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  3. Yes, if it's ok for your needs.
  4. cupidare

    KissIT Image Thumbnailer Support

    Thank you for the answer. I personally store images in full resulution (>4mb) because maybe I will need it in the future ... but for the pi-site it is sufficient to show a much smaller image. So am I right putting the "sufficient"-file-size in this position?
  5. Yes, it is intended. It's supposed you wish to show the full original image size in the pop up. Only if watermark is used, KissIt will produce a new "thumb", but also in the original image size. There is no "cache" effect, the original image is there and does not need to be "cached" in the thumbs folder.
  6. Finally got Phoenix live and working as I want it. Now only updating if I want to add a feature. Leave it alone if its working.

    1. bonbec


      Very nice job Steve, well done! The site is very fast, easy to navigate, I hope this will boost your business.

    2. 14steve14


      @bonbec Thanks very much. I hope it does not boost the business too much as I cant cope with it as it is. It has been well received by the customers. I have received many comments about the additional information on the new site, yet it was already on the old site and has only be transferred. There are a few additional modules that need adding but so far they have not been updated and the developers say that are waiting for 1.0.8 so thats when the next big update may happen.

  7. cupidare

    KissIT Image Thumbnailer Support

    Running with just a question: is it intended, that the main-image is not thumbnailed? Because neither an image width or height is specified in pi_gallery_kissit.php Line 68. By adding some numbers there, the main image is cached as well.
  8. Yesterday
  9. I have PWA as only means of purchase in my shop (so no login possibility at all, hook/redirect directly to create_account_pwa -page). I would like to remove "T&C and Privacy" from create_account_pwa.php page, because T&C is asked again in checkout_confirmation -page. Can it be removed from create_account? Had a quick look at the template, and all the fields of the form seem to be coming from a routine / module.
  10. You can create any directory name you like and extract the contents into it, you're not limited to the archive name or github download name. Glad you resolved it though, your last post had an air of despair about it.
  11. -RanZ-

    Outgoing Mail Server

    Where does a person setup the outgoing mail servers in Phoenix? I moved to a new host and outgoing mail no longer works, assuming I need to update it. Thanks, Dan
  12. Yes! Success! Jack and Nigel set me on the right track because their suggestions were ostensibly different. Let’s say you’re domain is example.com. On an Apache server the website is in the folder public_html (the default, the root). When you upload and unzip the Phoenix package all files are in a folder named gburton-CE-Phoenix-090c3fc in public_html. If you leave this like this, you need to follow Nigel’s advice and go to https://yourdomain.com/yourshopdirectory/install which in this case would read: https://example.com/gburton-CE-Phoenix-090c3fc/install It works like a charm. The only “drawback” is that the string gburton-CE-Phoenix-090c3fc becomes part of your URL, which may look a bit cluttered on the screen. If you don’t want this to happen, simply move all the files in the folder gburton-CE-Phoenix-090c3fc to public_html (this is a three-click job). Then follow Jack’s advice and go to https://example.com/install I hope this little disquisition will be helpful for others. Many thanks to all of you who contributed to this post. I was really stumped when I started it. Henk
  13. Youre situation is this see url, unzip in the root without the directory gburton-CE-Phoenix-090c3fc
  14. These are the initial views you should get once the files are on your server and you go to yourdomain.com/yourshopdirectory/install
  15. Your original choice of files are way too old. I did the same. Not really sure why they're so prominently displayed still. ~~~ const DB_SERVER = '123.456.789.012'; // My site is remotely hosted so I use the IP address of the site const DB_SERVER_USERNAME = 'abc-123-def'; // Username is the username of your database. Sometimes an extra prefix is added at db creation. Use that too. const DB_SERVER_PASSWORD = 'password'; // Your database password const DB_DATABASE = 'abc-123-def'; // same as your username Once the main installation is complete, you enter these fields when requested within the software, not via the actual php file. Your site needs to be hosted with atleast PHP7. Are you hosting this yourself or using a hosting service ?
  16. Last week
  17. ecartz

    XSS & SQL Vulnerabilities

    Then there isn't a problem. The problem would be if the page displayed a separate alert box that would just say SAINT.
  18. @H2comics Two things ... 1) Make sure your SSL certificate is set up correctly: 2) If you have changed *anything* regarding your site (domain name, installation in a sub-directory, etc), make sure both your SSL certificate and your configure.php file(s) reflect this: (emphasis added) HTH M
  19. rule

    XSS & SQL Vulnerabilities

    @ecartz After allowing the request, the search page loads with "There is no product that matches the search criteria" and [removed]alert('SAINT')[removed] in the search box.
  20. Hi Jack, I had a look at the link you sent me but it's all about HTTPS certificates. I already have one. It worked a couple of days ago when I had v2.3.4.1 running. The last hour I tried to complete configure.php because it looks as if it is something to do with connections, but frankly I'm out of my depth. const HTTP_SERVER = 'http://h2comics.com'; // eg, http://localhost - should not be empty for productive servers // define our database connection const DB_SERVER = 'localhost:1111'; // eg, localhost - should not be empty for productive servers const DB_SERVER_USERNAME = 'aaaaaaa'; const DB_SERVER_PASSWORD = 'bbbbbbb'; const DB_DATABASE = 'ccccccccc'; The bold ones and letters are fictional for the purpose of this post. My real entries didn't make any difference, though, as far as I can tell. I'm still getting the Testing123 page. I must confess I haven't a clue what I'm doing anymore. It makes me wonder how on earth I ever managed to get the website on line in the past. Well, anyway, thank you for your time. Best regards, Henk
  21. zipurman

    USPS for Pheonix

    @Snarg I have added you to the testing thread. If anyone else is looking to test this let me know. I am planning on releasing all of these shipping mods shortly and then will just patch if needed.
  22. Hi Jack, I've put the Phoenix Edition V1.0.7.13 on the server. So now I need to run the install script. Where can I find this and how do I run it? Thanks again for your help. Henk
  23. Omar_one

    USPS for Pheonix

    @Snarg @zipurman working on USPS Shipping Module, check here
  24. Snarg

    USPS for Pheonix

    Is there a functioning USPS shipping module for Phoenix? Thank you.
  25. René H4

    New EU VAT regulations per July 1st 2021

    I have read more into it. The regulation already existed, but Brussels is tightening the thresholds. From july fist 2021, if your sales to other EU countries in total exceeds 10000 Euro's, you have to pay VAT in those countries. Next to the issue is that the shopowner has to pay the VAT either through their local VAT system, or through an own VAT-id in EVERY country that is sold to: there is the fact that the VAT has to be charged in LOCAL VAT percentage. I am selling from the Netherlands, where we have 21% VAT and I have used that for more than 10 years now, for any sale. Now I have to set up ZONE-ing for all percentages that are carried within the EU. Who has dealt with this, and what was the solution?
  26. Resuming from this threat to keep the original on-topic:
  27. You uploaded the catalog directory to the server. You can visit it by doing http://h2comics.com/catalog/index.php Phoenix doesn't put the store inside a catalog directory. So if you do the same thing with Phoenix, it should work.
  28. That's correct. You should use the one named "Phoenix Edition V1.0.7.13".
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