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In Topic: ht_canonical in other pages

Yesterday, 11:14 PM

I would not advise to use this addon as it stands, unfortunately.  What you've done is canonicalized the pagination of (eg specials) to just the first page of special offers => you've introduced something undesirable (in my opinion)..

In Topic: Bootstrap 3 in - Responsive from the Get Go

Yesterday, 10:57 PM

If you think that is a bug - fix it, commit it.  

I don't think that is a bug...the correct options are only picked up from the URL string if (and only if) that product is already in the shopping_cart.

In Topic: Combine item & Service

Yesterday, 09:58 PM

Book:  $60 (make it taxable)
Course:  $139 (make it non taxable).


In Topic: Bootstrap 3 in - Responsive from the Get Go

Yesterday, 09:56 PM

Addendum to post of @WebSource 5 - there are a couple of very tiny changes in the admin area, specifically to do with name/address/phone of the store.  

@Mort-lemur - you've put a lot of work into your shop, and as much again would need to go into ensuring the mobile users have the same experience, so the advice would be;  why bother doing that just for mobile users - do it once, do it for all.  Go bootstrap.  

Of course you have to look at your stats to determine how many people visiting the site would benefit from changing the shop to responsive.  Is that a tiny % ?  Is that a larger % already ??  Bear in mind that usage of mobile/tablet will only increase over the coming months and years..so that while the work might not be worthwhile right now, it might be very worthwhile in 6 months or a year.  Take a think about your target market ?  Some shops might have a very low % of tech savvy users, others might have a very high %.  I know what your target market is, but I cannot determine if those people are tech savvy - I suspect that most of them are...

In Topic: syntax

Yesterday, 09:48 PM

The URL of the individual product page.  Eg:  

<a href="http://demo.oscommerce.com/product_info.php?cPath=21&products_id=28">buy a samsung galaxy</a>