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20 March 2017 - 17:05

Nevermind - I had a trailing / after the URL in admin/includes/configure.php. This caused the URL of the ADD action to add another /, which caused a new session instance each time the attribute inventory was modified. It all works perfectly now!

If anybody needs help with this addon, let me know.

Rob Wood

Hi Rob,


I don;t know if you're still active on this forum but I hope so!  


I have just installed the QTPro 4.6.1 contribution and have exactly the same problem as you mentioned here.  However, if I remove trailing /s from the URL's in my admin/configure.php file then other things don't work properly e.g. the display is misarranged or the page isn't found (because there isn't a / where there should be in the address) or the main admin menu disappears altogether.  


Can you tell me which URL in your admin/configure.php file was causing you the problem? I realise it is a long time ago now but thought I would try asking anyway!


Thank you in advance for any help you can give.


Kind Regards,