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In Topic: OSC forums not sending new email notification

11 April 2017 - 20:22

I have done that 3 times and I can't get this system to send to the gmail account that I am trying to go to.
Situation, I have had a mail account with company WFECA for almost 20 years.  They are dropping the internet items that they carried.  I have signed up with gmail for an email account.  When I try to change emails under my settings, I get no validation email, I can view everything but cannot reply or start a new topic.  


I have to go back to the old WFECA email address and the validation email comes through fine, so I validate it with user name and code and now I can respond to you and anyone else.  The WFECA email account will not be active after 4/30/17.  So if I can't get the gmail address validated I will no longer be able to receive any email from OSC forums.  Nor will I be able to communicate in these forums.  


I hope you understand my problem.

In Topic: I need help to edit .pdf files

11 April 2017 - 02:11

Can my 2.3.4 be upgraded to 2.3.4-gold version or do I have to start allllll over?  I know this is probably covered in another thread.  I am not much for understanding tech talk and techs can't understand me, so guess we will continue to plug along with this thing called a web site.  The next thing I am going to attack is the USPS shipping module.  I found a thread that looks like it will solve my problem on that.  I have downloaded the Gold.zip from above and will see what I can do with it.


Thanks for the links to the updated versions.  I will do some reading and see if I think I can handle the change.  From what I read the BS edge is still having plenty of problems.  Not sure i am ready for more problems. LOL


Thanks to all you people that support these forums and help dummies like me, that think we want to have our own web site.  

In Topic: I need help to edit .pdf files

10 April 2017 - 22:26

Well Burt you are probably right about me not knowing what I am doing because I certainly need lots of help from the nice gentlemen on this forums.


I down loaded the latest version of OSC from the home webpage it is v2.3.4 The only one they have to download.  


When I go to admin, tools, define languages, and open shipping, or conditions of use, or privacy and touch nothing, then cancel that then look at the page is corrupt. (please see the original post on this thread, you will see what i am talking about the page being corrupted.  When I go back to the file the opening <?php has changed to <!--?php and the bottom closing ?> has changed to ?--> The more times you look at the file without deleting the dashes (--) and exclamation(!--) the more dashes you get.  


If you remember to remove !-- at the top and the-- at the bottom it works fine. Thanks to (I think it was bonbec) that caught that error. 


I installed this clean download from https://www.oscommerce.com/Products on two different domains (same ISP) and both do the same thing.  


Thanks for you input here but it would be nice to know you or someone checked it out and put a newer version on https://www.oscommerce.com/Products for download.  Especially since V2.3.4 is no longer supported..

In Topic: change conditions name in Information Box

07 April 2017 - 17:54

That worked first time, Fantastic!!!! You are going to educate me yet.  Thank you so very much MrPhil.  You are a smart fellow, I really appreciate your help.   :thumbsup:


Now I am off to find how to add more listings to front page. :sweating:

In Topic: change conditions name in Information Box

07 April 2017 - 16:57

Thanks MrPhil I will go searching for a search tool as well as the information to make the change.  Also going to see if i can find where to change the number of listings that show on the front page.