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In Topic: Time to get secure (if you haven't already)

Today, 15:05


I like the way you combined and simplified this.  Seems so logical really.   A few months ago I added the line below and now if I try to access my site without https I don't get any 301 redirects as long as I have www. in the request.  I just noticed that recently in doing some test. 

Header always set Strict-Transport-Security "max-age=31536000; includeSubDomains; preload"

In Topic: Changing font or background colours on Checkout_confirmation

Today, 01:39

Hey Sam,


You might need to add "panel-warning" to your custom css, so like below.  It's been a while since I did it.  I also customized my bootstrap using the bootstrap customizer.

.panel-heading .panel-warning{

In Topic: SEO URLS bug - manufacturer name OR product name missing words

Yesterday, 17:43

I use a different SEO version and it's been a long time, but I had run into similar problems.  Like "ti tree"  having "ti" stripped out of it.  At the same time I had longer words that I didn't really want in my links.  Here's a snippet of pattern ad replace that I used to give you an idea.  You could find the section where the special characters are being replaced and modify after that.

      $pattern = ( defined( 'SEO_REMOVE_ALL_SPEC_CHARS' ) && SEO_REMOVE_ALL_SPEC_CHARS == 'true' ) ?  "@[^\sa-z0-9]@i" : "@[!#\$%&'\"()\*\+,\-\./:;<=>\?\@\[\]\^_`\{|\}~]+@";
      $pattern = array ('@[^\sa-z0-9]@i', '/bulk|count|medium|heads|short|bundle(s)?|bunch(es)?|feet|stems|inch|wrapped|vine/', '/ti tree/');
      $replace = array(' ', ' ', 'titree');
      $link_text = preg_replace ( $pattern, $replace, strtolower ( $string ) );

In Topic: Store Collection Module.

Yesterday, 15:05

The site is set to select the cheapest shipping automatically, but there is a change you can make to have it select the first.  See this Github link and it's only two files that need to be changed. If you have questions let me know. 


In Topic: Changing font or background colours on Checkout_confirmation

Yesterday, 14:13

Why not have all wooden panel headers since you use it on some?  I use my gradient green on all of mine because I like the uniformity.