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In Topic: Also Purchased query performance problem

Today, 00:09

Try it Matt...it should solve your problem....if not you can always turn it off again.  There are settings for it in admin if you haven't run across them.



In Topic: Also Purchased query performance problem

Yesterday, 20:51

@mattsc Have you tried turning on the cache function?



In Topic: Amazon Juggernaut

Yesterday, 14:29

Reviews and Fake products are a bit of a problem on Amazon....here is another article from Practical Ecommerce.


The problem of fake products on Amazon



In Topic: Dashboards

Yesterday, 14:03

For reasons that escape me now I added an iBar module to show the number of Facebook likes that you have and provide a link to your Facebook page.  To use it you'll need to obtain a Facebook APP ID which you can do here...




Here is the module.


Attached File  iBar FaceBook Likes.zip   4.67KB   1 downloads



In Topic: Tracking numbers for batch print

25 March 2017 - 16:39

Thanks John....I like your approach to this....as I mentioned I'm thinking of doing the same sort of thing but maybe with a bit of an adjustment so that we can scan the tracking numbers in as the packages are labeled.  This will avoid the manual sql entry and allow us to scan the tracking numbers rather than manually entering them. My eye sight is such that I can hardly read those tracking numbers any more.  I'll share what I do when I get to it.   Thanks for posting this....it'll certainly help me streamline the tracking notification process.  :thumbsup: