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spam mail with our domain?

09 August 2016 - 06:14

Hi guys


Something weird going on lately that I cannot explain so I hope one of you out there can enlighten me.


We have a domain and company website let's call it (just an example) www.tsimi.com and mail addresses are info@tsimi.com or support@tsimi.com and so on.

Now around 1 month ago we start to receive e-mails that have the exact same sender domain. For example Melisa8@tsimi.com or Dave32@tsimi.com and so on.

I checked with our host and also our server panel but no such mail address has been created. Those e-mails were send to us not from us but if they can send around such e-mails to anyone that might be not good. People might start accusing us for spamming or such things.


So how the f(censored) is it possible that they can send out e-mails with the same address ending? (xxx@tsimi.com)




RIP De Dokta

04 April 2016 - 11:26

When he suddenly didn't come to the forum anymore I thought he went on to other things in life or was busy with projects.

But when he didn't reply my emails anymore I started to worry and think that something might have happened to him.

Today I heard that De Dokta past away and went to the other side. :(

I have no details (yet) but there is a person that had a business relationship with him at the time he died and he told me that they couldn't continue their work because of his sudden? death.


He was an awesome guy! I will miss our conversations and his priceless help. It always hits the good guys, damn it! :angry:


May he rest in peace and may we meet again once our time has come to cross the rainbow bridge.


JJ.... you will be very missed.


Your friend

Lambros :(