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  2. KissIT Image Thumnailer

    @Icebird Your problem has nothing to do with Kissit Image Thumbnailer, but have you looked at either of these: HTH Malcolm
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  4. Interesting debate ... As a shopower I learned myself the skills to maintain and develop code for osCommerce ... The past 14 years or so I have looked at different carts from time to time (Presta - Magento - osC V3 - Shopify - etc.). For most of them - started a test shop - looked into the code - and especially tried to make an analysis of the eco-system. Believe me - it doesn't get better! Off course the lack of a roadmap (time table) is killing oSC. If Harald just/only would share his direction and objectives - a lot of community members could do a vast amount of work to bring oSC to a higher level. THANKFULLY @burt started his community edition - he did a massive job. But - if I understood right - the lack of support from the community (donate money - test - give feedback etc) made Gary decide to stop further development. And that's a shame! As I said - it doesn't get better with a different cart. osCommerce is the only true Open Source Cart in my opinion/experience. Easy to maintain for different skill levels of coders. Compare this to Magento ... a nightmare in debugging ... You probably end up with a professional that's gonna cost you a lot of money. And they (also) went from V1 to V2 leaving all your extensions useless. So - off course it's important to look around and keep openminded for different carts. But as long as osC keeps developing - even at a slow / minimal pace - I prefer to stay with osC. Hope this helps to convince some people to donate @burt so maybe he will reconsider ... just look in Github what he @BrockleyJohn and @wHiTeHat Henry did the past days https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/pulls
  5. KissIT Image Thumnailer

    Yes, i understand. Many thanks for the previous answer. It gave an highlight about the fix. Once again, many thanks Rainer.
  6. disallowed url

    Does not help as it does not check for extensions which are allowed ............that is really what I need. But thanks anyway
  7. Upgrade, or change cart?

    I thought long and hard about this, as its a dilemma I have faced about a year or more ago, and am starting to think about again. If I have to learn something new, do I go and change to a cart which is being updated and secured on a regular basis, or do you stay with something that is going no where. I looked at other carts, and was sort of persuaded to stay with oscommerce because the community version was actually going somewhere. I liked the idea of the one click modules type thing which not many other carts offered, so as long as what ever happens here next keeps doing that, It would be easier to stay. No real need to learn code and modules make installing easy. Without knowing where oscommerce is going is so frustrating. Looks like the community version is reaching the end of its progression as Gary wants to make it final. That could be bad news as I can see no where that the next official version is anywhere near ready. Promises have been made and nothing hapens. No new release in years. Not good. I have lots of Garys 28 days of code modules so should be able to get a year or so out of oscommerce before anything really needs to be done. That may be the time to cut and run to something else.
  8. Authorize.net Consolidated v1.7 by Austin519

    Have you checked the site at https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/ to see if it supports TLS1.2? It is a server requirement, but if they are running an old version of php, then they may not have support for tls 1.2. If that's not supported then A.net is not going to work. That's probably the problem. It is possible there is a curl option setting it to a lower version of SSL, but I doubt that is what the problem is because it would have been set to something already discontinued like SSL V3.
  9. ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    If a product has options, then you don't want a link with options preselected. The link should be for the product alone, then someone selects options.
  10. ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Maybe it's been asked before, but reading through 175 pages is just a bit too time consuming. I found this issue when using product options. when I got an url like product_info.php?products_id=13{1}11 it will not be rewriten to the products friendly name/url nor will it preselect the chosen options in the products options list. Anyone have a suggestion why at least the friendly name wasn't used? BTW: If you remove the options part, it will rewrite the url to the friendly name, but ofcourse will noet pre selct the options value
  11. Admin Area Having Errors

    I've just been looking at the configure.php file from the admin side and may have stumbled upon the problem. When I FTP into the webspace, I put everything in the htdocs folder like I should. However, when I reference the admin area in the configure.pho file, I've not referenced that folder so that may be causing the issue. The problem is, I've deleted everything so I'm uploading everything again to test my theory. It sort of makes sense as to why its not fetching certain things. I've just downloaded the latest Edge release in your signature so I will start from scratch if my theory above isn't right. The only issue with that is the customization again. I need to install STS, Header Tags, Excel Populate, Paypal and a Discount addon. The files from my old site are fine as they were downloaded as a complete backup in September 2015 when the site was up and running and fully functional.
  12. KissIT Image Thumnailer

    Hello Luis @Icebird, I'm sorry, this kind of customization doesn't seem to be required by other users. You can always leave the KissIt thumbs out for the product page, you have only one product image there as far as I could see. I would need to install your addition on a test store to see how to fix it and this is far beyond what I can offer here in the forum for free. Hope you understand Best regards Rainer
  13. Google XML Sitemap SEO

    RAC - Please be sure you are using the latest version of this addon. The defined file names were removed in V 1.11 but the error you are having says they are still there.
  14. Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Looks like you could use the compatibility add on or change those constants to the actual file names. Dan
  15. KissIT Image Thumnailer

    Many thanks, Rainer. forgot that i also must pass the $product_info['products_quantity'] aswell. i tried this but its not passing the value: echo tep_image('images/' . $product_info['products_image'], addslashes($product_info['products_name']), KISSIT_MAIN_PRODUCT_IMAGE_WIDTH, KISSIT_MAIN_PRODUCT_IMAGE_HEIGHT, ((KISSIT_MAIN_PRODUCT_WATERMARK_SIZE > 0)? preg_replace('%<img width="[0-9 ]+" height="[0-9 ]+" src="(.*)title=.+%', 'data-highres="$1', tep_image('images/' . $product_info['products_image'], null, $width, $height, $product_info['products_id'], $product_info['products_quantity'])) : 'data-highres="'. 'images/' . $product_info['products_image'] . '"' . $product_info['products_id'] . $product_info['products_quantity'])); It doesnt seem to pass the product image height or width correctly either. You can check it here when you go to the products page: https://www.naturhigia.pt/lojaEDGE/index.php the "sold out" triangle is pure CSS and should adapt to the product image just as it does in the front page. Mind to give me an hand, please? This might be an interesting extra to your module. :)
  16. Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Hi Sorry, I am running Edge. Regards Shaun
  17. Upgrade, or change cart?

    @MrPhil Thanks, Phil. Concise as always.
  18. Google XML Sitemap SEO

    @RAC What version of osCommerce are you using?
  19. Well, going from old osC to new osC is probably going to be the least work of your options. Usually it's just running .sql script(s) to modify the DB layout, but if you've done a lot of customizing to the program and DB, it may involve a lot of manual work (especially if the old osC is many releases back). Nevertheless, I can't see it being any easier going to any other brand of cart, which will involve at least a conversion/migration process. I wouldn't worry about DB migration if you're deciding whether to stick with osC (newer version) or go to another cart. It's really more a matter of whether the other cart has features that you need, but osC cannot easily provide. The DB is a nit compared to that. No one likes having to go through data migration, but you can't stick with an old shop forever. The underlying systems (server, PHP, MySQL, etc.) change over time, and will eventually require you to upgrade to a new version. You can ignore that until crisis time (your host just upgraded from PHP 5.2 to 7.1 and your 2.2MS2 shop keeled over), or you can be proactive and stay up-to-date with regular, comparatively painless, upgrades. Note that you need to keep good records of all changes (add-ons, tweaks, custom work) to your shop, (including why you made a change), to make it easier to replicate function on the new one.
  20. Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Hi I can not seem to get this to work, (however I am blaming the flue that I am suffering with). When attempting to call googlesitemap/index.php The error log shows : [20-Mar-2018 13:57:08 Europe/London] PHP Notice: Use of undefined constant DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG - assumed 'DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG' in /home/****/public_html/*****/googlesitemap/index.php on line 33 [20-Mar-2018 13:57:08 Europe/London] PHP Notice: Use of undefined constant DIR_WS_INCLUDES - assumed 'DIR_WS_INCLUDES' in /home/*****/public_html/*****/googlesitemap/index.php on line 36 [20-Mar-2018 13:57:08 Europe/London] PHP Warning: require_once(DIR_WS_INCLUDESfilenames.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/*****/public_html/*****/googlesitemap/index.php on line 36 [20-Mar-2018 13:57:08 Europe/London] PHP Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required 'DIR_WS_INCLUDESfilenames.php' (include_path='.:/opt/alt/php55/usr/share/pear:/opt/alt/php55/usr/share/php') in /home/*****/public_html/*****/googlesitemap/index.php on line 36 Any kick in the right direction could help. Regards Shaun
  21. Transfer the database to Oscommerce

    Depending on how closely the old store's DB layout maps to osC's, the amount of effort could range from trivial to overwhelming. There might be a converter available from osC, or you may have to have something custom-written. It might even be easier to start over and manually enter each item into the admin interface, or through a CSV file (requiring an add-on). By the way, if you're just starting out with osC, be sure to use the most current version, which is Edge, and not the standard/official version. Edge is more up to date and is "responsive" (mobile friendly). See the link in my sig below.
  22. Admin Area Having Errors

    With a store that old, the first thing is to find out from your host whether they just upgraded PHP or something. I don't think it will run on anything more recent that maybe 5.2 or 5.3, and most hosts are up to at least 5.6 by now. Then look around for any PHP error logs (e.g., "error_log" files in various directories) and see if they give any clue about missing include files, such as those defining table names. Look in your hosting control panel at the "last modified" dates on all files -- has someone been fooling with your files since the last time you did anything? That could be a hacker, or a well-intentioned host trying to automatically fix code problems. If a hacker erased some files, you can compare against a recent backup to see if anything's missing, but if you don't have a backup somewhere, that could be a problem (I think you can get a fresh copy from the osC archives). Finally, the page link problem has been discussed many times before -- have you done a search on it (on this forum) and read what caused it and how to fix it? Different people may experience different causes, but they could still give you a clue what to look for.
  23. Upgrade, or change cart?

    @bruyndoncx Well said, Carine. The upgrade path is critical! Probably, no other cart will have an easy option to import the data from your old store. Some may claim to, but most likely, it's based on an old version of osC., and still require a lot of manual importation and adjusting.
  24. Upgrade, or change cart?

    My deciding factor would be if there is a migration path from old osCommerce to new , being it osCommerce or to alternative cart. Granted the big changes, some re-learning would be needed either way. Then the question is , in new oscommerce or alternative cart, if you have the same freedom and easy of making changes at minimal cost.
  25. The HT can populate the exact same results. The listing is an array of data, what even can be used in as a JSON encoded string. Via javascript it can be added to : $data = json_encode($schema_product); $oscTemplate->addBlock('<script type="application/ld+json">' . $data . '</script>', $this->group); i even think it is not required to send it to the the ht_ inside the header. imagine the following code for cm_index_new.php : if ($num_new_products > 0) { while ($new_products = tep_db_fetch_array($new_products_query)) { $OSCOM_Product = new osC_Product($new_products['products_id']); $OSCOM_Image = new Image(); $data[$OSCOM_Product->getID()] = $OSCOM_Product->getData(); $data[$OSCOM_Product->getID()]['display_price'] = $OSCOM_Product->getPriceFormated(true); $data[$OSCOM_Product->getID()]['display_image'] = $OSCOM_Product->getImage(); $data[$OSCOM_Product->getID()]['display_manufacturer'] = $OSCOM_Product->getManufacturer(); } ob_start(); include('includes/modules/content/' . $this->group . '/templates/new_products.php'); $template = ob_get_clean(); $oscTemplate->addContent($template, $this->group); } From the provided $data, there could be generated a Schema.via hidden html code.... OR.. A javascript that can wrap the generated code into the <head>...</head> The same principe is also for the current code.... this is Class independent.
  26. Admin Area Having Errors

    Its version 2.2 RC2a
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