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In Topic: Store Search Bar (BS)

28 April 2017 - 21:27



As I read the description, the add-on that @frankl suggested does what you want *IF* you use the Article Manager add-on. If you have your >100 articles any other way, they *may* not be searchable using that.


On the other hand, have you read this?




We had a long discussion on how to search for articles, reports, papers, categories, etc.



In Topic: Faster login with bootstrap modal

26 April 2017 - 18:14



Same as the problem I had with the Modal. :wacko:  Thanks for testing.


By the way, I didn't mean to throw a wrench into your works. :-



In Topic: Faster login with bootstrap modal

26 April 2017 - 17:28



When I first came up the the BS Modal login, I knew nothing about SSL. Someone pointed out that since the Modal was being called from a non-SSL page, the Modal itself was non-SSL. Thus, the login was not encrypted.


My site currently is not full time SSL, using the default SSL / non-SSL arrangement that osC uses. I've not worried too much about this in the past. But new browsers are now alerting (alarming?!) users that such logins are not encrypted. I plan to go full SSL sometime soon. But, in the mean time ...


So, if you could please test yours with configure.php set to the 'default' SSL settings, and see if your browser flags the AJAX login as secure or not. I think the latest versions of either Firefox and/or Chrome should warn you if it isn't.





In Topic: Faster login with bootstrap modal

26 April 2017 - 16:25

I am amazed at how far this idea has evolved in the last 2 years. Thank you everyone for your contributions and efforts!




I have to ask the question that was raised before ... how does work if called from a non-SSL page? Assuming that there is an SSL certificate for the site, can it/will it enable the login to be made encrypted? I know *nothing* about AJAX.



In Topic: Add CSS tag to first product in category listing

24 April 2017 - 21:31



I remember, just over two years ago, you telling me about nth-child() in a chat session ...


(that, and I took notes <g>)