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    • MAFANKIO76  »  burt

      Hello. I have a Oscommerce site that I want to apply the Zack theme to. I have no idea how to do this. I would also like to change the layoutof my site if possible. I would like to have a carousel of products showing across the home page, be able to take coupons, sell gift cards, and redeem customer loyalty points through the site and to offer different shipping sources. I am willing to pay I just need to know the next steps in getting this done. I am re-branding my business and need this done asap. Please help fast. 
      · 0 replies
    • burt

      For crystal clear clarity, two posts have been moved into a hidden area pending review;
      Post 1:  advertises a Fork [needs review by HPDL as forks are historically unwelcome at this forum].  Any such posts...will be moved for review by HPDL and may then re-appear after review has been made. 

      Post 2:  a slanderous post about me after moving post 1.  Any such posts about any member are unfair and therefore unwelcome.  
    • DAVID3733  »  Mikepo

      Hi there
      You state you have used and made changes to the postcode shipping contribution
      I tried to reply on the thread but its been archived
      I am in UK and use counties to ship by, not the standard format but it works for me
      The problem i have currently is using Paypal Express, many of older Paypal users do not have a county specified or wrongly spelt on there account so i was thinking maybe by postcode
      I see that you say you have spilt the postcode to first section and pricing on that, ie se18 ****
      Couple of questions
      you say you have made some changes to work in later additions, i have 2.3.4bs and php 5.4+
      Can you see any other issues  in your experience
      and do you think it will be suitable for what i want to achieve
      if so I would love to receive the amendments you made so i can test
      Kindest regards
      · 4 replies
    • admin2  »  valquiria23

      Currently we have client that need we update inventory on his os ecommerce platform so we need to know how to get access to this platform to update the inventory in an automatically way. thank you for your support and save status.
      · 1 reply
    • Schizolocal  »  wdepot

      I was investigating why my Share Products box was not displaying (turns out is was Adblock on Firefox), but I noticed that the image reference in the link to Pinterest has not been updated with the mods to Protected Images - I have now changed DIR_WS_IMAGES to DIR_WS_IMAGES_PROD in line 61 of sb_pinterest.php
      as in
      45) In catalog/includes/modules/social_bookmarks/sb_pinterest.php
      FIND around line 61
          $params['media'] = tep_href_link(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $image_file, '', 'NONSSL', false);
      REPLACE with
          $params['media'] = tep_href_link(DIR_WS_IMAGES_PROD . $image_file, '', 'NONSSL', false);
      · 0 replies
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      With G2A PAY you enjoy easy access to over 200 global and local payment methods as well as competitive fees, protection against fraud, and a dedicated account manager on hand to offer assistance.
    • PayPal (Payment)

      Accept most payment types including PayPal, anywhere you do business. More ways to get paid and more tools to help you sell more. Easy to set up, easy to use. Get started to free.
    • 1&1 Internet (Hosting)

      With 1&1 hosting, osCommerce can be downloaded and used in just a few simple steps - Starting at $0.99/monthEasy, Safe and Fast!
    • AccuWebHosting (Hosting)

      AccuWeb Hosting is a feature-packed osCommerce hosting service that has very dependable uptime, excellent customer service, and 1-Click osCommerce installer. Fast SSD hosting for as low as $3.99/Mo.