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    Category Redirect to Product Page http://www.clubosc.com/category-redirect-to-product-page.html
  3. I wanted to try something a little more different, and so I came up with this; http://template.me.uk/illusory-hope/ Limited to 20 buyers. First 10 can have it for £50. Next 10 at £100. If of interest, PM me. There are NO CORE CODE CHANGES.
  4. Hi Gary, I think you have a great selection of themes. They are very professional and the prices are more than reasonable. Peter
  5. Yeah sure. I might do a new Theme for when 2.3.6 is released. Keep an eye on the thread.
  6. Hi Burt, I did not mean any disrespect. I am happy to pay and buy a theme. I looked at the ones you already have and I feel I need something more. As an engineer, I can make things work. I can not get them to look pretty, though :-) In fact, I bought the one I mentioned already for another site that runs stock standard osCommerce. I think, my only option is to gut it and use the bits and pieces in BS version. Rudolf
  7. You can make it as sophisticated as you wish...with a load of hard work on your part. Good luck!
  8. With all due respect, I am looking for something more sophisticated.
  9. Addons

    Awesome little Mod
  10. Addons

    Popup - Processing Order http://www.clubosc.com/popup-processing-your-order.html
  11. Addons

    Keyword Tags http://www.clubosc.com/product-tags-aka-keywords.html
  12. Addons

    I think it's especially important as google seems to index the review page INSTEAD of the product page with the bootstrap version. I was finding it very frustrating because the site is relatively new and had no reviews, now it's gaining reviews, so it's been great for that!
  13. Addons

    I have been using the key system for a few weeks now and I am very happy with it so far. I have added some hooks to automate most of the processes, changed the email to an html email with admin configuration options for altering the looks of the email, and I have added a cron job to run the review emails automatically for me based on configuration options set in the admin. Finally I can get away from the mailbeez review system.
  14. Addons

    @@burt #17 - Slider System, this is a great addon, gives the ability to promote products/change promotions on a daily basis. The slider allows as many as you wish to display with the number displayed to suit your grid size. Highly recommended addon, and so simple to install, just drop the files in and switch on :) Mike
  15. Addons

    #17 - Slider System This is a CONTENT MODULE for the Index page (shop side) There is also a link module to add a link into the Tools Box (admin side) And a new page for adding in Slider Items (admin side) Good for: Gold and Edge NO CORE CHANGES. Read More: http://www.clubosc.com/easy-slider-for-index-page.html Donation Amount: £5 (first 10), then I will up the price a little bit [to cover my time in making the system] Donate - donations are anonymous and are made via Paypal, please note #17 or "Slider System" on the Paypal note, thanks. Questions? PM me or Email me. Need Support: PM me or Email me. Thank You.
  16. Addons

    It's in the language file, which is where it should be. Shop Side language files can be edited via admin > define languages or changed manually (eg via FTP) Admin Side language files are manually changed (eg via FTP). I have no plans to change that functionality in osCommerce, it is nothing to do with the Addon.
  17. Addons

    Hi Burt, I just meant if the file itself was editable from admin so the email message could be changed regularly. I really do love the addon, I had 4 reviews, now I have more than 30.
  18. Addons

    It is in the language file of the order_key page. The only use of this (as written) is the reviews system, but it could potentially be extended should anyone need it. That would obviously be quite some coding time/effort.
  19. Addons

    @@burt what I'd love with the key system is for the email that gets sent out to be in the languages in admin, so it can be quickly and easily edited. That way, we could send out different messages, current promotion codes or other things quickly and easily with a batch of keys.
  20. Addons

    Thanks guys, appreciate your feedback (and emails about potential changes/additions/betterments).
  21. Addons

    @@marcello, could not add any more to this, keys rule!
  22. Addons

    @@marcello I agree the key system is money well spent. It will get extra exposure, which gets extra sales. Sales make the world go round!
  23. Addons

    #11 - Key System If any of you have been putting this off, don't. If any of you are unaware of this code, read http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/410262-addons/#entry1750787 and http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/410262-addons/page-2#entry1751415 Installation is seamless System is intuitive Clean and flexible Customer interface Reviews will flow in Simply, get it you wont regret it.
  24. Addons

    @@crimble crumble thank you for the feedback. I consider the Key system to be a game changing addon for both shopowners (more reviews, more google goodness) and for shoppers (easier to make an action at your site). I'm very taken with this module, and have plans to extend it out into a passwordless login system (but that's off in the future somewhere)...
  25. Addons

    I should also mention another great benefit from #11 - key system is that after some people leave a review they decide to make a purchase.
  26. Addons

    #11 - key system. Great idea, easy installation. Paid for itself already. 50 reviews three hours after installing and sending emails. Well done.