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  2. If anyone needs any of these mods, please email me as I am taking a break from this Forum. Ditto for support needs if you already have any of these mods. My email address is oscshops AT gmail DOT com
  3. 28d, 2018

    If anyone needs any of these mods, please email me as I am taking a break from this Forum. Ditto for support needs if you already have any of these mods. My email address is oscshops AT gmail DOT com
  4. Are now available without the other 28d modules, because a few people contacted me about buying these but did not want the other 28d things. What Are They A bunch of modules designed to help to make shopowner life easier. They are not mandatory to have, as there are other options available in the addons area, or you could just create the customer data yourself as and when you get a GDPR request. GDPR Display Modules These modules load up and display the Customers data (to the Customer). GDPR Intro This one simply gives a bit of Blah about what the GDPR is. You can obviously change the text to better reflect your needs. Personal Details Show the Customer what Personal Data you hold Contact Details Show the Customer what Contact Details you hold Contact Details, extra Addresses Show the Customer any extra Addresses he has added Site Details Show the Customer the data that the site has created and assigned to him. Site Actions Show the Customer what actions he has performed. IP Addresses Show the Customer his stored IP Addresses Yes, shopowner, you do store IP addresses in some case even if you think you don't!! Orders Show Customer his Orders + link to them Cart Show the Customer what is in his Cart right now. Notifications Show the Customer which Products he is being notified about. Cookies Shows the Customer the Cookies that your site loaded. Update: this now includes "delete" button for non-essential cookies. Reviews Show the Customer his reviews, allow him to delete/anonymize them. Download Data Button Allow the Customer to download all of his Data per the GDPR Regulations. Other Modules Included There are some other modules included to extend the simplicity of the Display Modules; MATC (create_account.php) This displays a MATC tickbox, with popup links. This consent is stored as a Site Action. MATC (checkout_confirmation.php) This displays a MATC tickbox, with popup links. This consent is stored as a Site Action. Account Links (account.php) Two modules which create new links in the account.php page. First link leads to the page that has the GDPR Display modules. Second link leads to a page where customer can self-delete himself. Delete Page Customer can nuke his details (aka "forget me"). Order Data is Retained. Email Popup Shows some text to reaffirm that you ask for the email only to use for its intended purpose. Text can obviously be changed by you. Conclusion All of the above modules CHANGE NO CORE CODE. They are designed to make your life (as shopowner) easier, and allow your customers to instantly perform GDPR actions (eg, forget me, port my data). Video Live Demo http://template.me.uk/234bs3/create_account.php Please create an account, buy a product. After this go to account.php then hit the link for the GDPR page. Here you can see some of the modules loaded. Good For Gold - YES, with minor .css addition Edge - YES Frozen - YES 2.3.4 - YES, with minor .css addition Want It? All ya gotta do is EMAIL me on oscshops AT gmail DOT com to have a chat and get a price.
  5. 28d, 2018

    Here is the next part of the Puzzle. 0:00 Donald Duck makes an account using create_account.php on this page there is a MATC checkbox that MUST be ticked to allow the account to be created also two modals, one for privacy, one for terms Donald agrees and sets up an account. 0:36 Donald now goes to account.php and clicks to get to the GDPR page 0:44 Donald now sees everything the site knows about him of particular interest is SITE ACTIONS, where shopowner has stored the fact that Donald signed up *and* agreed to T&C/Privacy In the Database, shopowner has also stored the details; 1:03 Donald now checks out. 1:24 Donald hits checkout_confirmation.php on this page there is a MATC checkbox that MUST be ticked to allow the order to be processed also two modals, one for privacy, one for terms Donald agrees and completes his Order 2:04 Donald now goes back to GDPR page of particular interest is SITE ACTIONS, where shopowner has stored the fact that Donald agreed to his details being passed to external companies In the Database, shopowner has also stored the details;
  6. 28d, 2018

    Here is the next piece of the GDPR jigsaw puzzle. If you add up Article 20 and Recital 68...you (shopowner) have to give your customers a way to download their data. Good luck doing that - what a timesink - you are going to have to collate all of the customers data, create a file, tell them where it is, help them to download it etc. Bah, let's do all that automatically. Port My Data Module Clicking the Button allows the customer to download all of their data. Admin Side. Just turn it on. Once I get it fully tested in a live scenario, it'll go out to all and certainly prior to the 25th.
  7. 28d, 2018

    Popup Style Hint: No Core Changes: Works on mobile/touch screen: Coming Soon to those who "get it"
  8. 28d, 2018

    Red Button = DELETE review Fully deletes the review from the database. Blue Button = Anonymize Review If Review is anonymized, Reviewers name changes and Blue button goes disabled and background goes Blue. Reviewer still "owns" the review, so can go on to delete it in the future if they want to. Will send this update soon! All updates are in testing phase.
  9. 28d, 2018

    Here is the next GDPR Updated Module. Again, ajaxified, deletion of two un-needed personal details... Testing now, send out later on.
  10. 28d, 2018

    By Request: Ajaxified deletion of extra addresses This will be being sent out tonight to all :)
  11. 28d, 2018

    Upcoming Bonus tomorrow most likely
  12. 28d, 2018

    Couple more GDPR Modules built by request; and These will be sent out tonight to 28d Members.
  13. 28d, 2018

    Bonus #7 - Latest Orders A shop-side Box Module that displays where in the world your latest order came from. Looks cool (I think) and I believe anything like this gives comfort to potential customers, them seeing that other customers are using your shop. Admin Side As you can see, you can turn on/off the "time" function (I call it "ago") and you can turn on/off the flags. Shop Side
  14. 28d, 2018

    Bonus #6 - Video Tab New Tab that shows one video per product. Could be an unboxing video, or whatever. If you want to be the awesomest shopowner ever...it could be a video of the Red Woman from Game of Thrones. Admin Side New Page for assigning video to product. Works only with Youtube at this moment (see Question below). Admin Side New box and links for these helper pages Shop Side New Tab showing the Video Question Is Youtube enough, or should there be other video hosting options? Created in response to @bruyndoncx great idea, thank you. Delivery: Tomorrow
  15. 28d, 2018

    Bonus #5 - Product Redirect Message Allows shopowner to easily set up a redirect from [old] product to [new] product. Perhaps your old product is out of stock? Perhaps you just want to make shoppers realise there is a better alternative? Perhaps you are running low on stock of old product? I'm sure there are many reason how and why this could be useful to you. If a product has no redirect...the message does not show. Core Code Changes None Admin Side (new link in box) Admin Side (page for setting up redirects) Shop Side (message in product_info) Conclusion Simple way to let your customers know of a different alternative. Your Task Think of ways in which this can be extended to better suit your own needs. You, shopowner, know your demographic better than anyone else. Sending out Tomorrow.
  16. 28d, 2018

    Bonus #4 - Price Changing On The Fly Works in every currency. Lots of people wanted this... Core Code Changes None Video (watch the price as the select options are changed) This is one of the modules that was sent out for testing, and was late in coming back to me. This will be sent out later today or perhaps tomorrow.
  17. 28d, 2018

    Bonus #3 - Country of Manufacture I've made a way to allow the shopowner to add "country of manufacture" to each product. Any product with an assigned country shows a little label like this; There are some core code changes, but only in files that you wish the label to show; - index module - product listing module Admin Side, for assigning countries => no core code changes
  18. 28d, 2018

    Bonus has just gone out, and the Community has another coooollllll shopowner signed up overnight. Bonus #2 - GDPR Actions 8 more shopowners needed, and the Project can be done and final by the end of this month. Also, another Bonus GDPR module This shall be emailed out tomorrow!
  19. 28d, 2018

    Have sent out a Bugfix on two modules And a bugfix to the bugfix this morning, I must have been asleep when testing Bonus #1 - GDPR Extra Addresses Overnight have two more excellent shopowners able to support the Project Eight more shopowners who feel able to support, and the Project can be wrapped up once and for all by moving to Bootstrap v4. Are you one of those Eight? PM me...
  20. 28d, 2018

    Received question overnight about GOLD. Gold is a much older codebase than Edge, but is broadly similar....main differences; ICONS: Gold. Uses glyphicons Edge. Uses FontAwesome PRODUCT INFO PAGE: Gold. Has "hardcoded" Large Images layout Edge. Has "shopowner defined" Large Images layout NAVBAR: Gold. Has "hardcoded" navbar Edge. Has "shopowner defined navbar and child modules HOOKS: Gold. Does not have Hook System installed Edge. Has Hooks installed by default INDEX PAGE: Gold. All hardcoded. Edge: Modularised GTIN: Gold. Does not exist Edge. Included TABBED ORDER PAGE: Gold. Does not exist Edge. Included So, all that said, I have tested all the 28d Addons on the GOLD. Here's the findings; 28d01, Better Stock Message Requires language change from FA to Glyphicons Requires 1 change in module file 28d02, Product Tabs Works! 28d03, Reviews Data Works! 28d04, Index News Slider Add 1 line of code to index.php to match edge 28d05, Back To Top Works, requires language change from FA to Glyphicons 28d05, Continue Shopping Works! 28d06, Product Terms Instructions for admin/categories.php do not match, but done carefully.. Works! 28d07, Get A Quote In /ext/ file remove mention of products_gtin 28d08, Manipulate Country/State Works! 28d09, Hotjar Works! 28d10, NB Modules DOES NOT WORK. Must update to Modularised Navbar 28d11, PW Reinforcement Message Works! 28d12, Pricing Tools Works! 28d13, Manufacturer Filter Works! 28d14, Two HT Modules Deny Back Button: Works! PW Confirm: Works! 28d15, Batch Action Works! 28d16, GDPR 6 GDPR Modules: All Works! 1 Account Module: Requires language change from FA to Glyphicons 28d17, Sale Sticker Instructions do not match, but done carefully Works! 28d18, Device Data Shop Side: Works! Admin Side does not display data. Needs Hook system and Tabbed Order page, after which Works! Can provide manual instructions for older style order page. 28d19, Recover Carts Works! 28d20, Security Questions 1 Account Module: Works, requires change from FA to Glyphicons 1 standalone page: Works! Admin Side: Works! Protecting Forms: Requires Hook System to be installed, after which: Works! 28d21, Lower Price Works! 28d22, Product Tabs Gallery: Requires update to shopowner defined system. Xsell: Works! Social: Works! 28d23, Data Driven Replacements Requires language change from FA to Glyphicons 28d24, More GDPR Works! 28d25, Product Listing Upgrades Items Per Page: Requires Hook System, after which.. Works! Price Slider: Works (after required core code changes) 28d26, Login Modules Sidebox: Works! Footer Box: Works! Navbar: Requires Modular Navbar, after which.. Works! 28d27, Merge Accounts Works! 28d28, Key System Requires installation of Hook System, after which.. Works! Conclusion If you are happy to update your Navbar to the modular system [takes 10 minutes], and you are happy to install Hooks/Tabbed Orders [you probably already have it if you are using Paypal App], in any case it takes just 5 minutes...... you are good to go on everything other than; 28d22, Gallery 28d07, Get A Quote 28d01, Stock Message Each of these three would require just a tiny change elsewhere to make them work. No worries on that, as I will obviously help out until whatever is broken is not broken anymore.
  21. 28d, 2018

    Day 28 - Keys System (hands off) For the final day I offer you the Keys System which is a game changer for everyone who uses it. The Keys system allows your customer to perform actions/see stuff without having to login. Thanks to @mattjt83 this has now been updated so it is 99% hands off. Core Code Changes None! Admin Side (new box link) Admin Side (new keys page) This page gives a quick rundown of what is happening. At the bottom of the same page, is a information area for shopowner, which gives the CRON Url (so you can set it up to be hands off) and two other links which show the outgoing email (can be changed by you) and the list of pending recipients. Click the review email to see it, in a popup Admin Side (Key Modules) There are a bunch of Modules included; Shop Side (new page) When the customer access their Key, it looks like this (content is dependant on which modules you install), remember this is without them logging in! The most interesting module is the Reviews module and that looks like this; Summary This bunch of modules is in use on a number of sites. The extra updates by Matt allow the system to be 99% hands off, after initial setup. There is no other way to make your shop this simple for your customers. ps, please excuse my elite photoshop skills.
  22. 28d, 2018

    Day 27 - Merge Accounts All the things I've coded are out with testers, none of whom have been able to get back to me...so I had to dig into old code to find this. I noticed recently an addon called "merge account" had been uploaded and remembered I had made something similar a couple of years ago. It is a standalone admin page that allows you to search for customers and then to merge their accounts. Core Code Changes None Admin Side (new link in box) Admin Side (new page) On this page, you search for something that binds accounts together. In this example I search for "ga" which returns three accounts made by me. For binding you can search on customers name, email, any part of their main postal address. The returned list of matching customers shows when the account was created and when the last logon was. This gives an indication which account is being used and which are not. Perhaps you can see two further columns on the image; Master/Secondary. I made it so; Only one Master can be chosen. You cannot choose the same Master and Secondary Multiple Secondarys can be chosen Next you press "MERGE". Accounts are merged and not needed data is deleted. Note that any unticked items...nothing whatsoever happens to them.
  23. 28d, 2018

    Day 26 - Login Modules Three modules, all login, in different parts of your site. Now you can choose which ones make it easiest for your Customer... Core Code Changes None Navbar - dropdown Login in the Navbar After login this changes to Side Column - can be placed right or left column After login this box disappears... Footer - matches the other footer boxes After login this box changes to This footer box is therefore, pretty much a replacement for the standard "account" footer box. Summary Three Login modules which will allow your customer to more easily log in.
  24. 28d, 2018

    Day 25 - Product Listing Modules Today I have two modules for you, both of which make changes in the module: /includes/modules/product_listing.php Module 1: View "X" Products This is a HT Module which allows you to add in breakpoints which allow people to view more or less items per page. Core Code Changes Call a Hook File, so YES. Admin Side Shop Side -AND- Module 2: Price Slider This is a HT Module which allows you to add in a slider which, when changed, will remove products that are more expensive. Core Code Changes Yes, unless you are on up-to-date Edge, in which case No. Admin Side Shop Side As the Slider is moved up and down the price...products disappear and reappear based on their price. Summary Two HT modules, both of which extend the product listings.
  25. 28d, 2018

    Day 24 - More GDPR A few more Modules for the GDPR page... Core Code Changes NONE 1. Orders 2. Device Data (turn on if using a previous 28d that collects this data) 3. Reviews 4. Security Answers (turn on if using a previous 28d that asks for this data) 5. Cookies Also a "Forget Me" module for the GDPR bit of the account.php page which leads to a way for Customers to Nuke themselves. Summary A bunch more useful modules to try to cut down on YOUR workload shouhld you have EU customers who want to know their data. Over the coming months up until May, I expect shopowners will come up with more ideas of things that need to be shown, and these can be coded up as extra modules.
  26. 28d, 2018

    Day 23 - Data Driven Replacements Nice little HT module that accepts a CSV file of words/phrases and then replaces them in the products_description... Core Code Changes NONE Admin Side Shop Side (using Popover) Shop Side (using Tooltip) How the CSV file looks, this powers the system