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  2. It depends on the Zombie Phoenix version that you are using. At some point (I forgot what version) the Braintree payment module got restructured and split up. If you have an earlier version, then I suggest to install the latest version of that module. Hopefully, that will solve the issues. The newer version has one file in /includes/modules/payment/ folder called braintree_cc.php. And the rest of the Braintree package is moved to /includes/apps/braintree_cc/ folder.
  3. Thank you! I'm not out of the woods, unfortunately. Still can't get this thing to work. The module just will not load into check-out. When I check connection in Manage Module, I get: "A connection to Braintree could not be made using TLS v1.2. Please consult with your hosting provider to upgrade the cURL version that is installed with your PHP web server to support TLS v1.2 connections." It's hard to imagine the server is behind on cURL version for a 4 year old APP. Also, for some reason the 'Remove Module' choice just sends one to 'Manage Module' in admin. Wanted to remove and reinstall Braintree, but can't seem do that.
  4. https://developer.paypal.com/braintree/articles/control-panel/important-gateway-credentials#merchant-id
  5. Hotclutch

    Multiple Design Templates and built in Designer

    See the 4th shop on this page: https://sites.oscommerce.com/ The new osCommerce menu appears to function like this.
  6. annuity

    Multiple Design Templates and built in Designer

    Also when in mobile mode a design i like is to have a slide in menu from the left hand side, which contains the main categories and important links etc. The menu slides in by the user clicking a small icon on the left hand side, which also remains in place as the user scrolls down so is always available. This hugely benefits the user experience when in mobile mode as there isn't the space the have categories in the header menu. https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_sidenav.asp
  7. annuity

    Multiple Design Templates and built in Designer

    Hi, I wanted to ask/request if the standard template could come with what they call "Sticky Header". Whereby when the user scrolls down in any mode desktop/tablet/mobile the header sticks to the top of the page. https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_sticky_header.asp
  8. annuity

    Payment methods

    Hi, I just wanted to ask regarding Paypal specifically. It looks like Paypal have replaced the old hosted/web payments pro with a new solution called Paypal checkout. Will one of the payment modules supplied with v4 be Paypal checkout please?
  9. I have just installed the Braintree module, and am having trouble getting it to work. I need these credentials in admin: Merchant Accounts Merchant accounts and defined currencies. EUR: USD: The contribution guide indicates the merchant accounts can be found in Braintree -> Dashboard -> Processing, but from this end, the information is nowhere to be found. The module looks like it was produced in 2017. The payment module I am using was included with Phoenix. If anyone has an idea where I might find the "Merchant Accounts" information, or if you know some other way to get past this issue, I would appreciate it.
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  11. Jack_mcs

    Header Tags SEO

    @Owl SauronPlease go into Page Control and select the "Add Missing Pages" from the dropdown menu. Then check for warnings.
  12. Owl Sauron

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi again, Getting several issues: PHP Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in /includes/functions/header_tags.php on line 25 Phoenix @ PHP 7.1 & 7.4
  13. Hotclutch

    Next osCommerce v4 demo

    I see the demo page has been taken down. https://demo.oscommerce.com/ And the osCommerce Live Sites page looks different. https://sites.oscommerce.com/
  14. What exactly did you want me to check on this demo site? All I can see is that that one lets me log in correctly at the checkout stage?
  15. Please test your actions on the demo site https://demo.osclab.com/vanilla-oscommerce/
  16. Hmm.. It doesnt seem to be triggering any errors. Ok, that now loads up paypal, but it asks the customer to log in again (im assuming this is because streamless checkout causes issues at the moment?) but then when you log in, it loads the option to log in or use a bank card? so it still isnt 100% right. any ideas?
  17. plenoal152

    Where is templates ?

    The store is being created, what do you mean by infractions? the cookies ?
  18. clustersolutions

    Next osCommerce v4 demo

    It'll be interesting to see the new code base and the business model.I hope there is a new framework that could draw in new developers. Devs like to work on cool stuffs. There's been a lot of cool stuffs since OSC and Phoneix--containerization, microservices, ElasticSearch, Kafka, Redis, NoSQL like Cassandra and etc...throw all the bells and whistles at it to make it awesome and stood out from the rest. Let's face it moving from OSC or Phoenix to V4 will not be an easy migration given how the original cart was so "customizable" so make it worthwhile. I spent over 15+ years in opensource/startups and am now working at a big publicly traded software company with a 30+ year old platform/code base, and it's been interesting experiencing the company and it's fortune 100 clients who are used to white gloves services trying to adopt opensource. I don't think that the question on "can it be done or how?" has been addressed yet because it isn't easy...ya, I am interested to see how this will turn out...thx! BTW, "low-codes" is the buzz word now I think...
  19. replace the code in the file /ext/modules/payment/paypal/express.php  https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ruden/vanilla-oscommerce/dev/catalog/ext/modules/payment/paypal/express.php you can check on the demo site https://demo.osclab.com/vanilla-oscommerce/
  20. Jack_mcs

    View Counter

    A new version has been uploaded with these changes: V 1.11 Added an error message when an invalid entry is made in the Ignore Range box. Added code to stop an IP from being blocked or ignored when it is already in the other list. Added partial searching for IP's in the Show Only IP box. So entering something like 54.56. will show all IP starting with 54.56. Added an option for debug tracing. Added more google search bots to the bots array. Added an option to check blocked IP's to see if one is google since not all of their IP's follow normal rules. Added more tables to the Clear Tables tool. Added the remote host field to the VC table to help catch bad bots. Added code to record the page name instead of the parameter when the server error addon is installed (recommended) and it gets accessed. Changed the code for getting IP details to prevent failures for some IP's. Changed the code to handle incorrectly entered IP's in the block and ignore boxes. Changed the code in Monitor to greatly speed up the page load. Changed the input boxes in the header of the Monitor section to accept input by pressing enter. Changed the validate domain code since it was missing some bots due to multiple dots. Changed the install script to restore the settings when a reset is done. Changed robots.txt file in Extras to reduce size and correct some minor issues. Changed code for sending emails for hackers and spoofers to ignore customers. Corrected the emails sent for hackers and spoofers to show if the IP was actually blocked or not. Corrected the code that identifies search bots that was added in the last version. Corrected the missing text and layout in the Warning box on the Monitor page. Corrected the Ignore list checking on the shop side. It was not seeing all ignored IP's. Corrected mistakes in some of the language files that affected formatting.s Fixed mistake in email logging code that used the wrong address. Fixed mistakes in Tools->Maintenance. PRO VERSION ONLY: Added option to delete individual emails from the email log, Pro Version only. Added a report to show the blocked countries history. Pro Version only. Added a report to allow blocking by hosts. Pro Version only. Added a report to display a log of all changes made. Pro Version only. Added an on-page indicator showing it a hacking attempt has occurred. Pro Version only. Changed the email tracking code to ignore emails from registered customers. Pro Version only. Changed the email tracking code to record the customers IP in the Ignore list to prevent accidental banning. Pro Version only. Changed option for Bad Words to delete the persons account or not. Pro Version only. Changed the code for Bad Words to validate the email address. Pro Version only. Corrected the code in the Skimmers report to handle CIDR's properly. Pro Version only. Recommendations: Install the Custom Server Error addon. This has long been recommended but in this version of View Counter, the argument in the url that caused the 404 is displayed. This catches attempts that were previously not seen. Replace your robots.txt file with the one in the extra directory. It has a very long list of bots that will prevent unwanted traffic, in some cases. If you do this, be sure to change the url (top and bottom of file) and un-comment the bottom one. Only do this if you have a sitemap file to reference (strongly recommended).
  21. milkman45

    osCommerce v4 demo

    The idea of DEMOS is great but to sign in and have a private viewing is crazy. A link to a dedicated page with sign in would have been better as allocated time is not possible for all. I don't understand the secrecy......
  22. hi Erika, If you have not already, turn on your error reporting. That will help you to see via the error log what errors are being generated and you can better identify where the problem is.
  23. Thank you for this. I did that this today, and it hasnt changed too much, as far as customer side. I managed to get the log in working but now Im having issues with payment - I select paypal at the payment page, and it takes me to a blank page at the following url: /ext/modules/payment/paypal/express.php
  24. plenternz

    Lose buttons on banner after login

    Thanks Hotclutch ! The header part was where it went wrong, a remark from Burt put me on the right track, making the header bigger (or smaller) changes the dynamics of the buttons. Also, different results in different browsers. But I got there, all good now. 🙂
  25. @ebarrett Here are fixes for all known bugs https://github.com/ruden/vanilla-oscommerce/tree/dev/catalog/includes/apps/paypal Copy the contents of the includes/apps/paypal folder to your project
  26. mediarays

    Next osCommerce v4 demo

    I am a member on this forum since 2003 and my first online ecommerce script it oscommerce. Long live Oscommerce
  27. @driven22 Ok, then I'll post another solution in a bit. Without being able to test this locally, it's a more challenging trial and error process.
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