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Quick question - bootstrap wells - multiple classes?

03 March 2017 - 11:56



I know this is a CSS question but I figured it is a slow week in the support forum and this is a really quick question.


I want to have different bootstrap well styles on my site. I can modify the bootstrap well class in user.css so its contents are italicised as follows:

.well {
  font-style: italic;

Doing this however modifies the well permanently wherever it appears.

What if I want to use multiple well classes. For example I might want one whose text is italicised as above, and another which has different background colour.


Can you actually create multiple well classes in user.css? If so, how?

Or is it better to simply define the changes in the .php files not user.css with e.g. 

<div class="well" style = "font-style: italic;">





Errors - persistent attempts to access wordpress login

27 February 2017 - 04:29



When I look at my servers error logs, I see continuous attempts to access public_html/wp-login.php

All day, every day.

Different IP addresses.


Is this common?

Presumably, computers set up to try and break into word-press sites?

I don't have word press so their attempts are in vein.


Anything that can be done about it or is it something that I just have to put up with...






Ancient Coin Traders

26 February 2017 - 23:49



After many years running a version 2.2 web-store I decided to upgrade it. It has been redone from scratch.  

I am using 2.3.4 bootstrap edge. A few add-ons have been included, notably:


1. modular add-ons such as front page categories by @kymation

2. ultimate seo-urls for responsive design as updated by @piernas


I have manually added my own product fields and modified the product_info.php page.


I am not a computer programmer or web designer and have chosen to work on the store myself rather than outsource it as I enjoy the learning experience. I buy, sell, trade ancient coins as a hobby (I am the COO of a large retail company full-time) and have found working on the store a rewarding hobby in itself, so much so, that now I am thinking about working on sites for friends and family to keep me occupied. I have particularly enjoyed learning about the bootstrap framework which is really powerful, and simple to use once you get the hang of it.


I had many options in selecting how I would go about building my website. There are many alternatives  to osCommerce (paid and free), some of which  allow you to put together a professional looking website very quickly. osCommerce appealed to me because:  1) I had used it before; 2) it forces you to learn about web-design unless you are prepared to stick with the stock design; 3) making things work without being a programmer is like working on a challenging jigsaw puzzle - I enjoy the challenge of something not working then finding a solution to it myself; 3) above all however, the community support behind it - plenty of talented people willing to give up their time and contribute. There are some individuals who I know by name not only from the add-ons they have contributed, but from the time they spend on the forum helping others. They are pillars of this community.


Feedback is the breakfast of champions as they say.

So I am open to all feedback.


There is still a lot of content that I want to add to my site such as articles / blog.

I also want to improve the formatting on the information pages and add graphics - any tips in particular on layout for these pages (e.g. about_us.php) would be welcome.


Link to site: http://www.ancientcointraders.com




Best way to publish content in store?

25 February 2017 - 04:44



What is the best way to publish content such as articles in the store in an organised fashion.  I am using Bootstrap 2.3.4 Edge.


There is an Article Manager Addon but that the author of that contribution has inconveniently made it contingent on installing another one of his contributions (header tags) for it to work, which I do not plan to install. The last version which does not rely on header tags is dated 2008, and presumably incompatible with latest version of osCommerce.


The alternatives:

1. manually create each page and index of articles (i.e. like in the early days of the internet)

2. install wordpress or similar into a different directory of the store. Not seamless for the customer.


I'm surprised there is lack of add ons in this area.


Interested in any opinions or how other people may have created their content.



Safari 10 issues with product listings.php and equal height add on

04 February 2017 - 03:42



OSC bootstrap edge 2.4.3


Website link: www.ancientcointraders.com 


A potential customer alerted me to potentially fatal issues if viewing my website in Safari 10 plus.  This issue cannot be unique to my oscommerce installation. 


Both issues related to 'Grid View'. Grid view is in my view pretty essential and superior to the list view, and the standard installation results in irregular white spaces vertically in between product listings (you can refer the demo bootstrap store) which means it cannot be used on any professional website without fixing it so all product listings have equal heights.  If I am mistaken on that, please let me know because all my questions on the subject previously I was referred towards installing the equal heights model to make grid view useable. 


There are 2 major issues when viewing my site in Safari:


1. (with or without equal heights module) Grid view shows 2 products on the first page and then 3 on each subsequent page. (without equal heights, it shows 2, then 3 and then occasionally only 1 on a subsequent row due to that vertical white space issue from above). I also had the same issue with the categories from page module. What fixed it was removing the "flex" references from the template page for that contribution and now everything stays on the same line. For the purposes of illustrating the problem, I have undone those changes so you can see the same problem on the first page as I have in product listings pages.


As a test, removing the "flex" references from the list group in custom.css fixes it so the first row has 3 products, however I end up with an irregular number of products on every subsequent row (in both Chrome and Safari). So therefore it appears that flex box in Safari might be the cause of this issue?



How do I fix it so that 3 products are on one row in Safari or make necessary adjustments in user.css to address the flexbox issue not working in Safari?


2. (with equal heights module), when first visiting a page, all the product listings are squashed onto another and therefore illegible.  When revisiting the page, sometimes it appears as it should, sometimes it appears squashed and it is inconsistent. I noticed with Google Chrome as well that if you refresh the cache when on page, you will have some of the product listings going over into the footer, but this corrects itself when you revisit that same page.


Refer ATTACHED PHOTO 2: How do I fix it so equal heights add on works with Safari version 10 and above?


The Oscommerce I used 10 years ago had a perfectly working grid view. So I don't understand how 10 years later this could be a problem and am assuming as a starting assumption that it is something I have not done correctly...


Grateful for any suggestions on what I could do.