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  3. Here is Gumtrees take on that "positive affirmative action for consent"... So, if you click a link, or press "I accept" ... you've accepted. No way to say "no".
  4. Products Attributes - Auto Select

    Thanks for the tip raiwa, forgot to mention what I am working on! I have searched both forums and google but did not find my answer. Recent install of V2.3.4.1 BS Edge, very little modification, mostly just language file changes.
  5. Hi, Is there a way to automatically select a Product's Attributes? What I want to do is allow a file download on every product. It would be nice if the customer did not have to select that they want a download, I would like that automatically selected. I might even hide the selection block as it should not be needed if there is only one Product Attribute. A little off topic, but it would be nice if I could add the file to be downloaded on the same page used when adding/editing products... thanks in advance, Chuck
  6. [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    Uploaded: Ship In Cart BS reloaded 4.0 Changes Vers. 4.0: - updated to CE Frozen - Updated template name to CE Frozen naming standard - Updated include template to CE Frozen auto filename. - Hide message no shipping mwethod available for virtual carts - Hide shipping address for logged in users if virtual cart
  7. Modular Shopping Cart

    Uploaded update: Modular Shopping Cart BS 2.0 Version: 2.0 Changes: - updated to latest CE Frozen - updated fa icons to font awesome 5 - Updated template name to CE Frozen naming standard - Updated include template to CE Frozen auto filename. - changed to use page_content variable to fix headers already sent error with pay pal express
  8. Upgrading to the latest version

    Remember that all robots.txt and <meta>-style nofollow, noindex are just suggestions to search engines. None have the force of law. A well-behaved SE will probably obey them, but don't count on it. If you have no public links to a test directory, it's unlikely (but not impossible) for a SE to still index it. The only sure-fire way I know of to put the test directory under password control (via your hosting control panel). I think we're talking two different things here. The paths and files could change radically, but a SE seeing only SEF URLs could have no idea that the directory structure has been changed underneath it. Of course, you may have other reasons that you want to retain a certain directory structure, that are independent of SEO. If you have valuable SE goodwill built up, you may want to think about how you could preserve your current SEF URLs by tweaking an SEO add-on. Alternatively, it should not be harmful to redirect (301) existing URLs to new URLs, which could be an option for you.
  9. Worldpay Hosted Payments extended

    What you should happen is that if a buyer presses cancel within Worldpay (assuming they're able to work out that you have to click on the little cross instead of the word cancel) it should take them back to the store (via the hosted_callback page which refreshes and forwards after 3 seconds) to the checkout_payment page, which deletes the order and puts the products back into the basket. If someone goes off to worldpay but then just goes away (or their phone battery dies or...) then you are left with an order in the Preparing status (just like with Paypal). So usually this means it's an order to cancel. On extremely rare occasions you may find that someone's battery died at the instant between paying and coming back to your site, so that their order is still Preparing - but in this case you will still get the email from Worldpay telling you that they paid. If you think your customers are particularly impatient you can reduce the refresh delay so they don't click away before being sent back to the site.
  10. Store Hotline BS

    uploaded update: Store Hotline 2.1 BS Changelog: Version 2.1 Updated skype fa icons to font awesome 5 Updated template name to CE Frozen naming standard Updated include template to CE Frozen auto filename. Note: if you are running Version 2.0 without problem, you do not need to update to 2.1.
  11. Upgrading to the latest version

    Use the store mode add-on to filter access by IP: https://apps.oscommerce.com/XTWqf&store-mode-bs and in addition prevent crawling by robots.txt restriction
  12. SiteMonitor

    This page and this one lists some characters that should not be used. I never bothered to code for this because it is not recommended that any php shop, oscommerce or any package, be ran on a Windows server. And using "bad characters" in file names on a Linux server may cause other problems so if someone uses such names, they are asking for problems. In general, all file names should follow these rules: All lowercase. Words separated by an underscore or a period. No spaces in the name. Regarding the admin name, the reason that is filled in is just because I never added a clear for it. On some servers the script would not run as written so I added code to have it load through curl and that requires the admin's login. I haven't seen the need for this for many years so it is probably no longer needed. But the boxes for it are not needed unless that option is needed so it can be ignored.
  13. Worldpay Hosted Payments extended

    Hi John, I copied the file from the newest install and it works okay, and seems to update the basket on a completed order. However, I have discovered if once I reach the payment page I press cancel, the order is still logged. This is not a major issue as I can simply check to see if payment actually was rec'd and cancel an order if it hasn't, but wondered why this was happening. thanks Kellie
  14. Upgrading to the latest version

    Use the robots.txt to prevent indexing
  15. Upgrading to the latest version

    Rainer, Your wholesale plug-in might be of interest down the road. We could do a subdomain but the problem with that I think is that Google might be able to index it. If we create a new virtual environment, then we can restrict access to just developers & ourselves based on IP address. Phil, Good to know that 5.6 can support both versions. The URL rewriting is a major issue for us since current file/path structure has to be maintained during & post domain migration, ideally for another 18 months. We've managed to maintain our domain authority so don't want to tamper with that while we try to get our SERPS up with responsive mobile. Templates for responsive may also be useful. Depending on what progress we make in the next few weeks, I may go to the commercial posting area to see what talent is available, especially regarding URL rewriting/SEP. Good point on the documentation. This has been a major weak spot for us for years. Will have to see if I am up to wearing another hat. I'll keep you all posted. Your prompt, information responses have been a great help. Regards, Stephan
  16. Another addition: After switching languages a few times, it suddenly also works in German with Edge/IE (?!)
  17. Store Logos Multi 1.0 Responsive and Localized Store Logos Store Logos Multi Compatibility: Responsive BS CE Frozen and all 2.3.4.(1.) BS EDGE versions and GOLD PHP 5.4-7.2 How it Works: Responsive and Localized Store Logos will add a new Logo page to your admin where you can upload 3 different logo sizes for each of your store languages. A new alternative header content module is included which will display the Logo just like the standard core logo module. Purposes: 1. Serve different logo sizes to allow the visitors browser to select the most apropiate for it’s device size and resolution. The browser will automatically download only the logo which fits best it’s need. Example: You are using a banner style store logo which is set to half of the header width (col-6) - for a standard desktop screen and a retina tablet a width of about 640px would be good - for a retina desktop device with double resolution like i-mac, 1280px would be better - for a small simple mobile phone 320px would be optimum to save download time. This add-on allows you to upload 3 different sizes of your store logo (1280px, 640px and 320px for this example) If your store logo uses the full width (col-12), upload for example the sizes 2560px, 1280px and 640px. 2. If you wish to use different versions of the Store Logo for each of your store languages, you can now easy upload a different set of logos for each language. It is not mandatory, You can use one and the same logo and only upload to the default language. It will be used then for all languages.
  18. EDIT: I just found the problems a) und b) are both only for German language, when English is selcted it is all fine) More problems/questions: a) "No matches" when I search for "sc" or "sch" although it finds 45 matches for "sche"?? !! ( Min Characters Required on 2) (works properly for "fe", "fen", "fend", just not "sch") b) It does not seem to work at all with MS Edge / Internet Explorer here. Whatever I type into the search field: no matches (Both your demo site and the grandpas site work with these browsers as well here) Sorry for the many question :( The css editing worked fine :)
  19. Are now available without the other 28d modules, because a few people contacted me about buying these but did not want the other 28d things. What Are They A bunch of modules designed to help to make shopowner life easier. They are not mandatory to have, as there are other options available in the addons area, or you could just create the customer data yourself as and when you get a GDPR request. GDPR Display Modules These modules load up and display the Customers data (to the Customer). GDPR Intro This one simply gives a bit of Blah about what the GDPR is. You can obviously change the text to better reflect your needs. Personal Details Show the Customer what Personal Data you hold Contact Details Show the Customer what Contact Details you hold Contact Details, extra Addresses Show the Customer any extra Addresses he has added Site Details Show the Customer the data that the site has created and assigned to him. Site Actions Show the Customer what actions he has performed. IP Addresses Show the Customer his stored IP Addresses Yes, shopowner, you do store IP addresses in some case even if you think you don't!! Orders Show Customer his Orders + link to them Cart Show the Customer what is in his Cart right now. Notifications Show the Customer which Products he is being notified about. Cookies Shows the Customer the Cookies that your site loaded. Update: this now includes "delete" button for non-essential cookies. Reviews Show the Customer his reviews, allow him to delete/anonymize them. Download Data Button Allow the Customer to download all of his Data per the GDPR Regulations. Other Modules Included There are some other modules included to extend the simplicity of the Display Modules; MATC (create_account.php) This displays a MATC tickbox, with popup links. This consent is stored as a Site Action. MATC (checkout_confirmation.php) This displays a MATC tickbox, with popup links. This consent is stored as a Site Action. Account Links (account.php) Two modules which create new links in the account.php page. First link leads to the page that has the GDPR Display modules. Second link leads to a page where customer can self-delete himself. Delete Page Customer can nuke his details (aka "forget me"). Order Data is Retained. Email Popup Shows some text to reaffirm that you ask for the email only to use for its intended purpose. Text can obviously be changed by you. Conclusion All of the above modules CHANGE NO CORE CODE. They are designed to make your life (as shopowner) easier, and allow your customers to instantly perform GDPR actions (eg, forget me, port my data). Video Live Demo http://template.me.uk/234bs3/create_account.php Please create an account, buy a product. After this go to account.php then hit the link for the GDPR page. Here you can see some of the modules loaded. Good For Gold - YES, with minor .css addition Edge - YES Frozen - YES 2.3.4 - YES, with minor .css addition Want It? All ya gotta do is PM me to have a chat and get a price.
  20. KissIT Image Thumnailer

    New version uploaded: KissIT Image Thumbnailer r28 Version 28 BS for OsC CE Frozen and all BS EDGE versions and GOLD Change log r28: 1. Fixed some missing hardcoded paths in tep_image function 2. Removed support for 2.3.4 standard (non BS) and previous versions 3. Added modified product_info gallery module with KissIt thumbnail support. For 2,3,4,1, CE Frozen modularized product info page.
  21. Upgrading to the latest version

    As others have pointed out, Frozen is already responsive all by itself. However, if you are talking about changing function and appearance through a new skin ("template"), whatever you have now would have to be rewritten to be compatible with Frozen. There are already several such templates (some may be free) that may be a good starting point, with only minor adjustments to the CSS (placed in file user.css) needed in most cases. Note that using one of the SEO add-ons may produce slightly different URLs than your current system. Search engines will regard these as different, and you may lose SE ranking for a while. Depending on just how different the systems are, it may or may not be feasible to come up with something that either accepts (in addition) the old URLs, or returns a 301 code with a new URL. It might even be possible to tweak the new SEO code to produce the old style URLs (links produced to match the old), but this will take someone quite skilled in this area. Frozen is happy to run on PHP 5.6, but will also do 7.1 (which your host will upgrade to soon enough, as it is the current production level). Special pricing, etc. should be largely independent of the responsive skin issues. Your old database will need to be updated to work with Frozen, but you should be able to keep all your existing data (just be sure to back up your DB!). Anything you added to the DB for custom function can be kept, unless there is a naming conflict with Frozen's changes. About the best thing you can do is make a test installation (in its own directory) of Frozen, migrate over a copy of your data, and start playing with it to add in your custom function (possibly already built-in or available as add-ons). Don't sweat it if there are minor differences in appearance -- customers like to see that a shop is being kept updated rather than stagnating. The biggest impediment to such a changeover is that most site owners never kept track of what changes they made over time -- both what they changed and (just as important) why they changed it. For instance, if you made massive changes to implement responsive, all that's built-in now. If you're in this boat, start now to write down everything you can remember that was changed (and why), which will help you to replicate your custom functionality and appearance. Get in the habit of carefully documenting all changes, so the next time around, it won't be so painful.
  22. Thank you very much. I am sure I will get the css modified for my needs.
  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0frHw-7J4Mk
  24. 28d, 2018

    By request, GDPR module are now available on their own. PM Me if of interest.
  25. I've had a look at your site and I see what you mean. The problem is with the colours of your theme. The add-on just uses the colours from your theme by default, to match your theme. I haven't incorporated a means to easily switch colours. But if you want to have a play try this file: "ext\typeahead\css\ht-twitter-typeahead.css" (you need to have knowledge of css files). Sorry but I won't be helping you with that. Make sure you have a backup copy of original. cheers
  26. Thanks, that was the reason. One remaining problem: where can I change some background or text colours of the search results shown in the box? With my current theme (from some theme switcher module) it is black text on dark grey background, not readable at all :(
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