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#1754983 Something little for shipping and payment adress

Posted by beerbee on 22 March 2017 - 20:33



for me it was a bit annoying, when I as customer wanted just to change shipping or payment address in the checkout process, I had always to scroll over the whole form for a new address so I made the form collapse. So in checkout_shipping_address.php what looked like:


  <div class="alert alert-info"><?php echo TEXT_CREATE_NEW_SHIPPING_ADDRESS; ?></div>

  <?php require('includes/modules/checkout_new_address.php'); ?>

looks now like this


<div class="alert alert-info" data-toggle="collapse" data-target="#newshippingadress" aria-expanded="false" aria-controls="newshippingadress"><span role="button"><i class="fa fa-address-book-o" ></i>&nbsp;<i class="fa fa-hand-o-down" aria-hidden="true"></i>

<div class="collapse" id="newshippingadress">

  <?php require('includes/modules/checkout_new_address.php'); ?>

I think I'm keeping it.


Best regards


#1754901 Bootstrap 3 in 2.3.4 - Responsive from the Get Go

Posted by beerbee on 20 March 2017 - 21:27

Regarding equal height: Maybe I'm a little bit naive, but shouldn't have the space for images and products names have some predefined heights? You might have pictures of different height an also long product names which need a second line, well I couldn't help myself without doing the ultimate evil - changing core files - ad wrapped around a css class for  both of them.

I wanted for grid view: Equal height space for images, orientated to the bottom in that space, and centred within product holder.

Equal height for product names and centred along with the images..

For the images in product_listing.php wrapped them in:

<div class="center-block">

for which I ended up in my user.css with:

.grid-group-item .center-block {
  display: flex;
  justify-content: center;

where height could be some value maybe  defined per configuration of  SMALL_IMAGE_HEIGHT?


For the products name I added a class to h2 there like:

<h2 class="mumpel group inner list-group-item-heading">

which refers in my user.css to:

.grid-group-item .mumpel  {text-align:center;

Well it works at least with edge chrome and FF, I have no apples lying around here. But i confess I don't even know if I'm within the concept of responsive with that, so please kindly forgive me if that was worthless reading.


Best regards


#1754084 Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro

Posted by beerbee on 02 March 2017 - 20:35



I had the same problem with the shopping_cart navbar module of BS Edge, I don't know if I missed something with the rewrite rules. My solution was to ad (int) where the product_id was called. Example:


works for me.


Best regards