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In Topic: Amazon Juggernaut

Today, 07:44

@burt are you working on the product_info module?

I've put it onto the (always getting longer) to-do list.

In Topic: Amazon Juggernaut

Yesterday, 17:48

In product_info, https://github.com/g...o.php#L192-L199 - what this does is create Microdata telling Google (and others) the average review value of the Product.  That data can be seen by Google et al, but not by shoppers (in the product_info page)...


Would be good to move that into a module, and allow the possibility of displaying it so that it can be seen by shoppers, using tep_draw_stars function...

In Topic: Also Purchased query performance problem

Yesterday, 17:11

The only other solution I can think of would be to rewrite the code to run the query manually in the Admin and store the results in a new database table. The catalog side query would then pull the results from this new table, which would be a great deal faster. The downside is that you need to manually run the query periodically to refresh the new table. That and the new code that would have to be written to do this of course.


This (as a new P_I content module).  I moved the stock also_purchased into its own module a little while back, so it should (for anyone on latest edge or updating as I make changes, to (assuming someone makes such a module, I know we're all super-busy) to simply turn off the stock one, upload the new one, and turn it on...


Plus a dashboard module that pops up (say) every 50 new orders to remind shopowner to "press the button" to refresh the also_purchased.

In Topic: Product Attributes should be Required

Yesterday, 12:48

In my version for a customer i did the div based structure.


I don't see attributes div based structure in your Fork or in your customers live site.


Assuming that we are talking about the same thing, please share that code changes...it will save me some time/effort and benefit the rest of the community.

In Topic: Amazon Juggernaut

Yesterday, 10:21

I'm pretty sure the stock module (which although incredibly basic) does show the stars.  




For making these stars Golden, try;


blockquote footer .fa.fa-star, blockquote footer .fa.fa-star-o { color: gold; }


Note 1;  untested.

Note 2;  this should not affect any stars elsewhere in the site, as these are the only stars in a footer in a blockquote.


If you want gold stars sitewide;


.fa.fa-star, .fa.fa-star-o { color: gold; }