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Restoring 'Searches in Description' functionality of header search box

18 September 2016 - 10:18

So the search box in header does not search keywords in product description at all even if you set 'My Store -> QuickSearch searches in description' in admin to 'true'.  To enable searches in description again, in 'includes\modules\content\header\ cm_header_search.php', I added the following line of code:

$search_box .=  tep_draw_hidden_field('search_in_description', QUICKSEARCH_IN_DESCRIPTION == 'true' ? '1' : '0');

ABOVE the following existing line of code:

$search_box .=  tep_hide_session_id() . '</form>';

It works, but I am not sure if I'm doing it correctly.  Thanks in advance for any advice.


I'm using BS Edge.


Cheers, Eddy