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Subject: Multiple image display for a product. Hi Sam, Thanks a million for your time and effort to make this valuable addon available to newbies like us. Your effort is much appreciated. Please i followed every thing as stated in the instruction file attached and yet i didnt get it working very well. Pls kindly take a look at my site: www.designerlane.ie and click on the first product, that is where i have implemented this feature. The product name is:ABBAAD. I will appreciate any support...
Sep 05 2011 01:48 AM
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Any interest Spooks?
Jul 03 2011 07:08 PM
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Hello Sam,
Just wanted to say thank you for your contributions on the forum!
I've just added yet *ANOTHER* of your pieces of code (to easily hide catagories), and once again installation was flawless, even in a heavily modified store!
My stores pretty much comprise of all your recommendations and contributions! LOL
Jun 24 2011 09:46 PM
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I'm really sorry to be messaging you directly but I need urgent help with some alterations on your mod. Could you possibly help me?
Jun 22 2011 08:58 PM
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I wish to hire you. In Oscommerce 2.2 RC2 I need to apply Feature Products under STS4 to the index page.
Russell White
Mar 30 2011 06:41 AM
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Hi Spooks I was wondering i was wondering if you can help me. I have installed Simple Multi Image Addon and am getting ths message : Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/www.mysite.co.uk/includes/functions/database.php on line 103, Im pulling my hair out and would be sooo happy if you can help me. Best Regards Scott
Feb 11 2011 04:31 PM
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i have a problem.first sorry for my English. i have rc2a and i have Option Types v2 instaled. and i have Product Listing Enhancements, Thumbnails & Manufactur... instaled. my problem in product_list if i add a product; in SHOPPING CART without attributes.
in product_info.php is so:
[code]//BOF - Zappo - Option Types v2 - ONE LINE - Initialize $number_of_uploads
Jan 20 2011 11:32 PM
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Hello, I have an oscommerce online shop with STS contribution. I would like to have multiple images on product info. Could you do that work? Please send me a quotation to info@lojadasdivas.pt. Regards. Isa Nogueira 00351 211551301
Oct 17 2010 05:14 PM
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Hi Sam,
I need to hire you to fix a little problem I have with FancyBox. Please provide me your fees after reading the problem-
I've already posted the problem in the discussion forum but as I've seen it seems the thread is dead now.
Aug 02 2010 11:10 AM
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If i enter the code invalid it does nothing it does the normal way?
How can i fix?
Jul 20 2010 10:15 PM