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  2. Import Reviews from other sites

    Yes, I've doe it by using that module, didn't get much action.
  3. Import Reviews from other sites

    @discxpress, follow up emails along with Gary's module you doing that right now? Got some good reviews...
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  5. Import Reviews from other sites

    @clustersolutions most solicitation emails go to spam folder. The ones that come through I read a little and if it's garbage I delete. I really don't shop on Amazon so I can't remember reading any fake reviews. I am interested in ways to get my customers more engaged by getting them to submit reviews. This is all new to me.
  6. Paypal Issue Could not verify the PayPal transaction

    Suddenly I can't edit a post anymore....weird. Further to the above message - I am using the Points and Rewards. I cannot test a live transaction since Paypal decided to put my personal account through a security review because I was trying to order Christmas items on ebay - and there were 3 different currencies so they flagged me. On a side note, they gave me a $10 "credit" to use - although it'll expire before they allow any transactions. That aside....I did confirm with them my Business Account and Sandbox accounts are not affected by this. I will post my checkout_process.php to this as well in case that is the issue. Here's what happens: 1. add items to cart 2. checkout (paypal sandbox) 3. Paypal reports success 4. Paypal APP log shows transaction and IPN received (I DO NOT use nor have I setup IPN in either the sandbox or live paypal accounts) --> PDT is configured and the return URL is set. This appears to work properly and at least returns properly. 5. Status shows Paypal [Transaction] in orders - it is never confirmed. 6. Order confirmation email IS sent out. Order in admin should show completion and does not (Admin->Orders->Orders) 7. Attempting to view transaction history in Paypal sandbox account: no activity I am beyond confused and lost. checkout_process.php
  7. Changing Domain on OSCommerce site

    This is wonderful information. Thanks MrPhil.
  8. Import Reviews from other sites

    @discxpress, from what I recall you can pay Amazon to help increase your reviews. May be real reviews!?, but there's a cost...
  9. Import Reviews from other sites

    @discxpress, hmm, you mean you had never gotten soliciting emails to write reviews for your site? I'd never used one but I know sites/sellers that had. If you ever read the reviews on Amazon you should be able to id "fake reviews" They do follow a pattern. Well, in the case of OSC, you probably just need access to OSC's review table...I am not encouraging this conduct at all, but it is business--anything for competition advantage...
  10. I am confused. I thought I was helping you not you teaching me. I know how to set up all the parameters you mention. I was trying to clarify Raiwa's post and help cmjain735
  11. Just for information, a little bug I have discovered. The solution <?php echo $oscTemplate->getAppsHeaderTags(); ?> must be before <title><?php echo HTML::outputProtected($oscTemplate->getTitle()); ?></title>
  12. Ok Configuration -> Shipping/Packaging Enter the Maximum Package Weight you will ship SHIPPING_MAX_WEIGHT Package Tare weight SHIPPING_BOX_WEIGHT Larger packages - percentage increase SHIPPING_BOX_PADDING These parameters are used in calculation In includes/classes/shipping.php 54-62
  13. Paypal Issue Could not verify the PayPal transaction

    Similar here...and order in "pending" - never registers that payment was successful etc. (Sandbox mode at moment) Also trying to view order fails...invalid transaction ID or something along those lines.
  14. Progress Update

    Great news @Harald Ponce de Leon. Thank you for the update.
  15. No It is in Modules-> Shipping and then install the Zones module Mine looks like this
  16. QTPro BS

    @PiLLaO @raiwa I think the best things for that to modified stats_low_stock_attrib.php from QTPro add the Categories and Manufacturers menus(filter) and editing some code there and using jQuery Ajax for Inline Editing in that file , Br Omar
  17. What is the data Configuration -> Shipping/Packaging
  18. Import Reviews from other sites

    @MrPhil Amazon is cracking down on such reviews. Mostly what I read, the hyped up reviews were those referring to the seller. My idea and as you stated in this thread, is to place a link back to the original reviews. The reviews from my actual customers would be separate as they should. That way the burden of authenticity is on the review site. Also, place a disclaimer on my site stating that those reviews are property of the external site.
  19. Amazon Juggernaut

    If amazon wants the sales to go to the chinese and chinese scammers there's nothing you can do to save your business the writing is on the wall, read between the lines it was a good run while it lasted. Like what the auto industry said, the steel industry said, basically every other American industry said.
  20. Today a new tuto for 2.4

  21. Hello, I am continuing my investigations under osc 2.4 and my learning This tuto will help you to create a new header Tags approach inside OSC using the new concept in 2.4 App Currently, header tags is under includes/modules/header_tags. The goal is to include Header Tags inside the Apps. That's the goals to make. How to do that ? Currently, Osc 2.4 doesn't include this element. I don't know if @Harald Ponce de Leon want to include that inside OSC. The main advantage of this approach is to develop an APPS with all inside a directory and not to have all information everywhere inside the sites. It's just a little modification inside template.php. That's all to have something cool :) @Harald Ponce de Leon is to you to decide if you want to include this element inside App. How to do that ! ================================= Step 1 : Preparation of the elements including abstract and Interface 1-a includes/OM/Modules create a files called HeaderTags.php <?php /* * HeaderTags.php * @copyright Copyright 2008 - gyakutsuki * @copyright Portions Copyright osCommerce * @license GNU Public License V2.0 */ namespace OSC\OM\Modules; use OSC\OM\Apps; class HeaderTags extends \OSC\OM\ModulesAbstract { public function getInfo($app, $key, $data) { $result = []; $class = $this->ns . $app . '\\' . $data; if (is_subclass_of($class, 'OSC\OM\Modules\\' . $this->code . 'Interface')) { $result[$app . '\\' . $key] = $class; } return $result; } public function getClass($module) { list($vendor, $app, $code) = explode('\\', $module, 3); $info = Apps::getInfo($vendor . '\\' . $app); if (isset($info['modules'][$this->code][$code])) { return $this->ns . $vendor . '\\' . $app . '\\' . $info['modules'][$this->code][$code]; } } } 2-a includes/OM/Modules create a files called HeaderTagsAbstract.php <?php /* * HeaderTagsAbstract.php * @copyright Copyright 2008 - Gyakutsuki * @copyright Portions Copyright osCommerce * @license GNU Public License V2.0 */ namespace OSC\OM\Modules; use OSC\OM\Registry; abstract class HeaderTagsAbstract implements \OSC\OM\Modules\HeaderTagsInterface { public $code; public $title; public $description; public $sort_order; public $enabled = false; protected $db; abstract protected function init(); abstract public function getOutput(); abstract public function install(); abstract public function keys(); final public function __construct() { $this->code = (new \ReflectionClass($this))->getShortName(); $this->db = Registry::get('Db'); $this->init(); } public function isEnabled() { return $this->enabled; } public function check() { return isset($this->sort_order); } public function remove() { return $this->db->exec('delete from :table_configuration where configuration_key in ("' . implode('", "', $this->keys()) . '")'); } } 3-a includes/OM/Modules create a files called HeaderTagsAbstract.php <?php /* * HeaderTagsInterface.php * @copyright Copyright 2008 - Gyakutsuki * @copyright Portions Copyright osCommerce * @license GNU Public License V2.0 */ namespace OSC\OM\Modules; interface HeaderTagsInterface { public function getOutput(); public function install(); public function keys(); public function isEnabled(); public function check(); public function remove(); } ===================================== Step 2 Call the new class element inside template Edit includes/classes/osc_templates 1-a Just after use OSC\OM\Registry; add use OSC\OM\Apps; 2-a just before function addBlock($block, $group) { $this->_blocks[$group][] = $block; } Add public function getAppsHeaderTags() { if ( defined('MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_INSTALLED') && !is_null(MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_INSTALLED) ) { $header_tags_array = explode(';', MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_INSTALLED); foreach ($header_tags_array as $header) { if (strpos($header, '\\') !== false) { $class = Apps::getModuleClass($header, 'HeaderTags'); $ad = new $class(); if ( $ad->isEnabled() ) { echo $ad->getOutput(); } } } } } ===================================== Step 3 : Called inside your app the header tag I am supposing you have developped an app, there the main elements to include inside 3-a edit your oscommerce.json just below "modules": { add "HeaderTags": { "RSS": "Module\\HeaderTags\\RSS" }, 3-b Create a directory called - Module -- Headertags 3-c Create a files called RSS An full example about the rss header tags <?php /** * RSS.php * @copyright Copyright 2008 - Gyakutsuki * @copyright Portions Copyright osCommerce * @license GNU Public License V2.0 */ namespace OSC\Apps\Communication\PageManager\Module\HeaderTags; use OSC\OM\Registry; use OSC\OM\HTTP; use OSC\Apps\Communication\PageManager\PageManager as PageManagerApp; class RSS extends \OSC\OM\Modules\HeaderTagsAbstract { protected $lang; public $group; protected function init() { if (!Registry::exists('PageManager')) { Registry::set('PageManager', new PageManagerApp()); } $this->app = Registry::get('PageManager'); $this->lang = Registry::get('Language'); $this->group = 'header_tags'; // could be header_tags or footer_scripts $this->app->loadDefinitions('Module/Admin/header_tags/rss'); $this->title = $this->app->getDef('module_header_tags_rss_title'); $this->description = $this->app->getDef('module_header_tags_rss_description'); if ( defined('MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_RSS_STATUS') ) { $this->sort_order = (int)MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_RSS_SORT_ORDER; $this->enabled = (MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_RSS_STATUS == 'True'); } } public function isEnabled() { return $this->enabled; } public function getOutput() { $xml = $OSCOM_Template->addBlock('<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="' . STORE_NAME . '" href="index.php?Info&RSS'.'">', $this->group); $output = <<<EOD {$xml} EOD; return $output; } public function Install() { $this->app->db->save('configuration', [ 'configuration_title' => 'Do you want install this module ?', 'configuration_key' => 'MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_RSS_STATUS', 'configuration_value' => 'True', 'configuration_description' => 'Do you want install this module ?', 'configuration_group_id' => '6', 'sort_order' => '1', 'set_function' => 'osc_cfg_set_boolean_value(array(\'True\', \'False\'))', 'date_added' => 'now()' ] ); $this->app->db->save('configuration', [ 'configuration_title' => 'Display sort order', 'configuration_key' => 'MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_RSS_SORT_ORDER', 'configuration_value' => '210', 'configuration_description' => 'Display sort order (The lower is displayd in first)', 'configuration_group_id' => '6', 'sort_order' => '215', 'set_function' => '', 'date_added' => 'now()' ] ); } public function keys() { return ['MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_RSS_STATUS', 'MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_RSS_SORT_ORDER' ]; } } ===================================== Step 4 4-a Edit OSC/Sites/templates/Sail Just above (important) this code <?php echo $oscTemplate->getBlocks('header_tags'); ?> add <?php echo $oscTemplate->getAppsHeaderTags(); ?> I hope do not forgotten anything That'All !! Others tutos about OSC 2.4
  22. Modular Shopping Cart

    Maybe I've missed something...it has most certainly happened before. @raiwa I have a bunch of addons you have either created or updated - and they are great and your work is much appreciated! This one seems to have me stumped...maybe it's supposed to be this way but it doesn't make sense to me. When you are at the cart (shopping_cart.php)...the estimated shipping and order-totals works perfect. Now here is where I am confused - when you click the "Checkout" button it wants to go to "checkout_shipping.php" instead of "checkout_payment". At this point, we have the products, shipping address, shipping quote, and order-total. Why is mine not skipping directly to choosing a payment method - it is redundant to take the customer to the shipping page. If it's my fault - don't be afraid to bash me for it :) (Just help me solve it first lol). Take care and thank you again for another great contrib!
  23. Does anyone use Stripe Connect?

    Hi . They are just animals. Suddenly they closed our account and refunded all the transactions we ever had! We wrote 2 times to the support, three days are gone and still no answer. Now we are going back to PayPal and we have to ask 300 payers to pay again for the service. I still can’t believe it happened. Cheers,
  24. You can have it as grams if you wish In includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/zones.php change line 16 define('MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONES_TEXT_UNITS', 'grams'); On the product listing if it is 186 grams input 186.00
  25. 0.1:2,0.25:2.3,0.345:3.4,2:4.5,5:7.50 product weight only in kilograms
  26. QTPro BS

    Yes, for the two parent options that I have
  27. QTPro BS

    Hola Gustavo @PiLLaO, Did you flag the new option for stock control ( Track Stock? ) in products_attributes.php?
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