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Paypal App install fails on modified osCommerce 2.3.4

05 July 2016 - 17:12

The problem: I have installed the Paypal App on a highly-modified osCommerce 2.3.4 (not Responsive). In Admin >> Paypal >>Start I click on Retrieve Sandbox Credentials. The URL changes to http://www.example.c...ss&type=sandbox and nothing else happens. No error messages. I can click on any link in that page and the URL changes to the expected value, but nothing else happens. The install fails to proceed.


The server: FreeBSD 8.2-STABLE, Apache/2.2.31, PHP 5.6.23 with mysql and mysqli extensions, MySQL 5.0.11


What I have done:

  1. The server php.ini is set to log all errors to a file. All possible error reporting is turned on, except for the line that displays errors on the page. The osCommerce installation error reporting is set to E_ALL. There are no errors in the error log.
  2. There is a copy of the site set up in a subdirectory for development. The codebase is exactly the same as the main site. The Paypal App installed on that copy gives the exact same result as on the live site.
  3. I installed a copy of stock osC 2.3.4 in another subdirectory, and installed the Paypal App in that. The App works as expected there.
  4. I have compared all of the class and function files, both catalog and admin side, from the live store to stock 2.3.4. There are many changes due to the various addons that have been installed, but nothing that I can see that would affect the Paypal App. Of course I don't know all of the dependencies in the App, so I may have missed something.

Has anyone ever seen this before? Do you have any idea what could cause this? Any and all hints welcome. I'm running out of hair to pull.