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In Topic: New Payflow requirement: TLS 1.2 & HTTP/1.1

20 March 2017 - 13:02

If you can connect to the sandbox server now then you will be able to continue to connect to the live server with TLS v1.2. The sandbox server already requires TLS v1.2 connections.


If you cannot connect to the sandbox server, it is recommended to upgrade to the latest PayPal App version which has a configuration parameter to test and force TLS v1.2 connections.


More information about the TLS v1.2 setting in the PayPal App can be read at:



In Topic: PayPal App v5.000

17 March 2017 - 10:18

That's why I asked if I could just delete the PayPal.php out of it rather than delete the directory itself.


In that case it's safe to just delete the "admin/paypal.php" file :thumbsup: 

In Topic: PayPal App v5.000

17 March 2017 - 09:43

Harald, I just did the last Paypal App updates you did and it says to delete the /admin folder if you have a custom named admin folder. Is that accurate or can we just delete the PayPal.php file out of it that your earlier update put in there?


It's safe to delete the "admin/" directory if you use a custom admin directory with another name. You can confirm that this would be safe as the only file in the "admin/" directory should be "paypal.php" - there should be no other file or directories in the "admin/" directory.


PayPal App v5.016 includes a full "paypal.php" file that will be copied to your custom admin directory (this file is part of the PayPal App).


The files in the online update zip packages are separated to "catalog/" and "admin/" at the root level for the shop frontend and the administration tool files. In two online update packages the updated admin file was left in the "catalog/admin/" directory where it should have been placed in the top level "admin/" directory of the online update package. This is why the "admin/" directory was created in your shop directory. This has been corrected in our backend scripts to prevent this from happening again.

In Topic: PayPal App v5.000

17 March 2017 - 09:34

it appears to be with Pay Pal standard only that they are removing commas for the thousands point. I attempted to check your demo.. but for the life me of I cannot remember the pass I used on that site and the pass forgotten email never came LOL


It's a demo site - create another dummy account :lol: 


I just looked through the git history of the payment modules - the PayPal modules were updated around Dec 4, 2007 (for the v2.2RC2 release on Jan 15, 2008) where the amount sent to PayPal changed from using the PHP number_format() function (using "," as a thousands separator) to a custom function where only a decimal separator is used.


If you've experienced issues after that date, it could be possible that a third party add-on/module was used that still uses number_format() and the thousands separator to format the order total value.

In Topic: Paypal Standard osc 2.4

16 March 2017 - 22:24

Also it's not better to use the receiver_id ?


That can be added in as well as a third test if the Merchant ID has been entered in the Credentials page. I've made a note of this :thumbsup: