once again. Regards Elroy
  19. I have that request time and time again. I looked at a couple of option for existing add-on’s but decided to review what the other carts were doing before deciding to make changes. The results of the review showed that it was probably best to make some changes as I prefer the woocommerce approach. Just my preference nothing more. Neither approach is right or wrong! just different. Having looked at the checkout I decided to look at the front end also to see how well they could be integrated. I don’t see why simply reviewing and looking at options to improve an existing, or make a new add-on can generate so much resistance! 😊 just be happy that we may be able to have another add-on that some may find usefull. I don’t mind where the ideas come from as long as they contribute to try and make the osC experience better. So if you have one that can help please post here.
  20. Once again, this thread has devolved into a bunch of semi-related topics, all being discussed (argued?) in a random fashion. Let's see if we can bring this together (somewhat). As I see it, the initial issue has expanded to now include: 1) Guest checkout, 2) One page checkout -vs- multi page, and 3) What information is required in order to create an account. So, let's take these one at a time ... 1) Out-of-the-box, osC requires a customer to create an account. There is one very popular add-on (and a number of less popular ones, although most of them probably have not been updated to the latest code base) that adds the Guest Checkout functionality to osC. I use it in my store. It's strange ... I have repeat customers that still prefer to use the Guest Checkout. When one boils it all down, the only thing between a guest checkout and a registered customer is a password. So be it; give them what they want. However, consider what a Guest Checkout *doesn't* have ... Without an account (ie: password), the customer can't check on the status of their order, nor review their purchase history, leave reviews or testimonials, etc. (yes, I acknowledge that there is a commercial module available to allow some of that). If a customer is only ever going to make that one purchase, than these things may not be important. But, if there's a problem with the order I places in your shop as a guest, how can I follow up on it? And, maybe we, as store owners, need to emphasize better the benefits of having an account. 2) This has been discussed here many times. Do you want one LONG checkout page, or a couple of shorter ones? *IF* the customer enters the checkout process, and has no idea where they are, that's bad. On the other hand, *IF* it is clearly shown where the customer is in the checkout process, and what's left to do, a couple of smaller pages are fine (IMHO). I also think that using popup Modals in an effort to reduce the page length is a bad idea, especially if the customer is on a mobile device. 3) Out-of-the-box, to create an account, osC requires the customer's gender and date-of-birth. These are easily turned off in Admin (I do in my stores), and should not be a consideration in what information is needed to create an account. The other main thing that osC asks for is the customer's address (we'll set aside the newsletter sign-up for now). So, if I create an account without having to enter an address, I'll have to enter it when I place an order (see #2 above). And, if I place more than one order through the shop, having to enter my address with each order hasn't saved me any time, has it? The point is, you're going to have to ask for the customer's address somewhere in the relationship. Do you ask up front, or later on? If one wishes to explore yet another option, consider this: Your customer comes into your shop, puts something into their cart, and starts the checkout process. There is only one checkout process. Don't even bother saying, "If you have an account, please log in." The first thing asked for is the customer's email address. Your store checks to see if that email address is associated with an account. If it is, a Modal pops up saying, "Welcome back, <first name>. Please enter your password", logs the customer in, and pre-fills the checkout form. If the email address is not associated with an account, the 'guest' checkout process continues with the customer filling out things as they go. At the very end, after the order is finalized, the (still 'guest') customer is now asked if they want to create an account. All of the benefits are explained, and the customer only has to enter a password. If none is entered, no account is created. To expand this idea further ... if when the customer enters their email address, and there is no account associated with that email address, but there are prior orders (as guests) linked to the email address, your shop could acknowledge the prior orders, re-emphasize the benefits of an account, and ask again if they want to create an account. The bottom line is ... there is no one right answer. As store owners, we can tailor our shops to what our customers want (or, at lease, what we think they want). Since osC is open source, we are free to change anything we want. And, with all the development work being done to make it more modular, these changes are becoming easier to make. (we return you to your regularly scheduled bickering)
  21. Cool ideas. I like the idea of a simplified create account method. A pop up modal box to create account would be nice.
  22. Just in case you missed the first 2 times you were told, A kind developer has already agreed to look at updating one of his add-on to include some of the ideas here. As the rules of the forum do not allow me to discuses commercial work here I’m not able to. However the discussion is taking place in PM and I’m sure if he decides to discus it in public he will after all that’s his decision. So hopefully that answers your questions. Anything can be changed as long as you have the will to do it. Just chill out and let those who chose to, get one with it. Peace and love man! 😊
  23. Well stop trying to change something that cant be changed. This is a public forum and everyone of us here, and some have been here a lot longer than some, have a right to keep pointing out the obvious when people seem to take no notice of what is being said. All these pointless comparisons should also be removed as they serve no purpose. They are just your opinion which you seem to want to freely voice but others cant voice theirs. But never mind as lo g as your ooinion matters and no one elses does. As i said if you want to change something create an addon and do it that way. No matter what you keep on about it will not change the official version. If it could then this whole post would have a point.
  24. John W

    PCI Compliance

    Okay, so it kind of bugged me as to why htttpOnly and secure flag wasn't set. I tried altering the code to make it work, but it wouldn't. Did some more research and this is a solution that will make it set secure. Put this at the top of application_top ini_set('session.cookie_httponly',1); ini_set('session.cookie_secure',1);
  25. Should be define('HTTP_COOKIE_PATH', '.SavingsAdmin'); define('HTTPS_COOKIE_PATH', '.SavingsAdmin'); define('HTTP_CATALOG_SERVER', 'http://www.fcsavings.com'); define('HTTPS_CATALOG_SERVER', 'http://www.fcsavings.com'); define('ENABLE_SSL_CATALOG', 'false'); define('DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT', '/BOSWINFS01/HOME/users/web/b511/ez.dazzlingd/FCSavings.com'); define('DIR_WS_ADMIN', '/SavingsAdmin/'); define('DIR_WS_HTTPS_ADMIN', '/SavingsAdmin/'); define('DIR_FS_ADMIN', '/BOSWINFS01/HOME/users/web/b511/ez.dazzlingd/FCSavings.com/SavingsAdmin/'); define('DIR_WS_CATALOG', '/'); define('DIR_WS_HTTPS_CATALOG', '/'); define('DIR_FS_CATALOG', '/BOSWINFS01/HOME/users/web/b511/ez.dazzlingd/FCSavings.com/');
  26. Your running on a windows server it may be worth talking to your host just to check if there are any IIS redirects setup on the server that may be conflicting with osC. They do offer official osC on there servers so they should have some idea if any confilcts can occure.
  27. Please if you have nothing constructive to add to the subject of this thread then go open your own. I am not interested in going over the same old political nonsense that has taken place on several threads before. We are simply discussing ways to improve the offering. If you care to read the full thread you will see a way forward has already been discussed and an offer to help look at this proposal made and accepted. As and when the work is done it will be posted on the forum.
  28. 14steve14

    Managing your Products

    I am a bit like @Dan Cole and everything is a bit hit and miss. When replacement stocks arrive, I check all prices and also stock check just to make sure that stock levels are correct. If cost prices have risen dramatically I may even have a look for other suppliers at the time. If I leave it too long it all gets forgotten about until the next order. I also look at the product descriptions to see whether they could be changed or added to in any way just to keep them fresh. The same with the product images. This may sound bad, but if prices have risen lots, then I update prices similar products just so some dont look more expensive than others. When a new product arrives, I have already done my homework and have an idea of selling prices based on competitors prices and my buying cost, so its just a case of a bit of SEO work on the product names and descriptions, and the new products are added. I am currently going through the site and altering all the product description layouts. Over the years they got altered slightly and now I am trying to get them all to look the same. Its taking time, but customers seem to like it. I do have the margin report addon installed on my site so I can at least see how much profit I am making on individual items, and orders if necessary. I also have a report that lets me see how many of each item I have dold in a set period, so that helps with ordering stock.
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