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In Topic: Also Purchased query performance problem

Yesterday, 16:41

The module doesn't use caching, which can't work properly for something that's supposed to give you the most recent three also-purchased for a product unless there's something really clever built into your checkout process.


Perhaps come at it from another direction and think about something that'll add more value to the store by selling what you want to sell rather than what people happen to have bought recently - a cross-sell or linked product addon. A lot of work to set up manually but if you can come up with a way to populate it from a query...

In Topic: Blank checkout_shipping.php page after adding MVS

Yesterday, 16:17

That domain name doesn't work.


Try doing a 'View source' of the blank page and if there's anything in it, the php error should be at the end.


If there's nothing in it at all, check if you uploaded the language file instead of the page.

In Topic: SQL error

Yesterday, 16:08

Isn't that a Microsoft SQL server error not a MySQL error?

In Topic: AJAX Attribute Manager support

25 March 2017 - 08:17

There's an instance in admin/attributeManager/classes/attributeMan/attributeManager.class.php

					$results = $this->$functionName($get);

Try changing it to

					$results = $this->{$functionName($get)};

This line is what makes the ajax do anything, so if it doesn't work the addon would be completely broken.

In Topic: AJAX Attribute Manager support

25 March 2017 - 07:51

@iTea are you trying to use with php7?


As well as the class constructors change, which is easy to spot because you get a deprecated notice, there's also a change to the evaluation order of statements. If affected, the code simply behaves differently so you don't necessarily get an error message; sometimes nothing happens or something works but gets the wrong result. You need to look out for things like $$, ->$ and ::$ in the code. An example from the core code is this:

$secCheck = $$module['class'];

which needed to be changed to

$secCheck = ${$module['class']};

to make it work properly.