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  2. 18 mods now loaded. Maximum anyone has found (and let me know) is 9
  3. Thank you to all who were so far able to support me in my aims for 2019. If there are anymore undecided shopowners yet to put their hand up, the reason for the 28d each year is to allow time out of the normal work schedule to work on moving the software forward. I'm looking for your support, especially from those who have so given no support while using the software for months or years. TL;DR Each buyer allows me to have about a half day working solely on moving the software forward...
  4. Thank you to all who have so far looked at the Demo. One bug was found in one of the product_info mods, which I have now fixed... As of yet, no-one has found all 16 loaded mods
  5. Forgot to mention that Demo site is running BS4. All 28d Mods will be available in two flavours; for BS3 based sites (eg Frozen) for BS4 (is any shopowner on BS4 based osC?)
  6. Hello all, pre-orders are now open for my next 28d package of mods. Those who pre-order get the whole package of mods at a cut-down price compared to those who wait until February. I have a demo site up and running, showcasing the mods that I have coded so far. If anyone is interested in taking a look at Demo site (without obligation to pre-order, though I hope you will), please PM me. 2019 will hopefully be a year of change for osCommerce, and as I am the only developer keeping osCommerce somewhat relevant ... I hope that everyone will take the opportunity to show their support. Thank You.