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  2. A couple of bugfixes coming later on tonight. As well as one extra bonus (which was being tested but the shopowner testing it went dark on me), so I couldn't make it into a 28d release in time. This one removes the side columns on selected pages (eg to have less clutter on the checkout pages)... 28d is still available for those shopowners who would like to help out. Thanks.
  3. Problem was exactly as per the core code, just needed the addition of a clearfix div.
  4. FYI here it is BSv3: http://template.me.uk/234bs3/product_info.php?products_id=16 If I removed the "reviews button" module, the qty input would jump up below the images, so I would then have two options; add a clearfix div make the qty width wider than the images width BSv3 is sometimes problematic in this regard - hence the quick/easy clearfix solution as per the core code reviews button.
  5. Most likely you just need to clearfix in the template file, as is done for the reviews button; https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/blob/2341-Frozen/includes/modules/content/product_info/templates/tpl_cm_pi_review_button.php#L1 Email for support please...giving URL to look at etc - makes things a *lot* easier.
  6. Same with me Stephan, I was guessing the demo site is BS4. I run BS3.
  7. i dont get them to show on the same line, as seen in your example. The qty input is over or below the buy button. i tried same sort priority or higher or lower and different content width 3/9, 4/8, 6/6 etc
  8. You're right, there's only so much anyone can give for free. Hence my commercial project here. There is no "pay" structure - I ask people to contact me to let me know what they can do. Some can do X, some can do Y, some can do nothing, and some call me an asshole I'm surprised that this is the first you heard of 28d, as it's been going 5 years now.
  9. Just contact Gary he will tell you costs.
  10. I have been using OScommerce for the past decade (or more), and I had no clue about this! Still don't 100% get it, as there seems to be no pricing - or are we supposed to donate? I have always thought it awesome that people are giving up their time, but there is only so much anyone can give for free. I have taken, more than I give on here (and I don't suppose it matters that I give a huge amount of free advice in other places on stuff I'm knowledgeable about), and I think this is a great idea, it just needs more presence and a clearer 'pay' structure!
  11. 28d Bonuses have just been emailed out, enjoy!
  12. "Dem dat know, know that they know. And dem dat don't know, they don't know they don't know." M
  13. 28d is hard to find and lacks publicity I think. shame there is so little turnout as your work on osc is immeasurable
  14. Concept The 28d Project is something I came up with to give shopowners a reason to support development of the Community Edition (CE). IE, shopowner gives some money, they get some good code in return. As we all know, osCommerce is not a product that is sold so there is zero income for anyone, we all give time voluntarily; 5 minutes here, 30 minutes there, an hour sometimes. With the sale of these modules...every penny allows me take time out of "putting bread on the table" and into moving the CE forward. IE, instead of giving an hour a week, I can give a day (well that was the idea). I've run the 28d 4 of the last 5 years; each time in February, hence its name: 28d Project (28 days in february). Over the years it has mostly worked OK, it just about covers its cost and allows me to give a bit extra coding time on top of the minutes here and there. If there is a another 28d, it'll be in February 2020 but I suspect it won't happen as there appears to be very little appetite for supporting the Project. TL:DR; Each shopowner who buys allows me to spend more time working on moving the CE project forward. 1000s of shopowners rely on my code time; it's a very small percentage of those shopowners who say thanks and an even smaller percentage who keep/kept it alive by doing something more.
  15. My apologies for being 'thick', but I'm a little confused by this project! there seems to be talk of payment, but no mention of exactly what for, or how much! I absolutely love the idea of a oscommerce 'version' with lots of wonderful add-ins - ideally already there - i.e a download/upload and go! Is this even close to what this is? or is it a case of downloading (community-supported responsive Edge) and then buying whichever add-ons look useful and installing them oneself (still not a major problem, but not quite as sweet!) Whichever this is, I wish I'd noticed it at least 28 days ago, so I could have thought up some good suggestions! Most here are not applicable to my products, so if you could explain the concept here, and add me in for updates next time this happens, cos I'm sure I'll be ready for a new program by then seen as mine is probably a decade old!
  16. posted in MVS support thread already and mailed developer, waiting reply.... MVS lets your shop sell drop-shipped items shipped directly by your suppliers (or sell from more than 1 location). certainly a popular and growing sales method these days once again thanks for all you do to keep osc alive
  17. Never tried it, sorry. Bear in mind that "Frozen" is, in effect, just an Edge of a fixed date (May 2018). So...something may have happened (in the core code) during those two months 03/18 -> 05/18 that affects this mod. It maybe worth asking in the addons support thread (if there is one), or making a new thread and asking the developer of the module for input.
  18. thanks for the clarification, still pulling my hair out though as to why I can't get this to work on frozen if it works on edge from 16th March 2018 https://apps.oscommerce.com/lsS4c&mvs-for-v2-3-4-bs-edge and agree that MVS should be part of stock osCommerce but hey, guess we can still dream will keep struggling along and relearning as I go
  19. @cigarsforless this link should explain: Imagine a Timeline from 2014 (when I started the CE project) until today. EDGE is the latest development in the Timeline) as of today, and is the "Master" download you found. That means that every time code is added...Edge is different from the previous Edge. FROZEN is a fixed release (along the Timeline) from May 2018 GOLD is a fixed release (along the Timeline) from sometime in 2015 (and is now so old, I'd suggest AVOID). So... If you want stable and BSv3: Frozen. If you want latest (not as stable) and BSv4: Edge.
  20. @burt perhaps you can answer a quick question for me (and likely others) regarding 2.3.4 BS version to use. I see several different links in peoples signatures to the BS CE version but am confused as to which one the current addons are being developed for. In short, which one of these 2 should be downloaded and installed? Responsive-osCommerce-master or Responsive-osCommerce-2341-Frozen many references in addons are to BS Edge, CE, BS Frozen etc, but to be honest I am confused as all get out at the moment. some work, others don't am "trying" to build a new site with the latest code to make future updates easier but pulling my hair out as I try to get similar results from my heavily modified and ancient version of a hodge-podge mashup of 2.2 RC2a and 2.3 with a ton of custom modifications and addons
  21. The idiot that coded these things...should have done a little more testing. It's definitely shopowners who are the best testers... So, a few bugfixes have just been sent out - mostly very minor. In all cases, just upload the files included to replace the old. Thank You to all who pointed out my mis-steaks 👍
  22. That would mean a uploading feature per lang as well as storing the PDF location in a lang capable DB table. It's doable, but not with this module - it would need a little(ish) recode. Email me?
  23. I just would love to define the PDFs by language... My shop has two of them.. so I guess this needs some adaption of the files.
  24. Small bug found in 28d28 which only shows up in one peculiar and uncommon circumstance... I will get bugfixes out by the end of weekend or at the very latest on Monday.
  25. 28d Bonus5 - Social Modules A few extra social modules; Twitter Pinterest G+ eBay Instagram As a reminder, they look like this: Bonuses are in middle of final testing and will be sent most likely tomorrow. AND THAT IS AN END TO THE 28d PROJECT!